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In Defense Of Supporting Attacks on US Troops

An Introduction From the Chairman of the North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism (NACAZAI) I. US Troops are Terrorists II. The Death of the Fedayeen and the Anti-war Movement in the US A. On the Real Motives of the US Anti-war and Anti-globalist forces B. The Reactionary Class Basis of Opportunism III. Historic References to "Bleeding Out" the Occupier and the Thought of This Within the Enemy Camp IV. Support the US Troops WHEN THEY RESIST! A. Support the US Troops When They Resist B. Sgt Hassan Karim Akbar, The People's Solider V. Reading the Newspaper Headlines and Laughing Out Loud: It's a Healthy and Liberating Consciousness-building Exercise to Support Violence Against a Common Enemy and its Goons. A. An Introduction B. Defiance Leads the Way for Resistance and Pro-Resistance in the US. Assorted Outline Notes For the Article In Defense of Supporting Attacks on US Troops

. 12.Aug.2004 10:33


In Defense of Supporting Attacks on US Troops Current rating:
by John Paul Cupp 12 Aug 2004
An Introduction From the Chairman of the North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism (NACAZAI)
I. US Troops are Terrorists

II. The Death of the Fedayeen and the Anti-war Movement in the US
A. On the Real Motives of the US Anti-war and Anti-globalist forces
B. The Reactionary Class Basis of Opportunism

III. Historic References to "Bleeding Out" the Occupier and the Thought of This Within the Enemy Camp
IV. Support the US Troops WHEN THEY RESIST!
A. Support the US Troops When They Resist
B. Sgt Hassan Karim Akbar, The People's Solider V. Reading the Newspaper Headlines and Laughing Out Loud: It's a Healthy and Liberating Consciousness-building Exercise to Support Violence Against a Common Enemy and its Goons.
A. An Introduction
B. Defiance Leads the Way for Resistance and Pro-Resistance in the US.

Assorted Outline Notes For the Article
In Defense of Supporting Attacks on US Troops

---John Paul Cupp,

North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism, Public Relations Officer


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An Introduction From the Chairman of the North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism (NACAZAI)

Comrade John Paul Cupp of the North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism (NACAZAI) has finished drafting a radical paper condemning opportunism in the time of revolution. The Bush led war moves of the US imperialists have sparked anger all over the world. This anger has created mass popular movements that resulted in millions of people marching against, Bush specifically, war as led by the US, and the overall globalization mode of operation adopted by the US capitalist-imperialists in the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet block.These mass-popular movements have been for the most part been composed of well-meaning activists that operate in social democratic ways in a time of revolutionary upheaval and whose aim is to objectively reform capitalism-imperialism. The two features that render them reformist in tactics and theoretical foundation and far from instigating, let alone accomplishing revolutionary change, are the following: * The class nature of these mobilizations (that are mostly student based, young, intellectual/academic) is made of the petty-bourgeoisie and middle classes with a few members of the bourgeoisie leading the various newly formed organizations. Further, they have been of course Western in origin and founded in the heart of the capitalist-imperialist empire. * They are pacifist and operating under the old hippie notions of "peace" and the "make love not war" chants of the 1960's. In fact, one can see them as continuing in the tradition of the old anti-Vietnam war movement. It is not a surprise then that the bourgeois US establishment tolerates such groups. They are reformist in intention and nonviolent in practice.Reform is not revolution. The central premise of the reformist movement, including the US leftist movement, has been on the question of peaceful coexistence with capitalism-imperialism. This revisionist position, that destroyed the Soviet Union in itself, is the single most dangerous element facing the leftist movement in the West. It is the father that breeds the opportunism found in the Western left. In essence, then, it is no shock that the US and European based anti-war and anti-globalization movements have sapped the energy of millions of activists and wasted this energy on reformist slogans that call for "supporting the troops", "ending war in favor of peace", and tolerating "Israel". The fact is that these movements are full of opportunist tendencies. Their immediate effect is to objectively protect the US capitalist-imperialist status quo and to waste the energy of the millions of activists that go into the streets to battle riot police only to be betrayed by the rallies' organizers.It is these opportunist reformist leaders of the anti-globalization movement and anti-war movement that betray their members and take positions that support coexistence with US imperialism in Iraq, as well as apologetic Zionist positions with regards to Palestine and the militarization of the Intifadah, while further betraying the cause of the DPRK (Democratic Korea) in defending itself. {Under the worst opportunistic excuses one can find at a time real revolutionary military action is carried out against the imperialist enemy, where it counts most and that is the periphery, the capitalist reformers at home betray the people's revolt.} Why is this so? Well, there are two reasons to consider. One is racist national chauvinism in where there is the underlying belief that US capitalism and its "way of life" is the best we have and must be preserved. This is a belief that many Western leftists cannot shed. The underlying belief is that US lives are more worthy of sustaining than other lives around the world. The second is derived from the class standing of these so-called leaders. They want to preserve their class interests from which they greatly benefit. They indeed wish a long life for US capitalism because they enjoy a lavish life style as a result of it.Certainly they do not want to see it destroyed. We, on the other-hand, at NACAZAI are firmly on the side of resistance to US capitalism-imperialism. We want to call a war against opportunism and we at NACAZAI want to wage the ideological war - to conduct the important battle of ideas. We support the US troops only when they resist. They can refuse to serve in the imperialist army or they can turn the gun the other way (which many have chosen to do). We adopt Lenin's position for turning imperialist wars into class wars! Enough of serving the American bourgeoisie with the bloodshed of the poor classes of Amerikkka! In his article comrade JP sheds the myths surrounding the US anti-war and anti-globalization movement stances in supporting the troops; he offers alternatives, and he correctly diagnosis and solves the problem. We assert that to be a revolutionary is to support resistance in times of combat with imperialism. This is the only correct position. This is also the only correct theory and tactic. We say if the US imperialists try to invade the DPRK they will taste a defeat they have not imagined as of yet. We say that the Palestinian Intifadah will continue and will sooner or later bring the end of "Israel". We say that the US occupation of Iraq is on its way to a humiliating defeat and we state that we stand with the forces of resistance there. Many of the reformist leftists have argued with us about the necessity to exist inside the anti-war and anti-globalization movements as they allegedly represent a positive development in and of themselves.We ask why the anti-war and anti-globalization movements should not be driven to a revolutionary end - to our position. We are interested in educating the young cadres of the anti-globalization movement to reach that revolutionary end and not be diluted in the opportunism that exists within the anti-globalization movement and to turn these movements from a reformist path to a revolutionary path. We at NACAZAI see that as worthwhile work to conduct and we welcome this opportunity. Ziad elJishiNACAZAI Chairman


I. US Troops are Terrorists

The GI pig mercenary (US troop) is a hired gun of imperialism goon. This is not simply a subjective opinion. Rather, it is a fact, which cannot be changed through rhetoric or word games. By the most literal of standards, by direct intent and design, the US imperialist army is a terrorist army. Its individual soldiers are also terrorists who are to be held in low esteem and hated, accountable for their actions.

It is an entirely erroneous idea that the US anti-imperialists should support these imperialist cannon fodder mercenaries. In fact, we cannot actually oppose US imperialism without opposing its agents and tools, (particularly the guy which pulls the trigger). Is not the gun of the US enemy an important part, in fact the primary mode, by which imperialism builds and maintains its grip on finance capital and by which it keeps virtually every sovereign nation under its thumb (via "globalization")?

What is the basis of US imperialism? Good looks? Humanitarianism? Persuasion? Moral Authority? The basis of US imperialism is coercion; ever-militaristic in nature, arbitrary in practice, and maintained via a monopoly of economic strength and military firepower, closely approaching Georgi Dimitrov's definition of fascism-in-power. *

It is the GI, this un-human dog, which acts as the gun against the anti-imperialist resistance. The GI is the gun-based "peace" of the imperialist deterrent, which attempts to prevent and stifle popular resistance, via an implied capacity for violence. This is nothing short of brutal militarism attempting to prevent the mass formation of opposition to Yankee-control and domination moves.

By the very contradictions of his existence, the GI must commit atrocities, in order to continue forward in his boot licking mercenary role. Let's look at just one example of the countless millions, by which the GI, as the hired gun of Imperialism committed atrocities as a necessary part of their existence.

