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It's hot, and it's gonna get hotter. Prepare for A13 on A12.

Two of the hottest activist lawyers in PDX want to help you stay safe and sane this Friday 13th and beyond. Alan Graf, head of the NorthWest Constitutional Rights Center and Stu Sugarman of the ever-ready Belmont Law Center will speak at a Legal/Video Training at It's a Beautiful Pizza on Thursday, August 12th @ 7pm.
Alan Graf will use parts of the latest settlement video to illustrate what to video for a civil suit. Criminal defense attorney Stu Sugarman will instruct people about arrests, offenses, and how to get arrested intelligently. The General Defense Committee (GDC) will also be there informing people of the jail support they'll be offering and passing out fliers with the info you'll need to access that help.

SO: Come find out how NOT to not end up in prison for years, NOT get beaten to a pulp, get an idea what arrest and custody may be like, who to call when you're in there, how to prepare for it and how to sue the bastards afterward.
PROPS 12.Aug.2004 10:27



do we true "patriots" know how blessed we are to have the likes of Alan and Stu in our midst?

share your energy with them when you see them out there tomorrow!

onward to A13 in little Beirut....