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A22 Bush Protest (8/22/02) Video Available Online - riotporn

On August 22nd, 2002, the people of Cascadia came to the streets of Portland, Oregon, in the first post-9/11 protest against the illegal bush regime. People still believed in the US constitution back then, so they brought their children to an event that was supposed to have been a non-violent expression of their right to dissent. Although the crowd was peaceful, they were met by phalanxes of armed riot police, snipers crouching on rooftops, and helicopter gun ships threatening from the sky. To their horror, they and their children were assaulted, beaten, arrested and attacked with chemical weapons. Even the most entrenched liberal came to realize it was the end of democracy in America. Riot porn to write home about.
This video has been online for a while but I thought it might be nice to put up some screenshots to take a trip down memory lane. I'm planning on having 3 articles worth of images.

A22 Bush Protest

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VIDEO FILE: A21 12.Aug.2004 18:13

Jim Lockhart eagleye@PhilosopherSeed.org

A seven minute video on the A21 march and demonstration of last year. There was such an incredible display of wit and creativity, that no video could document it adaquately. But, here is my attempt to at least partially portray the events of the day
From the march in the beginning, throughout the morning to the police shutdown of Columbia Park in the afternoon, the day was full of satire, parody, music, theatre, and yes, contempt, taunts and ridicule. I must remark on the contrast between government and police severity of demeanor and the frolicing, boistrous, almost carnival deportment of the crowd. Citizens were there to make a serious statement against Bush adminstration policies which are slowly eroding our civil rights, our environment and our standard of living. Yet, much of it was accomplished with individualistic humor, with innovative phrases and creative motion.
Contrast the staunch, morose, anonomous robotic minions of law and order, standing, marching, riding, advancing, attacking in straight lines, a fleet of carbon copy machines, without thought, without individuality, following orders, following orders. In some ways they were the funniest part of the day, if one ignores for a moment their trained tendency towards violence as their bottom line response to minor infractions of "law and order."
And too, there were the Bush supporters. I guess it all depends on your point of view. Though doesn't it seem like a paradox to you that so many of his defenders are Christians, whose "savior" is also called "the Prince of Peace," whose fundamental religious tenants demand one turn the other cheek when abused, and that, perhaps arguably, Christs most famous and universally acclaimed teaching is "above all things, love one another?" For those of you that were there, perhaps this video will bring some of it back; to those who were not, perhaps this will give you an inkling of this local reaction to the latest escapade of George Bush in Oregon, collecting from the rich, distaining the rest.
A21 DSL/CABLE Stream

A21 56K Stream

more images 13.Aug.2004 00:17





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To everyone protesting later today: be loud, be safe, have fun.