"The American soldiers drowned over 2,000 innocent people by dropping them from Soktang bridge. They also drowned more than 1,000 women in Sowon reservoir. Upwards of 1,200 patriotic-minded people detained in an ice warehouse were bitten to death by military dogs. The head of master Yun Hae Won of Jungsan Primary School was sawed up alive. The eyeballs and breasts of chairwoman Pak Yong Gyo of the women's union of the Sinchon Tobacco Factory were gouged out. The enemies disembowled a pregnant woman to hold up a 9 month-old embryo on the end of a bayonet, laughing aloud. The yankees massacred 35,383 innocent Koreans, or a quarter of the population of Sinchon in 52 days of their occupation of the place. " --- Excerpt of a June 26th 2003 article from the Korean Central News Agency entitled "Senior party and state officials visit Sinchon Museum"**

Perhaps, monsieurs the opportunists, would support the idea of their adult offspring going to college, via money raised from being an adult actor, of the dominating role, in child pornography films? Objectively, the role of this hypothetical pedophile for-hire is less reactionary, in the broad scheme of things, than the objective role of the GI. I could even see the anti-war movement in the US, demanding union wages and better working conditions for this "baby-rapist"!

How can we support the anti-imperialist class struggle resistance forces of this world, while also supporting the GI? The answer to this is that we simply cannot. When two forces are diametrically opposed, particularly by force of arms, one's organization or personage objectively, no matter their rhetoric or even subjective desire, contributes to the imperialist pole or the anti-imperialist pole, but not both.

Here is the lesson from Kim Il Sung, General Giap, and Hezbollah. This truth is universal and can also be seen in the war of liberation in Algeria. The determining factor in wars of liberation can best be analyzed by questioning how well the anti-imperialist forces break the "pain threshold" of the enemy. Have the anti-imperialists been able to "bleed out" the imperialist enemy (and its canon fodder to such a level which makes it unbearable and excessively expensive (mostly in terms of human lives and political capital) for the imperialist army to continue its front of aggression? Without "breaking the pain threshold" (indirectly this means killing occupation troops along with other aggressors and tools of the aggressors) it is impossible that the anti-imperialist forces will win a great victory.

By "breaking the pain thresh hold" a new world is possible, because a lesson has been taught on the rights of nations to self-determination. The question has now become "Victory to the anti-imperialist class struggle by any means necessary"(including killing US troops) or "Victory to the US enemy aggressors by any means necessary". At such a stage of heightened mass- unity the efforts of the reactionaries requires both the killing of civilians and "combatants", because under duress, as they form a people's army, the masses and the armed resistance are one and the same, no matter how malformed their ideology, or unpopular their cause in the US. In other words, the war in Iraq, against the Iraqi resistance is a war against Iraq itself. Any propaganda of a "middle ground", "alternative", or of a "mutually acceptable solution" made by the anti-war and anti-globalist movement in the imperialist countries, is really the worship of national chauvinism trying to hide its pro-imperialist existence and status as a documented ideological disease and poison.


Should the liberation of Iraq and Afghanistan not take place, until GI Joe is able to find a different career opportunity or perhaps until he finds his spiritual enlightenment via persuasion? Here we see again the cowardice of the US anti-war movement.

II. The Death of the Fedayeen and the Anti-war Movement in the US

A. On the Real Motives of the US Anti-war and Anti-globalist forces

Often enough even from so called "progressive" forces we hear that the forces of anti-US independence are "terrorists", including its individual members. In contrast to this, most quarters in the US suggest US troop aggressors should be supported; from the far right to the pseudo- "left".

Many advocates of "non-violence" will go to great lengths to show that they DO NOT support the Fedayeen fighters in Iraq, but rather condemn the anti-occupation Intifadah, despite the clearly pro-active and defensive nature of the Fedayeen. At the same time, such forces of "nonviolence" wish to show their support for the cannon fodder mercenaries of the forces of aggression, which are attempting to squelch an anti-occupation national liberation struggle. Such advocates of "nonviolence" are making "peace" with the most violent and fascist forces while condemning those fighting on the front lines AGAINST such aggressors.

The "Peacenik" will not admit it, but the natural course of his logic, as a pro-imperialist and ZIONIST-CONTROLLED creature, is the death of the Fedayeen freedom fighter at the hands of the GI mercenary goon. It is not the death of both parties, which the Peacenik works for. Objectively, the Peacenik is not working for the death of neither party, either.

Simple logic, not to mention basic dialectics, dictates that the death of neither party is impossible, because resistance, including armed combat, is the inevitable outcome of oppression. The GI will and must be opposed, CULMINATING IN EVENTUALLY BEING SHOT AT, as a prerequisite for advancing the struggle to liberate the land. The conclusion to be drawn is that the Peacenik is a contradiction until himself, a tribalist, which sides with the neighborhood's children first (even if they are committing crimes of aggression, and is inspired by social justice and progressive goals second. In fact, one could wonder if the progressive is even inspired by social justice at all, or if that is a load of hogwash, used to infiltrate anti-war circles with pro-imperialist ideas.

Their is a great deal of EXTREMELY FASCIST-MINDED and CHAUVINISTIC propaganda which the US popular forces are made to endure, in order to convince them that they are some sort of lunatic and hate-monger. They are told, that the situation of unprovoked aggression is a lot more complicated than simply supporting resistance to such aggression. To the US anti-war and anti-globalist resistance and pro-resistance forces, you are advised strongly to stick to your guns. Has not life experience made you into anti-imperialists with wisdom and intuition? Trust it!

Comrades BEWARE and listen closely. Lay out your principled support for anti-imperialist class struggle and national liberation struggles, your support for anti-Americanism and anti-Zionism and stand like a rock. There is no unity with the enemy. We in the US are being charged with a sacred and historic mission, far greater than we are being told. We are not the front lines of struggle, but we are its reserves, because we are within the epicentre, of what Che Guevara famously called " the belly of the beast".

Absolutely nothing is wrong with you for being an internationalist. If this requires daily militant confrontation with the overall super-majority of anti-war and anti-globalist forces in the US, so be it. We will never get anywhere without a guide to action and a struggle to root out opportunism. This is exactly why our friendly enemy within is so motivated to lead us and to act as the gatekeeper.

It is very likely and probable that genuine anti-imperialist/ anti-Zionist resistance and pro-resistance forces in the US, will continue to be very small and continue to operate under conditions of ever-worsening extreme duress. That said, every step we take, simply by refusing to bow, is laying the concrete base, for the future. Our task is not to grow quantitatively rapidly, but rather qualitatively, in a steadfast and consistent manor.

The entire world is in opposition to the US enemy. Conditions will change with time and blood-paid-for efforts by the world's masses. Our job is to hold aloof the banner of resistance in a principled way, from within the US, to appeal to such principle and not political expediency or popularity.

On-going social pressure, indoctrination "bread crumbs", and narrow nationalism, have rendered the overwhelming extreme super-majority of the anti-war and anti-globalist forces in the US, fully to utterly contaminated. This does not mean YOU should let your mind and spirit be taken. This also does not mean you should abandon your principled stance in favor of resistance and pro-resistance (support for resistance). In fact, on the contrary, even as things get far worse, before getting better, we can lay today a foundation for revolution tomorrow

We cannot even begin to talk about coherent revolutionary class struggle in the United States, without first combating national chauvinism and extremely reactionary behavior and ideology In this former apartheid state, founded via exterminationist settler-colonialism, the overwhelming super-majority of its citizens believe the greatest violator of human rights in the modern world, is the greatest force for democracy and human rights. With such being the conditions, it is inevitable that under the banner of "United We Stand" the toiling masses in the US will follow all other classes, in uniting firmly around the arch- imperialist bourgeoisie as "fellow Americans" and not as Proletarian Internationalists. Is their any alternative, but to combat this ideologically out in the open, even at the cost of serious repression? Of course there is no alternative or we would hear what such alternative is, having it fully exposed for us in the light of day. Their are those who suggest that this is provocative behavior, but they either fail to fully grasp the geo-political significance of the time and place we are living in, or else they prefer popularity, sex appeal, and selling books.

It is not a coincidence that James Petras is the only major US intellectual to openly support the Iraqi Resistance, while Noam Chomsky endorses the presidential campaign of John Kerry. * This is the very John Kerry who has promised to Increase troops presence in Iraq, and plans to end the war via crushing the Iraqi resistance. This is the very Noam Chomsky, a gutless coward who is worshiped as the god of gods by the US anti-war forces, and who makes millions of dollars on junk books about "globalization" and suffering he will never know or endure, A SUFFERING HE DOES NOTHING TO CHANGE.

