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Bush Flaunts Oregon Election Law -- Open Felony Violation

Bush violates ORS 260.665 by trading appearance tickets for phone bank service, a felony punishable by up to 5 years imprisonment, the law provides.
"It's not like a situation where it's a quid pro quo or you have to volunteer." the AP on 8/11 quotes Tim Trickey (actual name), political director of the Multnomah County Republiscan Party.
Why would Bush openly require campaign work such as phone bank solicitation service in exchange for tickets to Bush's August 13 Portland area appearances, yet have campaign works like Mr. Trickey make statements to the contrary?
Oregon Election Law under ORS 260.665 makes it a felony to provide money or "any other thing of value" in exchange for "rendering services to any candidate, political party or political committee. And Oregon Courts have been strict in ruling that even a candidate who hands out a free embossed pencil at campaign rallies is guilty of a felony.
Is working a stint at a phone bank providing a service to a candidate or political committee? Are tickets to see in person a candidate who is also the President of the United States a thing of value?
The policy of Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury's office is that the office will only investigate and file charges under Oregon Election Law if a citizen of the state files a complaint...i.e. writes a letter to his office and states that they are requesting an investigation of a campaign violation.
With allegations against Bush and his administration at the fore nationally, the "outing" of a C.I.A. agent, permitting torture of Prisoners of War, violating the U.N. Charter in launching the War in Iraq, etc., its remains a question whether the Election 2004 National Media or even the Oregon criminal justice system will make a priority of Mr. Trickey's "not like a situation where it's a quid pro quo."
high crimes and misdemeanors 12.Aug.2004 10:30

theresa mitchell

stealing the election, lying about the 'Iraqi threat,' starting an imperial war of aggression, 'outing' his own spies---and breaking Oregon election laws...
The dictator is clearly above the law.

I agree with YOU.... 12.Aug.2004 11:15

George W. Bush

is a SORRY SONOFABITCH if ever there was one!

Vocabulary Word of the Day 12.Aug.2004 22:23


The word is not flaunt, but flout. One flaunts one's power to start a stupid unprovoked war by disdaining allies and staging a media event on an aircraft carrier. One flouts the Constitution by holding prisoners without charge.

Dictionaries are not counterrevolutionary.

his royal highness 13.Aug.2004 19:54

greg snyder

this is in keeping with the character of the self and supreme court appointed king of america. he is immune. he needn't ever worry about suffering any consequences for any of his actions.