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Jon Bon Jovi, Leonardo DiCaprio & John Kerry?????????

I will not be able to attend the John Kerry Rally tomorrow, but if you do and you have your camera/video camera, will you PLEASE post pics here (or contact me) of Leonardo and Jon Bon Jovi?????
And if you have your video camera, can you get Jon Bon Jovi's performance and possibly Leonardo's????? PPPLLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!!!
Glad You Posted This 12.Aug.2004 21:31

I Was About To

Why won't the starry eyed mainstream media in Portland report this? Oh, might draw attention from Bush, the abortion paying, raping, alcoholic, white collar, inside trading criminal of a President we have. Heck, I haven't even got to his cocaine abuse or violation of oath of office yet!

???? 18.Aug.2004 19:10


Why so much hatred. Isn't this nation based on free speech? So why have so much hatred and disgust? You have the right to say what you want and so does the next person. CHILL OUT!!! Do some yoga for goodness sake. Meditate or whatever. Life is too short to be so pissed all the time. If you don't like the president, then vote him out of the white house. There you go.