If to support the armed resistance in Iraq, is to be a "hate-monger", then this means about 2% of the US population are full-fledged "hate-mongers" and 85% of the world's population; a telling sign indeed.

B. The Reactionary Class Basis of Opportunism

The US is the neo-McCarthyist fortress of anti-communism, for it is the epicentre of imperialism. We are taught to believe that President Saddam Hussein is just as bad or worse, than American "democracy". We are taught that class struggle is "Stalinism" (as if that would be such a bad thing) and that for all of its flaws the US style of governance, is the superior form. Even from the very few genuine resistance and pro-resistance forces that exist, exists also a belief that Cuba and North Korea are nations full of gulags. Such individuals are under the impression that they could live in a government that is a much worse violator of human rights, and with the possible exception of "Israel", which is not even not a valid country, they are wrong. We see that even the most militant and well meaning of people, all the way to the opportunist movement on a whole, are all a product of the time and space in which they live.

What is the class background of the US anti-war and anti-globalist forces? It is petty bourgeoisie the petty bourgeoisie of the imperialist nations. The petty bourgeoisie of the imperialist nations is the most obnoxious of creatures to have "feel your pain".

9 out of 10 people in this world, if not 19 out of 20, would love for their children to have the comforts that come from the Petty bourgeoisie background. When in such a position they do not, by and large, want a revolutionary struggle. Of course, they do not want the US troops to turn their guns the other way and to make the Imperialist war a class war, as directed by Lenin.

It is much easier and convenient to "support the troops", to approach the national liberation struggles in the periphery nations and the anti-imperialist class struggle, as if such is "saving the whales". We find from the US "peace movement" a desire to feed the wildlife at the zoo, and nothing more. It is all a sick joke and a simple fetish. "No War on Iraq" is the alternative liberal-left consumer fetish to a Che Guevara T-shirt. Call it all bastardization, for that is what it is.

This should explain why we don't here the call for the US Troops to turn the gun around and fight for a revolution The American petty bourgeoisie does not want a revolution, or any level of revolutionary advances, because it undermines the luxurious contradiction in which they exist. A principle to them is like a knife popping the balloon of their existence. They are not confused. They know exactly what their stance is towards anti-imperialist class struggle. While the GI mercenary goon does not begin to question his world until his arm is shot off, the reactionary forces in the US anti-war and anti-globalist movement are quite sure of the world around them.

Why does the US anti-war and anti-globalist forces support the US troops? The answer is because the US troop is the cannon fodder of US imperialism, and it is US imperialism which butters the bread of the petty bourgeoisie and feeds it the sweet and fat portions of bread crumbs, which maintains the existence of the imperialist "middle class" IE "The American Dream".

The US troop, acting as a mercenary, is acting against the anti-imperialist class struggle, objectively. This is something the petty bourgeoisie of the imperialist nations, support 100%, all be it with obscure liberal reformist modifications, suggested On the other hand, those of us who support the anti-imperialist class struggle, have everything to gain by the victory of resistance forces. If this requires the death of the GI, then the death of the GI, (who shouldn't be in Iraq nor Afghanistan, anyways), it is!

What shall it be an imperialist war or a class war?

III. Historic References to "Bleeding Out" the Occupier and the Thought of This Within the Enemy Camp

Here we are going to look at historic examples of scientific theory related to the "bleeding out the enemy" or body bag for body bag approach to combating imperialist war moves. We shall also examine deterrent strategies, particularly that of Socialist Korea. Then we will address the thoughts of the enemy camp IE people within the aggressor nations, towards these justified and necessary actions, in order to prove that the overwhelming super-majority of the enemy camp (including its most militant and revolutionary forces) will not take a principled position without stiff resistance from the anti-imperialist forces in the nation's of periphery. This includes armed combat against imperialist occupation cannon fodder.

Lets begin with the study of a few historic and relevant passages.

What are the rules of war? Do they involve begging from the US anti-war movement for support?

"There's only one rule in war. Win." - General Giap *(Victorious over US Imperialism in Vietnam).

Here is were we learn from the mouth of Josef V. Stalin, so deeply vilified by all forces in the US, why the left in the imperialist countries, particularly the Trotskists and Anarchists, so often objectively side with imperialism, and we see how so often they cannot shake their linear thinking and pro-imperialist nature.

"The unquestionably revolutionary character of the vast majority of national movements is as relative and peculiar as is the possible reactionary character of certain particular national movements. The revolutionary character of a national movement under the conditions of imperialist oppression does not necessarily presuppose the existence of proletarian elements in the movement, the existence of a revolutionary or a republican programme of the movement, the existence of a democratic basis of the movement. The stuggle that the Emir of Afghanistan is waging for the independence of Afghanistan is objectively a *revolutionary* struggle, despite the monarchist views of the Emir and his associates, for it weakens, disintegrates and undermines imperialism; whereas the struggle waged by such "desperate" democrats and "Socialists," "revolutionaries" and republicans as, for example, Kerensky and Tsereteli,
Renaudel and Scheidemann, Chernov and Dan, Henderson and Clynes, during the imperialist war was a *reactionary* struggle, for its result was the embellishment, the strengthening, the victory, of imperialism. For the same reasons, the struggle that the Egyptian merchants and bourgeois intellectuals are waging for the independence of Egypt is objectively a *revolutionary* struggle, despite the bourgeois origin and bourgeois title of the leaders of the Egyptian national movement, despite the fact that they are opposed to socialism; whereas the struggle that the British "Labour" Government is waging to preserve Egypt's dependent position is for the same reasons a *reactionary* struggle, despite the proletarian origin and the proletarian title of the members of that government, despite the fact that they are "for" socialism. There is no need to mention the national movement in other, larger colonial
and dependent countries, such as India and China, every step of which along the road to liberation, even if it runs counter to the demands of formal democracy, is a steam-hammer blow at imperialism, i.e., is undoubtedly a *revolutionary* step."
--- J. V. Stalin. "The Foundations of Leninism,"

Here is part of the Introduction Appeal of the International Iraq Committees. *** The same forces behind this have experience supporting also the resistance in Serbia and Vietnam.

"Each Yankee soldier who falls today in Iraq is a step towards the liberation of the peoples of the four continents.

A final defeat, after a sinking down in a guerrilla of attrition, of the American-Zionist imperialism in Iraq will have gigantic effects on all the other fronts of fight, particularly in occupied Palestine and Europe, where the Yankee domination is shaken today.

We affirm without complex our primary, secondary and tertiary anti-Americanism.

With Che Guevara, we affirm that "imperialism has a head, the United States", and that it should be cut off ! The USA is the enemy of mankind. The re-establishment of world Peace, of the fraternity of the peoples and civilizations implies the destruction of the Yankee imperialism and its accomplices : America Delenda Est !

The heroic ba'athist resistance in Iraq is today the direct continuation of the fight of the Vietnamese people for its liberation and unification.

To the "Vietnam Committees" of yesterday, we want to bring a continuation : the fight continues, place to the "Iraq Committees"! " --- Excerpt from an introduction appeal on the website of the Iraq Committees.

Here is an excerpt from an essay called "On The Question of 'Pro-Palestinian' Jews" written by Dr. Ibrahim Alloush, Editor of the Free Arab Voice. **** I add this because even though it is dealing with the Arab-Zionist Conflict, the section added proves some very clear insight into the nature of national liberation struggles as they unfold.

"Frequently Palestinians are set up in a guilt trip. They have to prove that
they do not hate Jews. The proving really never ends until you eventually
embrace the doctrine of "Israel's" security. But, really, Palestinians have
NOTHING to prove to the invader. It is exactly the other way around. A Jew
who claims to be anti-Zionist is the one who has something to prove (to
himself first of all), not a Palestinian who is fighting a Jewish

If someone supports you, that means they support your cause to liberate your
land from an occupation. It doesn't mean that you have to change your
strategic objective away from liberation so they can start supporting you.
Otherwise, you have already lost your cause before even beginning.
'Support' which comes with attached strings is no support at all, but an

We have a solid case. We can justify it using history, politics, Islam,
Arab nationalism, or even Marxism. We can argue it out with hard logic,
cold facts, and vivid art if need be. You name it, we can probably use it
to argue our cause. We don't need to give up the cause of liberation to win
our 'cause'. After all what else is there besides the liberation of the
land! If they are not supporting THAT cause, then they are not supporting
our cause period. And if we cannot argue our cause with the benefit of all
the logical and historical tools at our disposal, then we are not going to
benefit anything from adopting the narrative of our enemy to 'support' our
cause, are we?

