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Willamette Week letter to the editor re Nader

Is Nader stuck in the 70s?

Willamette Week
Letters to the Editor

It was incisive of your analyst, "The Nose," to dismiss Ralph Nader as a man
"stuck in the politics of the '70s" [WW, July 28, 2004]. I recall that in
the '70s Democrats opposed sending our kids to occupy foreign countries,
because they noticed that folks do not like to be occupied, and our kids
were getting killed.

Back in the '70s, people who had a job could live on what they made. Nader
is so retro that he points out that the buying power of the American wage
earner peaked in 1973, and nearly all the growth in the economy since then
has landed in the lap of the rich. How '70s of Ralph to disapprove!

In the '70s, the Democratic Party was a stronghold of workers, intellectuals
and active minorities, joined in their desire for justice at home and
abroad. Our more modern Democratic Party believes that peace is "off
message," that the defense budget is sacrosanct, that workers should
consider themselves lucky if they get a token increase in the minimum wage,
and that the Party exists for the singular purpose of raising an endless
stream of money in order to bombard the citizenry with 30-second snips of
calculated emptiness.

I remember the '70s. It was a time when serious people urged others to put a
shoulder to the wheel and make the world a better place. We are wiser now.
Now we silence by ridicule and threat any who would invoke a vision of peace
or justice. We know to choose only from what is offered. And we have learned
the great lesson of our times, that speaking the truth will only make things

Gregory Kafoury
Nader Oregon campaign manager

homepage: homepage: http://naderoregon.org

Great Op-Ed 13.Aug.2004 01:42

Nice to hear some truth

What a great response to such a snide and vapid editorial by WW. They have been slanted on the Nader campaign since the begining. Just read this weeks paper to see more of it. Hard to take them seriously at all anymore. Did you see last week's "Best Of" issue? Showering Girl? How sexist. Of course what should I expect from a paper that gets so much revenue exploiting violence against women (READ: Prostitution ad's.)

Kafoury's an Asshole... 13.Aug.2004 07:04

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

...but in this case, he's right on the money.