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actions & protests a13 bush/kerry visits

so, what are the details for the bush protest?

So i see a Kerry protest has been announced, which is all fine and good -- both corporate candidates should get a raucous Little Beirut welcome -- but what are the details of protesting Bush? Are people going to Terminal 6, or out to that high school, or what?
or maybe i'm not supposed to ask, 'cuz all sorts of secret direct action stuff is being planned, and i'll get to read about it here tomorrow night. Is tomorrow an everyone-for-themselves day? (Not that everyday isn't, i guess...)
river craft 12.Aug.2004 18:28


a ferryboat is said to be bringing performers & perhaps guests to the Terminal 6 event.

spot the difference 12.Aug.2004 19:14

ifu can

How can I tell which rally I am at!?

Go to either site, there will be protests at both 12.Aug.2004 22:49

you go you show

Please just decide which event is better for you and get there early. The school event may have slightly better visibility (more people and cars in the surrounding areas), but both will be full of protesters.

Don't wait for someone to tell you where to go and what to do - take charge damnit and get your own plans made, car pool others if you have to drive, make a plan and make it happen. If you and I don't make it happen it's not going to.

Our group (the car is full) is heading to the school and will be there between 10:00 and 11:00 to get the best idea of where to get the most visibility and get as close as posible.

off to make signs...

Is MAX an option? 12.Aug.2004 22:52

NW Paddler

Could someone please tell me if MAX runs anywhere near the Beaverton school that shrub is going to be "speaking" at?
(Or any info on mass transit.)
I'll be coming down from north and really don't know the public transportation that well.

Senks alot.

bus and MAX 12.Aug.2004 23:33


For specific directions click on www.tri-met.org

Bush Protest at Southridge 13.Aug.2004 00:19


We'll be gathering medical marijuana patients and supporters at the NE corner of the high school along SW 125th Ave at 12 noon. We'll be bringing plenty of signs for anyone who wants to join us. For more information, including updates, please go to www.parentsendingprohibition.homestead.com/act2.html.


Bill and Erin

expose the kerry freepers 13.Aug.2004 08:23


By now everyone has noticed that Bush and Kerry seems to be always visiting the same areas, and I can come to only one reason why. Kerry's 'popular' support is created the same way as Bush's, by freepers...we all have seen them on the net. I don't know anyone that voted for Kerry in the primary. He is propped up by freepers ala skull and boners, probably mind controlled. So Bush and Kerry are travelling together so they can coordinate with their skull and boners fake mind controlled crowds. I contend that at these two rallies you will find the same 'people' who have quickly changed their shirts and bumper stickers. If someone could catch these people on film, we could expose this whole sham of an election.

Your name is really accurate 13.Aug.2004 08:42

Just awestruck at your mindlessness

Boy - "bud" is the right name for you!!!!! If you hadn't smoked so many you couldn't have come up with this dumb-witted, paranoid "theory"! Pardon me if you are actually just the victim of a mental illness...

Let's get out there 13.Aug.2004 09:15

Mad Mad Mad

Let's get a good showing out there. I want to make sure Bush gets the message, and our message is hopefully shown to the rest of America (via the media). We need to show that not everyone loves Ol' GW.

"spot the difference"? Oh, I think you can 13.Aug.2004 21:55


ifu can:
> How can I tell which rally I am at!?

The John Kerry rally was the one attended by 50,000+ people who didn't pay a red cent to get in. It was the one that overflowed Waterfront park with your fellow Portlanders: union members, blue-collar workers, veterans, next-gen activists. It was the one with a "free speech zone" 10 feet from its entry gates, with NO barbed-wire fence and NO robocop surveillance to threaten dissenters.

The bush event was the one attended by 1,000 wealthy loyalty-oath-signing campaign donors imported from across the state, feeding bush pre-fab questions to manufacture attractive mass media soundbytes. It was the one with a "free speech zone" all the way across the parking lot, with cyclone fences and darth-vader-lookalikes ready to bust heads if anyone got out of line.

Sorry, but if you couldn't tell the difference, you're a complete dumbass.