The history of liberation struggles worldwide has shown clearly that public
opinion in the enemy camp does not start to move against the policies of its
government until a liberation movement starts to inflict significant and
unacceptable losses on its enemy. That includes human, as well as political
and economic, losses. That is the story of the U.S. in Vietnam, France in
Algeria, and recently, "Israel" in South Lebanon. In other words, without
action on the ground, without popular uprisings, military operations, and
yes, human bombs if need be, public opinion in the enemy camp is likely to
wallow in the spoils of the conquest, not to side with the oppressed. Only
when a liberation movement starts to make the cost of an occupation greater
than the benefit, will those voices of 'reason' in the enemy camp start to
gain ground."

Now then, as follows, is an incentive for the US anti-war and anti-globalist forces to combat imperialist aggression, and this incentive is the deterrent force, including weapons of mass destruction and nuclear weapons, of the anti-US Independence forces. Here is a quote from a follow up appeal to an interview I helped conduct with the National Democratic Front of South Korea. *****

"While egging its sycophant forces on to form an international encirclement for stifling north Korea, the Bush administration is going to reinforce the USFK on a large scale by investing over 11 billion USD and redeploy its military bases in south Korea to suit its nuclear preemptive attack strategy. Moreover, it is plotting to place around the Korean peninsula a rapid mobile force armed with up-to-date weapons including 130-odd tanks, armored vehicles and 1,100-odd military trucks.

Since North Korea and the United States are the warring parties in a truce state, sanction or blockade, military buildup means break of ceasefire. Accordingly the Bush administration is deliberately creating a pre-war situation on the Korean peninsula.

It is thanks to the strong physical deterrent of the Songun policy that a war has not yet burst out on the Korean peninsula in spite of the touch-and-go military tension. The Songun policy of Kim Jong Il can be described as an invincible treasure sword protecting the 70 million Korean nation and keeping the peace of the Korean peninsula, the northeast Asia and the world.

Now the NDFSK vanguards and the patriotic south Korean people unanimously support the Songun policy with great national pride, replete with a firm determination to join the nationwide anti-US death-defying war side by side with the compatriots of the north, if the US imperialism dare to unleash a second Korean War.

Korea is not Iraq and a war is merciless.

If the US imperialists provoke an invasive war against north Korea, a military power of Songun, the war will not be confined to a regional war limited to the Korean nation and it is so certain that the war started under the US nuclear preemptive attack strategy will go as a conventional war. Numerous US youngsters thrown into the battle fields of the second Korean War will be given wholesale deaths and even the US proper as well as the whole northeast Asian region will suffer the flames of war.

Therefore it is vital, too, for the US people themselves to terminate Bush's anti-DPRK war policy that forebodes a destructive ruin of the United States. " ---National Democratic Front of South Korea "NDFSK Appeal to the Workers of America, 31 July 03

What is the lesson here? The lesson is that the progressive and revolutionary wing of the enemy camp will not maintain even, by and large, a principled and scientific world-view, let alone carry forward such in a spirit of vitality and a vanguard role in genuine efforts, until their is the determined struggle of the periphery nations' anti-imperialist forces. First and foremost this is with regards to the bullets and bombs of the anti-imperialist forces in the nations of periphery, with regards to the ability to successfully win support for such militarized diametrical opposition force from their multitudes. Our role in the US and other western imperialist nations is to support firmly such positions first and the anti-war and anti-globalist forces in our own nations, second.

IV. Support the US Troops WHEN THEY RESIST!

A. Support the US Troops When They Resist

If we are anti-imperialists in a genuine and thoroughgoing way, when then should we support imperialist troop cannon fodder mercenaries? We should support them when on some level they objectively undermine imperialism, when on some level they resist. This means we should support the soldier who refuses to act as an occupier in Iraq and is facing repression. This also means we should support the soldier who turns his gun the other way and kills for the resistance.

We should support the US soldier killing for the resistance more than the US solider simply resisting acting as a soldier of imperialism. This is because objectively, the first undermines imperialism greater than the second. In both cases it is principled to support such said US soldier, and in both cases it is unprincipled not to support such said US solider.

A real anti-imperialist is one who has no doubts or delusions in their head that imperialism rests on anything but violence and coercion. There is to be no blinking when supporting the Nat Turners and John Browns of this world who "frag" (a type of grenade used to kill and wound commanding officers in the Vietnam War) the imperialist enemy cannon fodder goons.

B. Sgt Hassan Karim Akbar, The People's Solider

At the start of the current war of aggression against Iraq, Sgt. Hassan Karim Akbar, a Black Muslim, conducted a heroic action (or is alleged to of) by throwing some type of grenade into the tents of various officers. This action successful brought about the death of 2 occupiers and wounded (putting them out of commission to act as occupiers) 14 more. Reportedly, Sgt. Akbar had been disgruntled, by the level of racism which exists in the US Army. This revolutionary consciousness forming up within him, over bitterly experiencing maltreatment, such treatment that he would never wish on other fellow oppressed Muslims, was labeled signs of his "mental instability" by the imperialist press, and its mouthpieces.

What did Sgt. Akbar have to say about his actions, or at least is alleged to have?

"You guys are coming into our countries, and you're going to rape our women and kill our children."

This is the statement of a proud and disciplined revolution, correctly and clearly analyzing imperialist aggressors with more bluntness than any advocate of "nonviolence" ever would. This is a sign of pride and honor, and not mental illness; a sign of socio-political integrity.

Regarding the matter of Sgt. Akbar, who in all rights, deserves to be crowned "The People's Solider", the anti-war movement was expectedly silent, with the exception of its self-appointed leadership, who labeled such heroism, misguided at best and "criminal" at worst. Do you think the overwhelming majority of Sgt. Akbar's fellow Muslim Brothers and Sisters felt that this was a criminal action? Judging by the RPG's which are sending occupiers to their graves, I suspect that they feel about this Sgt. Akbar is about as much of a "criminal" as a Soviet Citizen would find it "criminal" if one of their neighbors met the Nazi occupiers tanks with pitchforks and hand grenades, dieing a in hand to hand combat for the liberation cause.

Those forces, which label Sgt. Akbar's behavior criminal, would not have supported the American volunteers in the Spanish Civil War fighting against Franco fascism. They also would have condemned Native American armed resistance to settler colonialism (much as they do the Palestinian Intifadah ). For sure, the would not have gone as far as the Martyred Comrade-in-Arms John Brown did, as a "White"-Anglo American, in condemning Race Slavery, to the extent of building and engaging in Guerrilla Warfare to eliminate it. Remember, that in John Brown's day, such action was far from universally accepted. In fact, much like today, the opportunists would have suggested that they supported the cause, while condemning the tactics and strategy necessary to attain victory for such cause.

Hassan Akbar, will probably either die or never return from prison, for the actions he committed, to eliminate an occupation and the atrocities necessary to sustain it. The last right we have is condemn him. In fact, the least we can do is to yell aloud " Sgt. Hassan Karim Akbar, our brother, and the People's Soldiers"! This slogan is a direct and militant challenge to the pro-imperialist leadership of the anti-war and anti-globalist movement.

We may or may not be able to spare the life and liberty of Sgt. Akbar, who history will redeem, but we can and must support the US troops, when they resist, and only when they resist.

V. Reading the Newspaper Headlines and Laughing Out Loud: It's a Healthy and Liberating Consciousness-building Exercise to Support Violence Against a Common Enemy and its Goons.

A. An Introduction

I know I am not the only one who sees the headlines of the imperialist press, as it blurts out newspaper headlines on the number of attacks made against the United States and "Israel" with a big sheepish grin, even though their is complete alienation from and distrust of the imperialist press reports. IN FACT, IT IS NATURAL AND HEALTHY TO SUPPORT ATTACKS ON THE ENEMY AND ITS GOONS.

Here is a famous quote from none other than V. I. Lenin, a truly great man, who theorized Marxism and the revolution in the era of imperialism.

