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Question: Do you need tickets for Kerry Rally at Water Front?

Tickets for Kerry?
I just need to know if one needs tickets to enter the Kerry thing Friday? I'm taking my 6th grade class to witness this "teachable moment" and I've heard tell of said tickets, but can't find anything about it. Help?
apparently 11.Aug.2004 20:25


Altho newspaper and TV reports keep saying no tickets, there is a ticket-form on the John Kerry website.


nope 11.Aug.2004 20:27


there was definitely talk of tickets, but the latest word is that they are not needed. see  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/08/294369.shtml#135251

tix 11.Aug.2004 23:19

bright eyes

I remember at the event at pioneer square many people (1 in 3?) had tickets but it was pretty much a free for all. I think twice the capacity of the venue showed up, much more than ppl were expecting.

Maybe I'm naive, but I think it's interesting that when kerry comes to portland, it's a huge all-access stadium event. When bush shows up, it's to tiny groups of money'd interests. Am I right that there's essentially zero chance that undecided voters (as opposed to fanatic donors) can hear what bush has to say? I'm genuinely curious in finding out what it's all about. Am I penalized because I live in a big city? Looking at the bush cheney 04.com webpage calendar, all of the small town events give venues, addresses and phone numbers but all other places, like Portland, ABQ are at an "undisclosed location".

I guess I have to think of the motivation for touring... Bush goes to small events, raises tons of cash, and relies primarily on news coverage of the soundbytes to reach suburban couch potatoes. Is Kerry really trying to win votes by bringing people to events? Is that the best strategy? Seems kind of inefficient. If I was running for president, I'd go the Ross Perot route with wall to wall TV-everything. Where's the 1/2 hour kerry infomercial in heavy rotation?

The last I heard 12.Aug.2004 10:28


were dropping the ticket only thingy, too many people are expected.