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lets ''kill'' olympic games in the place they borned(message from greece)

we call you at athens this summer to join us while we will burn the city
this summer in greece we will destroy olympics in the place they borned!!!join us!you can also act from your regions!!!against olympics-against state-against every kind of authority!
loyal to who? 12.Aug.2004 09:06

man's best friend

the mass murder of dogs to make greece appear clean and modern shows the values that drive this event.

There are populations of people.... 12.Aug.2004 12:11


who are slaughtered in the name of convienence and to clean a place up. It happens all the time. Where is the violent backlash as protesters are rounded up in free-speech pens...herded together as cattle for slaughter. Think about it sheeple. You're all being trained to comply and desensitized to the increasing expectations of control demanded of you. Kick back.

Dude, take your meds. 12.Aug.2004 13:19

Bison Boy

Indeed, many populations have been destroyed for stupid reasons. Of course, everyone who participated thought it was a good idea at the time. Like the original poster, for instance, who in true mass-murderer wannabe style says "join us while we will burn the city".

What, does he think no one will get hurt?


NO INNOCENT VICTIMS 12.Aug.2004 15:22


who fucking cares if anyone gets hurt? burn the fuckin cities for all i care, that's a good start. while we're at it lets burn the factories that we depend on so humans stop multipling and the wobblies can have a day off to join in on the fun.

fact is, if you are a human, you are participating in the killing of the earth. existance must be resistance. otherwise, how do you justify being alive?

WOW! 12.Aug.2004 18:14


What an inspired, articulate, call to arms! Demosthenes, eat your heart out. I'm on my way right now to GI Joes to get a some kerosene and some matches! How much do you think it'll take to burn down the acropolis, one can or two? I'll get three just to be safe. We'll show that damn city and all those damn jocks what anarchism's all about...Burnin stuff! Wait, no, the Olympics weren't borned in Athens, they were borned in Olympia, in Elis. LET'S BURN OLYMPIA!!!... Wait, no, it's already in ruins. Damnit, nevermind, let's just forget the whole thing.

Take some responsibility, then! 12.Aug.2004 22:30

Bison boy

Misanthrope, for the sake of argument I'll allow that being human works to "kill the earth". You claim to be committed to the cause to the point where you're willing to sacrifice lives. You're thinking globally, which is good. How about you act locally? I mean REAL locally. You don't have to kill yourself, necessarily, but perhaps you could just castrate yourself to ensure you don't accidentally reproduce.