"The proletarian who is conscious of this task is a slave who has revolted
against slavery. The proletarian who is not conscious of the idea that his class must be the leader, or who renounces this idea, is a slave who does not realise his position as a slave; at best he is a slave who fights to improve his condition as a slave, but not one who fights to overthrow slavery." *

It is not the end-all to be conscious of one's enemy, and to hate the enemy fully, with no illusions about its nature. It is however the most important step in a journey that cannot occur otherwise. This is particularly true in the US, were most people don't even know what side they are on. In the back of their minds still exists a pathology (largely a result of the "American Experience" ) which keeps them within the pro-imperialist parameters, and which for whatever bizarre reasons, keeps them believing that their is some sort of transcendental and redeeming quality about US Imperialism, about US imperialism's spreading of "democracy", all be it that such needs to be reformed.

Here in the US, some colleagues and myself have issued a clear slogan that we are "Soldiers of Marshal Kim Jong Il". This concept is both literal and figurative. That is, we are on the side of the resistance and its leadership, with both legs and our whole selves. We are on the side of Korea, and we honor Korea. We are on the side of Iraq and we honor Iraqi Resistance.

Call it a mental illness if you must, but the majority of the world will be on the side of Cuba or Korea, in the event a war of aggression breaks out. The world will honor and uphold the leadership of such said nations, as well. That is, were their is nothing wrong with being a "Solider of Marshal Kim Jong Il", in reality, their is something wrong with supporting the Soldiers of Fuhrer Bush against the Independence forces. Their is something wrong with US leftists (including many so-called "communists") who sided against the people of Yugoslavia and the Yugoslavian leadership (legitimate and sovereign no matter one's opinion of it) while demanding the very Clinton responsible for killing millions of Iraqis via sanctions and for the depleted uranium being dropped on Belgrade, be supported. **

No thank you, I shall stick with anti-imperialism. I will also stick to supporting the attacks of the world's legitimate freedom-fighters necessary for the liberation of land, and the defeat of the imperialist bourgeoisie enemy, led by the arch-enemy US imperialism.

B. Defiance Leads the Way for Resistance and Pro-Resistance in the US.

What is the strength for our steadfastness, the motivating factor for our long journey? Defiance! Defiance leads the way for resistance and pro-resistance in the US. Defiance leads the way in the battle to combat opportunism. Defiance keeps the young ones who come in as entry and intermediate cadre, involved as they learn the tough lessons of self-discipline and face abuse. Defiance steers the straight course as the difficult twists and turns of the world's situation change and grow. Most importantly, defiance, what Korea calls "Single-hearted unity and death-defying pride", causes the ground to shake below the feet of oppressors and occupiers, at the weight of the masses anger and harmonious desire. This defiance is the bond of internationalism. This is the real anti-imperialist position. Inevitably, such conclusion will be reached when one understands the freedom-seeking traits of humanity's masses. This means that they understand fully that, as repeatedly stated by Kim Il Sung, "... anything but unshackled independence is intolerable". ***

Their are those who suggest by my writing this essay, which is overt in its support of armed resistance to the US, to the point of supporting the killing of legitimate US military targets, that I am either acting in an amateurish way, or that I have violated principled. These are the very forces, which have slammed the door on the suffering of the world's multitudes. If not in theory, then in practice, they have slammed the door on the resistance of the peoples of the world, have slammed the door on anti-imperialist class struggle and the right of nation's to self-determination. They have, in effect, slammed the door on their right to speak and have removed themselves from the camp of resistance and pro-resistance altogether.

With or without the approval of western leftists, who find no struggle that is perfect enough for them to support, the people of the world will none-the-less surely affirm their inalienable right to resist. In the end, the world's multitudes are destined to win. From Al-Fallujah to Havana, from Gaza to Harare, from Karbala to Pyongyang, it is the bullet, which is the determining factor in anti-imperialist class struggle. Without the loaded gun, "reasoning" with imperialism and its GI mercenary goon, would be impossible. It is the Kalishnikovs of Baghdad which strikes fear in the heart of the GI mercenary goon; making him wish he were back home playing kissy face with his girlfriend, and not attempting to squelch a legitimate anti-colonial national liberation struggle.

"Bye, Bye, GI!!! In Iraq you'll surely die!!!"


Assorted Outline Notes For the Article


A. Georgi Dimitrov was a Bulgarian Communist leader and head of the Third International. With regards to fascism-in-power, Dimtrov is famous for his definition. "Comrades, fascism in power was correctly described by the Thirteenth Plenum of the Executive Committee of the Communist International as the open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary, most chauvinistic and most imperialist elements of finance capital."--- "The Fascist Offensive and the Tasks of the Communist International" Speech delivered at the Seventh World Congress of the Communist International on 2 August 1935. This speech is also part of the book "The United Front" by Georgi Dimitrov.

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The National Democratic Front of South Korea website (including the critically acclaimed "NDFSK News Report") can be found at .

In the US, exists The US Solidarity Committee to Support the NDFSK and the South Korean People's Struggle, with a website to be found at www.uscommitteetosupportthendfsk.741.com .

The USFK is the United States Forces Korea, a band of maggots and goons-for-hire, indeed. My readers will note that the primary struggle in South Korea, towards the Re-Unification goals of the 4 year old intra-Korean June 15th Accords, is the removal of the US military occupation.


No notes were needed for this section.


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The International Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic can be found on-line at  http://www.icdsm.org/.

A link to the trial transcripts, between former US general (and war criminal) Wesley Clark and Slobodan Milosevic can be found at  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/12/276824.shtml. In this transcripts erodes every last lie used by NATO to justify aggression, and which required very provocative campaigns directed against Serbs, with hopes of causing sectarian strife.

C. This is in keeping with the Juche Idea of President Kim Il Sung which added a human-centered approach to the Communist Movement, and amongst other things, clarified the defining traits of humans and their role as the driving force of history, for which "anything but unshackled independence is intolerable". For more information on the Juche Idea, a deep spiritual influence of mine as a writer, study information is available through " The International Institute of the Juche Idea, available on-line at www.cnet-ta.ne.jp/juche/defaulte.htm. A 16 page document, available in PDF format, is available on-line at  http://www.cnet-ta.ne.jp/juche/PDF/eQ&A01.pdf.

A Few Other Essays, Poems, and Interviews Conducted by John Paul Cupp:

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Also Be Sure to Check Out the "Red Suns of Militant Juche-style Socialism Study Room",  http://www.geocities.com/songunpoliticsstudygroup/RevolutionaryLessons.html, an extensive forum for the study of various passages from the works of President Kim Il Sung and Marshal Kim Jong Il exclusively on the website of the Songun Politics Study Group (USA).

This Bullshit again 12.Aug.2004 11:59


I've noticed this Cupp guy posting here once or twice and he seems more obsessed with anti-Jewish rhetoric than any bonehead neofascist i've ever had the displeasure of running into. Now he's glad that American soldiers are dying. That's real nice. This war is fucking horrible joke, no one is denying that, but shifting the blame for it onto a bunch of brainwashed kids from poor areas who join up thinking they can better themselves is bullshit. If elitist "revolutionaries" like this had any goddamn sense they'd be trying to communicate with your average joe national guard soldier instead of condemning them as terrorists. Do you really think any of those guys (and girls) over there are happy to be there? An 18 year old kid is easily persuaded by propaganda, especially when it seems to be coming from the "authorities".
In other words Cupp take your racist bullshit idealogy and piss off.

TO Ludd 12.Aug.2004 12:26

John Paul Cupp

First of all,
Do you support the Iraqi People's Right to Resist? If not then YOU ARE THE VIOLENT RACIST NOT ME!

Second, this piece never actually calls for violence, rather takes a rationale approach to suggest supporting resistance struggles, including armed resistance does NOT make on a "lunatic or hate monger". Obviously, in armed combat people die, this is just basic dialectics and social science it is not a "threat".

Third this piece shows the flaws in the arguement of "We Support the Troops" and shows that unless a US troop is resisting on some level, that doing so is ACTUALLY SUPPORTING THE RESISTANCE

Fourth we expose that an Iraqi life or an Afghani Life is not second to the life of an american. We also see that a real internationalist supports Iraq first and not the neighbor kids, that this is tribalistic and chauvenistic behavior.

