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Calif. Top Court Annuls San Francisco Gay Marriages

this is a huge setback!
finally allowing gay marriages was one of the highlights of the year. annuling them is a huge step back in his/herstory!

So this is any surprise? 14.Aug.2004 01:57

Sitting on the sidelines

Although this is certainly a set-back, this shouldn't have come as any surprise.

Gavin Newsome overstepped his authority as mayor of the City and County of San Francisco. It is not within the pervue of the Executive Branch to determine which laws they will enforce. Yes, I'm aware that this happens regardless, however, just because it is a cause that should be supported (marriage regardless of the genders of the parties) does not mean that it should be supported illegally.

The California Constitution defines marriage as "between a man and a woman." Does this need to be changed? Yes. Can the mayor of a single city/county make that change for the state as a whole? No. It is for the California Supremem Court to rule whether or not the law, as it exists, is constitutional, not for the Executive branch.

California has 58 counties, and 77 municipalites with over 500,000 citizens. Permitting any one chief-executive to select which laws he or she will enforce is an invitation to chaos. Imagine, for example, a county sheriff choosing not to enforce the laws against assault weapons because he or she takes a extreme stance on the 2nd Amendment. Or perhaps the a county board of supervisors choosing to ignore environmental laws.

The remedy to this? Change the California Constitution's definition of marriage.

If anyone should be a target of anger from the LGBT community, it should properly be Gavin Newsome. He KNEW that he was exceding his authority, and he KNEW what would eventually happen, but he did it anyway for political gain and for money (the money paid for the licenses to city coffers -- which should be returned). The heartache and pain being felt by those who's licenses were voided should be laid at the door of Gavin Newsome and the LGBT community should be aware that just because he "talks the talk" does not mean that he is their friend.