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government selection 2004

Nader Supporters Show their True Colors... Again!

Phone Script: Conservatives for Ralph Nader?
Oregon CSE members push to get Nader on the ballot

Citizens for a Sound Economy
June 27, 2004

Phone Script: Conservatives for Ralph Nader?
Oregon CSE members push to get Nader on the ballot.

Contact: Chris Kinnan
Phone: (202) 236-5615
Email:  ckinnan@cse.org

Washington, D.C. - Oregon CSE members are working to get Ralph Nader on the November ballot! While this sounds completely backwards-- Ralph Nader opposes nearly every issue CSE fights for-- but there's sound logic behind Oregon CSE's actions. CSE does not advocate the election or defeat of political candidates, but Oregon CSE members feel that having Nader on the ballot helps illuminate the strong similarities between the uber-liberal Nader and John Kerry. That's why they've been making calls to their friends to sign a petition to get Nader on the ballot by attending a townhall on June 26th, using a phone script that reads:

"Hi, my name is Russ Walker, director of Citizens for a Sound Economy here in Oregon, and I wanted to tell you about an opportunity we have to drive a wedge through the Liberal Left's base of support.

In this year's presidential race, Ralph Nader could peel away a lot of Kerry support in Oregon, but he has to be on the ballot first. He will make it if at least 1,000 people show up this Saturday at Benson High school at 4:00 pm and sign the petition to certify his candidacy. [[Please note-- this event already occured on June 26th]

Liberals are trying to unite in Oregon and keep Nader off the ballot to help their chances of electing John Kerry. We could divide this base of support by showing up at Grant High school on Saturday.

Poor Ralph Nader: He just wants to make the ballot here in Oregon. Let's give him what he wants and just watch what happens in November!"
Still Wondering... 12.Aug.2004 10:37

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

...Why it is that Kerry and Edwards can take $$$ from and suck up to every Rightie in sight without Democratic die-hards turning a hair ? Yet they just can't sleep at night knowing that a Republican or fifty is trying to get Nader on the ballot. <snort>