Fifth, in an essay that is over 20 pages long, and which chronicals national liberation struggles from Lebanon, Korea, Vietnam, Anti-Nazism in Europe, etc, that armed struggle is NECASSARY to liberate the land. That is MY ARGUEMENT IS NOT PER SAY, A CALL TO VIOLENCE, BUT RATHER FOR THE MASS CIVIL FORCES IN THE IMPERIALIST COUNTRIES, TO SUPPORT THIS DECISION MADE IN THE PERIPHERY, WHICH DOES NOT REQUIRE OUR APPROVAL.

Sixth, this piece mentions the arab zionist conflict, and zionism, only a couple of times, one is to mention that "peaceniks" are objectively pro-imperialist and zionist-controlled and another to use the arab-zionist conflict as an example, which was amongst MANY examples including, serbia, afghanistan, lebanon, vietnam,korea, and ww2 Europe.


Hey Ludd 12.Aug.2004 12:50

Can you


Wait a minute Ludd, now let's look at this - it makes logical sense! 12.Aug.2004 12:54


Why should we hold a morally untennable position if we are truly antiwar - it's not the Iraquis or the Afghanis or the Grenadians or the Panamanians or any of our other invasion targets that attacked us - our elite attacked them with soldiers willing to do the bidding of the devil! Let's think very seriously about this because we may have to shift our sights as we are forced to get more radical in the weeks and months ahead!

Attention Einstein Cupp 12.Aug.2004 14:59

Nonsensical rhetoric from a State Communist ludd91101@yahoo.com

First of all, of course I support the right of the Iraqi people (as well as all people no matter where they are throughout the world) to stand up against oppression. The Iraqi people have a full right to defend themselves and overthrow the puppet government impossed on them. What I take offense to in your rant is your revelling in the death of people.
Nine times out of ten the boneheads (ie: Dick Cheney and all the rest) who rant the most about how just and right it is to murder people are usually the last people you'll ever see get into an actual fight. Always the cheerleader never the soldier. This transcends all political affiliations. In other words: just because you're a state commie wanker doesn't mean your calls for murder are "just". You can sit here all day posting your boring ass 90 page long posts about how you and your fellow state commie wankers support corrupt regimes like North Korea, but you're no more revolutionary than an American politician. You're tired, you're dated, you are empty rhetoric. You sound like the ghost of Stalin. People like you don't give a rats ass about indigenous people or anyone else who is being crushed under the capitalist jackboot, you just sit around dreaming of the "glory days" of the Soviet Empire. Well guess what, it's over bitch! Wake up!

And just to make myself clear here are a few pearls of wisdom from the Stalin wanna be:


It is the GI, this un-human dog, which acts as the gun against the anti-imperialist resistance.


We are taught that class struggle is "Stalinism" (as if that would be such a bad thing)

AND OF COURSE THERE IS THIS BRILLIANT STATEMENT: The Songun policy of Kim Jong Il can be described as an invincible treasure sword protecting the 70 million Korean nation and keeping the peace of the Korean peninsula, the northeast Asia and the world.

**** Protecting them? Is that supposed to be some kind of sick joke? People who live in the Great Leader's Dystopian horror show should be proud to be subordinate to Kim Jong Il?????

Capitalism is a horror show. State communism is a horror show. Religious fanaticsim is a horror show.

No more zealots no matter what their ideology!

Why is this exactly incorrect? 12.Aug.2004 15:11

John Paul Cupp

We can get into the matter of marxist leninism versus anarchism, and the absurd idea of "shame on both of your houses" later. If you don't think north Korea has a right to weapons of mass destruction, that says more about you and arogant western leftists.



You take offense to such but you do not clarify where history shows otherwise. It is a scientific FACT that the liberation of Iraq can not come about without the death of US service personal and other occupiers and part of the occupation appartus. This is a FACT.

We do NOT live in utopia.

Last Response 12.Aug.2004 15:37

Because you are boring ludd91101@yahoo.com

Four words: Ghandi, India, British Occupation.

Until of course zealots decided to kill him and then one another.

(This isn't to say I think this is going to happen in Iraq. Just clarifying your inablity to see anything but murder and blood shed as a solution to political crisis.)

On India 12.Aug.2004 15:47

John Paul Cupp


Second, India is still a neo-colony.

Third India also has a standing army, which is obviously necassary to defend one's nation but which goes against ghandian tenets

Fourth we have countless examples, Lebanon, Algeria,Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Ghana, Guinea, Congo, Zimbabwe, Korea, China, and even in europe with the basque and irish, as well as anti-fascist partisan armed resistance in World War 2.

Their has NEVER been an actually defeat of the fascism in power of one's era, which was not primarily a military victory of the anti-imperialists ( no matter how revolutionary or not from the Vietcong, Hezbollah, IRA, Khmer Rouge, Pathet Lao, Jammoul, Korean People's Army, Chinese People's Army, even the fascist-minded Kumaintang (fighting against the japanese they were supported by the red chinese, tactically for a united front to liberate the nation from fascist occupiers).

Oh Ludd... 12.Aug.2004 16:47

form over substance

This will come as a shock to readers of pro-Israel web sites, but the name is spelled "Gandhi"...And the British were forced to let go of India out of economic necessity, not because of the effectiveness of the non-violent faction of the Indian independence movement. The US, if it really wants to hang on to the Iraqi tar baby, can afford to do so. The demographic and economic facts which pertained between Britain and India were very different.

And John Paul makes a very good point that I'd like to amplify. Americans who consider themselves to be either pacifist, anti-war, anti-imperialist, pro-Muslim, anti-Zionist, pro-Palestinian or pro-Arab are as guilty as anyone in the Bush administration for not only the current agonies of Iraq, but for the 1 million+ Iraqis who died under Clinton, the hundred thousand-odd under Bush1, the 1 million plus on both sides in the US-supported 8 year long "dual containment" war between Iraq and Iran under Reagan, the tens of thousand of Iraqis killed by the US/Israel/Iran-supported Kurdish rebellion in Iraq under Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon - and I'm not even going to mention the 56 year long agony of the Palestinians, or the tens of thousands of Arabs killed by US weaponry in Israeli hands.

It is the utter impotence, timidity and cowardice of Americans who oppose these policies, but are too wimpish to shed their own blood or spend some time in jail to try to stop them, which has allowed all of these horrors to continue. It is our cowardice and our irresponsibility which allowed the build-up of a military machine of such destructive capacity and invulnerability and to then loose it on the Arab world. It is our ignorance and apathy which has seen every avenue towards a POLITICAL solution to the POLITICAL problems of the Middle East scrupulously avoided by the powers that be at each opportunity for decades after decade. With every acceptable political solution denied to them, and every conventional means of self-defense rendered quaint, we have empowered the most desperate, extremist and violent elements in the Middle East and unleashed them on ourselves. This has in turn increased the hold of those in ouir own government whose political stock-in-trade is the logic of violence.

Those people who are dying every day in Najaf, Ramadi, Falluja, Mosul, Baghdad and all over Iraq and Palestine, regardless of their creed or politics, are dying for OUR sins.The only power to stop what is happening in Iraq and Palestine, or to prevent even worse horrors to come - the only sane hand that is anywhere close to the reins which can halt the US military - is the American citizenry. But it is not going to happen if we restrict our activism to the voting booth, the internet fora, or even to peaceful marches. There is going to be blood in everyone's streets eventually, unless there is a comparatively small amount shed here sometime soon.

Cupp is fulla shite 12.Aug.2004 17:02

yer mom

Anyone advocating that workers under the yoke of different governments should continue to shoot at one another is misled. Our "leaders" perpetrate war by whipping up emotion amongst us against eachother, and anyone who advocates a continuation of this is working for the boss, and not for any "revolution". A boss' war is a boss' war, capitalist, right, or authoritarian left.

