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Take all the signs you want to Kerry rally and anti-Bush demos.
In a bid to stage crowd photos, particularly to qualsh negativisms like "NO WAR IN IRAQ" and "Jail War Criminal Bush", Kerry campaign reports on front page of Oregonian today that signs will not be allowing in public park where his rally takes place.

Kerry should not hold his breath on this one.

Political signs in Oregon parks are still as legal as breathing. Don't use a club or thick stick to hold sign (Secret Service could claim it a weapon). If Kerry-cops or real cops arrest you for holding sign alone, get a civil attorney and then be prepared to consider an offer of $20K or $30K as bribe not to follow through on your constitutional rights lawsuit.
Legal folks tonight said otherwise 12.Aug.2004 22:52


Actually it was said tonight at the legal/video event that restricting signs at the kerry event is actually legal. Specifically we were told it's because a permit has been taken out with the city to hold the event that allows them some reasonable control of the crowd and space inside their event...

Good Lawyers Wrong on This One 13.Aug.2004 11:43

Free Speech, Oregon, Public Owned Property -- YES

Lloyd Marbet, Oregon anti-nuclear and free speech activist, went to an Oregon park that had been reserved by a private group for a private event.

Lloyd attempted to exercize his constitutional rights of free speech, visa-ve Oregon initiative process. He was denied entry and arrested.

He beat the charge on consitutional free speech grounds, and now is sueing for "a large sum of money". I'm certain he will will, or settle out of court for a tidy sum.

Kerry has deep pockets so if you need a few extra thousand take a small sign, roll it up, unfurl it at proper time. If they arrest you, get it all documented on video or with witnesses.

Get an attorney who knows the law in Oregon a little better (no offense to Alan and Stu). Also, exercize these Oregon rights or they will atrophy slowly or rapidly.

ok fair enough, needs more research i think 13.Aug.2004 17:54


ok fair enough, needs more research i think. I recall the petioning case you mention, a bit technically different from a sign but the same on constitutional grounds, but you could be right - and someone should push the case (with others to document it for trial). In my opinion Pioneer square could use some more boundy pushing i think that might be a good place to start with this...

Free speech case 14.Aug.2004 15:59


Lloyd won his lawsuit against Estacada and Clackamas County, but court awarded paltry sum. The good news, we do have free speech rights. The bad news, Clackamas County Court system of good ole boys still hasn't changed.