On "working class" occupiers 12.Aug.2004 18:43

John Paul Cupp

The post above, like anarchism and trotskism in general, fails to fully understand as lenin and stalin did ( and yes I have problems with stalin on 6-7 points) about the EXISTANCE OF A LABOR AROSTACRACY AND THE UNEVEN DEVELOPMENT OF CAPITAL. Because of this Hamas is OBJECTIVELY strenghtening the cause of socialiam greater than your local chapter of the IWW, because it is STRIKING A BLOW AT IMPERIALISM ON A MUCH GREATER LEVEL. Most western leftists take the absurd track of suggesting that the fedayeen and the GI should not fight one another, but THE GI IS OBJECTIVELY A STRIKE BREAKER, A SCAB AND A PINKERTON GOON. We would also support a scab only if they A. Refuse to scab or B. Join our fight AND NOT BECAUSE WE UNCONDITIONALLY SUPPORT THEM AND DO NOT BLAME THEM FOR THEIR BACKWARDS IDEOLOGY. IN OUR ERA OF ANTI-IMPERIALIST CLASS STRUGGLE, WERE THE PRIMARY FRONT IS IS IRAQ, PALESTINE, AFGHANISTAN, NORTH KOREA, CUBA, NEPAL, SYRIA, ETC, AND WERE REGARDLESS OF OUR DIFFERANCES WE ARE OBLIGATED TO UNCONDITIONALLY SUPPORT SUCH STRUGGLES AND THEIR LEADERSHIP ( SORRY FOLKS BUT THAT INCLUDES SADDAM TOO) IN SO FAR AS THEY ARE UNDERMINING IMPERIALISM, THE COMMON ENEMY OF US ALL. IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT SEVERAL FACTIONS OF THE IRAQI RESISTANCE INCLUDING FORMER DISSADENT GROUPS ARE ALL HARMONIOUS IN THEIR DESIRE FOR A UNITED FRONT THAT INCLUDES SADDAM'S BRANCH OF THE BA'ATHISTS. Straigh up, I would flat out support the Khmer Rouge against US Imperialism. Even if Pol Pot was 100% as bad as we are told ( a conclusion I have not fully developed one way or the other) HE STILL SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED EVEN 1% AS BAD AS LYNDON JOHNSON OR EVEN GOOD OLE' CAMALOT FASCISTS LIKE JOHN KENNEDY. NEWFLASH: Just becasue he's somebody's brother-in-law does NOT mean he isn't a valid military target WHO DEATH IS REQUIRED FOR THE LIBERATION OF IRAQ FROM A BRUTAL OCCUPATION THAT THEY HAVE EVERY RIGHT AND NEED TO RESIST, PRIMARILY THROUGH VIOLENT FORCE. We would not even consider having this conversation about thinking of supporting these worthless pigs, were it not for the fact that Americans think they are the greatest and most pure item around.

"I was merely following orders" said the Nazi pawns 12.Aug.2004 19:19


...which was no excuse at all. And neither is it an excuse that soldiers are slaughtering Iraqi and Afghani civilians by the ten-thousands.

For one thing; fuck Stalin. Stalin was the death of any hope in Russia. Stalinism is a dead-end of genocidal state capitalism. Trotsky had the right idea, but a beefbrained Stalinist killed him. Oh well. That aside...

The Vietnam War ended only after the working class grunts started a mutiny, "fragging" their middle-class officers, officers who were eager to sacrifice the grunts lives for a promotion. It was this violence within the US army that ended the so-called "quagmire" that was Vietnam and reduced the most powerful army in the world into a group of mutinous peacemakers-with-the-enemy.

I have the utmost respect for those people who choose a year of jail over going abroad to slaughter women and children (and perhaps losing their limbs or conscious or life or their humanity in the process).

To Gringo Stars 12.Aug.2004 20:46

John Paul Cupp

We'll Debate Trotskism later, (god I hate that bastard but I consider most trotskists to be more confused and brainwashed than being 100% anti-communist) but I think you are on the right track.

Now then other than what you called "stalinism" (marxist-leninism,for in fact the albanian, korean, maoist china, guevaraists, castroist, ho chi minh, etc are all called "stalinists" as some sort of ghost) I think we are mostly in agreement.

I would like to point out one flaw though, and I actually think this is when you say this
"The Vietnam War ended only after the working class grunts started a mutiny, "fragging" their middle-class officers, officers who were eager to sacrifice the grunts lives for a promotion. It was this violence within the US army that ended the so-called "quagmire" that was Vietnam and reduced the most powerful army in the world into a group of mutinous peacemakers-with-the-enemy. "


That is it is not the US fragging/mutinying GIs, or the
US anti-war movement which were the primary reason, but rather the Vietnamese Armed Resistance, for the defeat of US Imperialism.

Its a shame your so brainwashed, because I see traces of your thought process that are alot more like stalin mao and kim il sung than the crappy friends around you into trotsky and machno. At the very least, for the sake of your own theoritical look see, check out Stalins "on the foundations of Leninism", because it makes some points that really expose for us the opertunism of the western leftists. We see that in the era of imperialist that the revolution is coming out of the "east" from the dependant countries, and not the "west" out of the western european countries. We see the arrogance and ignorance of the west exposed by Stalin, and this is why the western leftists really hate him so very much.

Fuck Chomsky, comrades, I know you don't like the vote for kerry tactic chomsky is suggesting. If you must read a Trotskist leaning Marxist Check out James Petra's who I quoted earlier and linked to.

The bottom line Gringo Stars is that the US anti-war and anti-war movement is openly and arrogantly against resistance, and is pro-imperialist and pro-zionist, a point I think WE BOTH AGREE ON?

Comrade the point is that the Socialist Freedom Party, the ISO, the RCP, PPRC, Jews For Global Just-Us, IWW, Zionist Women in Black, or whoever else in town, or is a symbol of their counterparts in every other ameriKKKan city, DO NOT HAVE THE COURGAGE OR PRINCIPLES TO BE REALLY PRO-RESISTANCE UNTIL THEIR BABIES COME BACK IN BODY BAGS. Not the Anarchist people of color or arissa, or the PSU students. Virtually no one.

This is not an accident, and it is not something that can be fully undestood through the lens of Trotsky or Machno.

antidisestablishmentarianism 13.Aug.2004 02:44


>>> Now then other than what you called "stalinism" (marxist-leninism,for in fact the albanian, korean, maoist china, guevaraists, castroist, ho chi minh, etc are all called "stalinists" as some sort of ghost)

This kind of talk is reminiscent of Lee Harvey Oswald's staged television debate.

It helps noone.

sorry, this has nothing to do 13.Aug.2004 07:55


with the article or the discussion, but...

"NACAZAI". Don't you think that's an unfortunate acronym? Take out two As and a C, and you get...

Yes, yes, yes! 13.Aug.2004 08:44

Just say no to GI Joe

Do not support the troops nomatter what economic background they came from. I am sick and tired of this poor kid argument. Do not raise your kids to think that getting a college ed. with the blood money they receive from the armed services is acceptable. There are plenty of non-killing opportunities for funding a college ed. If they sign up because of lofty promises from a recruiter, it is not the recruiter's fault, it is the fault of this poor kid's parent(s). Either Johnny wasn't taught to think or he/she was taught that there was some kind of honor, glamore, value, something desirable about killing people. Don't think for even two seconds that young people are so damn stupid that they don't realize they are being trained to kill people. What do they think all the weapons training is for? So, then they start getting shot back at and they whine about the unjust war. Do they leave? Do they risk jail? No, that would be contradictory to their kill-training or lack of critical thinking skills. I will support those that admit they are occupying and do something about it. They rest of them get what they get.

Sorry your in a war against your will, but your mommy and daddy have taught you to kill!

I can't spell COINTELPRO, but I can spell CAMARA!

Man... 13.Aug.2004 10:19


Some of you people are from another fucking planet..I wish I had people like some of you living in my neighborhood....

Some anarchists DO support the Iraqi resistance 13.Aug.2004 12:29


Something I find irritating about some of the arguments presented here is that they seem to suggest that anyone who supports the Iraqi resistance are Stalinists and anyone who takes the view that the "workers" of the occupied and occupying nations simply should not be fighting with one another are anarchists. Well, speaking as an anarchist myself, I reject this false dichotomy. First of all, yes, it is quite obvious that the global ruling class has brainwashed the working class of every nation to compete with one another instead of fighting their real enemy, the capitalists. However, the fact of the matter is that, as much as we might WISH for there to be a dynamic in Iraq where the Iraqi people could AFFORD not to take violent action against working-class American soldiers, such a dynamic simply DOES NOT EXIST. As much as I may disagree with the Islamic fundamentalist views of the likes of Muqtada al-Sadr, I have absolutely NO objections to his efforts towards driving out the occupying US forces. I would much prefer it if it were Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al who were the ones on the front lines getting shot instead of a bunch of brainwashed (not to mention EXPLOITED) kids, but that simply is not the reality of the situation. I certainly do not "revel" in the deaths of US soldiers as someone put it but, if the alternative for the Iraqi people is submitting to occupation, then targeting the average US soldier is altogether NECESSARY even if it is not desirable (at least from the perspective of a privleged western radical such as myself). Besides, as "brainwashed" as the average US soldier may be, let's bear in mind that the Bush Administration hasn't YET imposed the draft. Most of the soldiers in Iraq, be it because of their "brainwashing" or not, CHOSE to be there. I'm not saying that this means their getting killed would constitute some sort of "moral comeuppance", but it certainly shows that none of them made any efforts to resist being sent to Iraq to carry out this occupation. They knew the risks involved when they signed up and yet they STILL chose to put themselves in a position where they could be killed by the resistance. The fact is that they are OCCUPIERS and simply SHOULD NOT BE THERE. This much is certain. And so is the fact that, one way or another, they must be made to leave. It is unfortunate that this must happen with violence, and also that the violent Iraqi resistance represents an ideology (i.e., religious theocracy) that is utterly inconsistent with my own (anarchism). I wish it was different, but it isn't. All I know is that the US must be made to leave Iraq, and I will support the EFFORTS (but not the ideology) of anyone who attempts to make this happen. In any case, support for the Iraqi resistance is not monopolized by Cupp or his left-fascist cronies.

Just being ignorant... 13.Aug.2004 23:39


I would just like to know what the anarchist philosophy is..I might be ignorant but please fill me in.

ignorance is not a bad thing 14.Aug.2004 03:12


There is always much to learn. A great place to start learning about anarchism is the anarchist faq. It's a lot of reading but an excellent overview to anarchist theory.

To Mind Cemetary 14.Aug.2004 11:23

John Paul Cupp

I think anarchist or who ever, that actually wants to support the resistance in the arab nation, both iraq and palestine, are welcome, comrade but frankly who is actually doing this? The Iraqi left has repeatedly said that the US anti-imperialist should not overly undermine saddam as the occupation is on, but they do not listen, and it is much hipper to ride around on bicycles.

If you are an anarchist and you want to support the Iraqi Resistance, get you organization to do so, and hold events and rallies or other actitivies. I think anyone that really hopes for an iraqi resistance military victory supports this 100%.

I think your stance on US troops as occupiers ( execpt for your stance that I am some sort of fascist) is very good.

buttons 14.Aug.2004 13:14


Don't take jp too seriously...he's just nuts. Yes, he's been reading a lot, and his vocabulary has improved, but he's still just a stupid little babble-brained nut case. Not dangerous until he has a gun, or until he, or others like him will persuade others to take him seriously enough to take up guns themselves.
Here is a case of passion mis-directed. Frustration seeping out in dangerous fashion. Maybe he's a savant. A somewhat impressive nut case. It is amazing when a person can use a lot of big words, complicated theory and lame logic blended with anger, rage, and passion, how numbers of people occassionally take them seriously, the result eventually being a wildfire spread of counterproductive chaos. It's happened before, is happening now.
It is exactly wacky charismatic psychotics like this who are responsible for the steady deterioration of world nation relations, that we have the unfortunate opportunity to witness in todays events and in history.
Many humans don't want to sit down peacefully and work things out. They'd rather go hysterical, irrational, nuts, like jp, so they can pull out the guns, or, claim they just want peace, but the other guy is so wrong, the only way out of this is for you, the people to pull out the guns and do the nasty work for him and his type.
jp is just a filthy, poverty stricken, un-employable, angry and hostile dignity village resident....now. Don't take this idiot savant too seriously...at least yet. He doesn't rank in the leagues of hitler yet, and won't unless people take him too seriously, like the unfortunate germans did hitler. Simply keep an eye on him, contain him. I do not look forward to the day when he joins the ranks of those dead carcasses who stand over beseiged people of the world.

re: Cupp 14.Aug.2004 17:47


The Iraqi left has repeatedly said that the US anti-imperialist should not overly undermine saddam as the occupation is on, but they do not listen...

"Undermining" in what way? Expressing disagreement with his ideology? Now you're starting to sound like the average Amerikkkan in the early days following 9/11 when criticism of Bush became viewed as almost sacreligious. "We're at war! This isn't the time to be criticising the President!" Sound familiar?

Furthermore, I don't think you're in any position to speak on the behalf of the entire Iraqi left. If a segment of the left in Iraq believes that North American anti-imperialists should not be criticising Saddam Hussein, it is probably because their decision to do so is based upon an ideological agenda. The only reason that I could POSSIBLY have for following their suggestion is if I myself AGREE with that ideology, which I do not. I support the effort to drive the US OUT of Iraq but, as for what the Iraqi people decide to put in place of the occupation, it isn't really any of my business. If they desire another Saddam-esque dictatorship, then that's their perrogative, but they shouldn't expect me and others in a similar position to pretend that we agree with it. If the portion of the Resistance that DOES support such a dictatorship feels threatened by criticism of their position, then maybe it suggests that such a position cannot withstand fundamental logic. Like I said, I support the efforts of ANYONE to drive out the occupiers, but I reserve the right to express disagreements with other aspects of their ideology.

If you are an anarchist and you want to support the Iraqi Resistance, get you organization to do so, and hold events and rallies or other actitivies.

I'm actually involved with a number of DIFFERENT organizations, each of which is taking on different projects. Considering that there is a very small and very committed activist community in my city, we have to choose our priorities so that we are not spreading ourselves too thin. We already have a lot of different projects on our plate right now, and support for the Iraqi resistance is but one of many considerations.

I think anyone that really hopes for an iraqi resistance military victory supports this 100%.

And I suppose that you think that it is you who defines what constitutes "supporting this 100%"? Personally, I support 100% the effort to drive out the US occupiers by any means necessary, but I do not support Islamic theocracy or any other totalitarian regime being placed in their stead.

I think your stance on US troops as occupiers (execpt for your stance that I am some sort of fascist) is very good.

Well, to the extent that you support my position, I thank you for the affirmation. As for your hesitance to accept my description of your political ideology as a left-fascist one, I think that the history of vanguardist Communism renders this a case of "if the shoe fits..."

simplify 15.Aug.2004 03:11


There is hypothetically, some brainwashing of people throughout the world, but that is an intangible, metaphorical way of describing the way in which people of the world conflict have conflicted for eons. Lots of manipulation in various forms is carried out by leaders and subordinates, exploiting the trust, innocence and blindness of the working class people, thus leading them to fall into self-destructive behavior.
In regards to: the working class of every nation...competing with one another instead of the real enemy, the capitalists. In the U.S. and I expect a lot of other nations, the working class are (empahasised) capitalists. Maybe that's the brainwashing your talking about. Competing is what capitalism is all about. Starts at a very early age, in sports for example.
Every working class stiff, for generations, has been sold on the idea of capitalism, and guess what? They love it. Why do you think they consider re-electing bush even though he's been the rat he has? Every working class stiff dreams of putting together a little "capital", and building it into something great for his/her family. A growing disaffected percentage of the population who increasingly lose hopes of harvesting the benefit of acheiving any part of that capitalist dream, may be the corps by which to mobilize societal change, but it's a long way from happening.
Part of the reason that is true, is due to the quality of the options available to them. Besides passion, and a lot of gobbledy-gook, what sane, rational, workable proposal are the anarchist, anti-zionist, etc., etc., factions offering the mainstream working class capitalist? Well, by the sound of it, just a lot of pseudo-intellectual social political bullshit that the average (that should be your target, future corps group) working class stiff is going to toss right out the window with the person holding it.
The Iraq resistance can shoot all the G I's it wants too. We have plenty of them. They can not kill enough of them to insure any successful political envrionment for themselves. Every one they shoot is a shot in their own feet.
Bush screwed us over. Nato screwed us over. The U N screwed us over. They did not have solidarity to get the sinister fool saddam our of there before the conflict and now we're there for who knows how long. I've thought we should pull out and leave them to their fate, high and dry....but in this world of guns and bombs, dropped and to be dropped, that seems hardly humane if that concept, humane, can even apply anymore.
Occupiers. What a sick accusation. Yes. The Iraqi resistance should be given the treat of no opposition. The U S should just leave immediately, peacefully, and leave the Iraqi's to decide their own fate. Is their even a snowball's chance in hell, that left to their own devices, the people of Iraq could peacefully arrive at a workable system of self government? I rather doubt so, but good luck to them if they should get the chance. May peace reign.
In the mean-time, watch out for super-flakes such as jp cupp.