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A “BONES-eye-tour” of American imperialism, 1833-1985, follow 6 key Skull & Bones families

One nation, under bones, with bigotry and injustice by Bones. --- A review of only 6 Bones families is more than enough to cause enough shock: Cheney, Bush, Walker, Lovett, Brown, & Harriman families, only a handful of the multi-generational families in Skull and Bones, picked to demonstrate how different levels of familial integration, sponsorship, and power is exercized SYNARCHICALLY --- Learn about SYNARCHY below. --- Plus, a list of 415 intergenerational Skull and Bones families--first time ever collated as a web reference tool, each family showing their scale of Bones penetration (or, vice versa, Bones penetration of the families...) --- This is a more detailed analysis of Skull and Bones [see original article/book review at: SKULL AND BONES, 1832-1985, the full list of 15, each year revealed, who has the rest?  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/08/294253.shtml ]
Bonesmen: Politicians as Death Worshipping SYNARCHISTS
Bonesmen: Politicians as Death Worshipping SYNARCHISTS
"Don't worry, we're covering it up as best as we know how."
recommended book, reviewed at the above link
recommended book, reviewed at the above link
--- This is drawn from the original information Antony Sutton used for his 'outing' books on Skull and Bones: actually once totally secret membership rosters. Since 1985, such information has only been available secondhand via Sutton's sifting of xeroxed evidence of black-leatherbound books--one for living and one for dead members. However, in 2003, raw data is now finally published in Fleshing Out Skull and Bones (2003). It helps understand developmentally the United States has been turned into a boneyard due to the endless graveyard shift of Skull and Bones. Food for thought.

------ And this is for you historians out there, who read this or have this passed to you. This is a personal challenge to your discipline particularly "American" historians out there. What aspects of American history are left after you deal with the Skull and Bones issue? After you deal with the drug trades? The oil? The eugenics sponsorship? (A Skull and Bonesman was even 'assistant' to eugenicist Supreme Court Judge Oliver Wendell Holmes.). With Hitler & USSR sponsorships? Furthermore, just to pique the historians interest, did you know that your precious American History Association was founded by a Skull and Bones member? So was the American Psychological Association.

One nation, under bones, with bigotry and injustice by Bones: Review of only 6 Bones families and what they do

Take a "Bones-eye-tour" of American imperialism.

This is the story of the Cheney, Bush, Walker, Lovett, Brown and Harriman families, all multi-generational families in Skull and Bones, from data assembled in leaked membership rosters of Skull and Bones, mostly 1833-1985—though with some other years after this penciled in as well.
First a wider view of Skull and Bones before we get to these 6 and their version of America. There are approximately 415 different intergenerational families in Skull and Bones, over the period 1833-1985. However, the main families are approximately 15:

The 15 families in Skull and Bones with 10+ Members (over 1833-1985, with occasional later years available)

15 Smith
15 Walker
13 Allen
13 Brown
12 Clark
12 White
11 Day
11 Johnson
11 Jones
11 Miller
11 Stewart
11 Thompson
10 Cheney
10 Taft
10 Williams

The rest are:

The 49 families in Skull and Bones with 5 to 9 Members (over 1833-1985, with occasional later years available)

9 Adams
9 Davis
9 Foster
9 Shepard
8 Campbell
8 Hall
8 Robinson
8 Whitney
7 Green[e]
7 Lewis
7 Moore
7 Peters
7 Scott
7 Thacher
7 Well[e]s
6 Blake
6 Brooks
6 Bush
6 Cooke
6 Cross
6 Ellis
6 Harrison
6 Hyde
6 James
6 Lord
6 Seymour
6 Stevens
6 Thorne
6 Townsend
5 Baldwin
5 Carter
5 Clay
5 Coffin
5 Cooper
5 Daniels
5 Davenport
5 Davison
5 Deming
5 Howe
5 Jackson
5 Lambert
5 Palmer
5 Perrin
5 Read [Reid,2]
5 Rogers
5 Russell
5 Seeley
5 Wilson
5 Woodward

The 139 families in Skull and Bones with 3 to 4 Members (over 1833-1985, with occasional later years available)

4 Bigelow
4 Bissell
4 Brewster
4 Buckley
4 Bundy
4 Camp
4 Cowles
4 Crosby
4 Edwards
4 Emerson
4 Farnam
4 Foote
4 Fuller
4 Garnsey
4 Gill
4 Grayson
4 Hincks
4 Holmes
4 Ives
4 Jenks
4 Kellogg
4 Knapp
4 Lufkin
4 Mallon
4 Mills
4 Mitchell
4 O'Brien
4 Owen
4 Parker
4 Perkins
4 Perry
4 Phelps
4 Preston
4 Price
4 Richardson
4 Sloane
4 Spencer
4 Stevenson
4 Stokes
4 Stone
4 Strong
4 Taylor
4 Tighe
4 Turner
4 Tyler
4 Warren
4 Wheeler
4 Wright
3 Alexander
3 Anderson
3 Andrews
3 Austin
3 Barnes
3 Bayne (2 Bayne, 1 Bayne-Jones)
3 Bingham
3 Blair
3 Bliss
3 Boltwood
3 Bowles
3 Bradford
3 Brooke
3 Bulkey
3 Chamberlain
3 Condit
3 Cushman
3 Davies
3 Dempsey
3 Dodge
3 Evans
3 Evarts
3 Ferguson
3 Finney
3 Fisher
3 Fisk
3 Fowler
3 Frank
3 Gile
3 Gillette
3 Gordon
3 Gould
3 Graves
3 Griggs
3 Hadley
3 Haight
3 Hart
3 Hewitt
3 Hollister
3 Howard
3 Hoysradt
3 Hudson
3 Isham
3 Jennings
3 Kernochan
3 Kimball
3 Kitchel
3 Little
3 Lovett
3 MacDonald
3 MacLean
3 Mallory
3 McBride
3 MacClure
3 McKee
3 McMillan
3 Merriam
3 Metcalf[e]
3 Morison
3 Morse
3 Morris
3 Murphy
3 Nichols
3 Osborn[e]
3 Paine
3 Parsons
3 Patterson
3 Pratt
3 Raymond
3 Richards
3 Roberts
3 Robertson
3 Root
3 Ross
3 Ryan
3 Sheffield
3 Stebbins
3 Stillman
3 Sumner
3 Terry
3 Thomas
3 Thomson
3 Tilney
3 Tweedy
3 Walsh
3 Watson
3 Whitehouse
3 Wilbur
3 Wood
3 Woodruff
3 Worcester

The 212 families in Skull and Bones with 2 Members (over 1833-1985, with occasional later years available)


The remaining members over this period are individuals with only one instance of their names. However, they for this rationale would hardly be without concern particularly if they were married to a Skull and Bones family daughter. Another interesting point is that middle names of many Skull and Bones members are surnames of a select few of the other major families in Skull and Bones, almost like a 'sign to those in the know' of their co-lineages. Other future research will categorize these middle names with surname connections, seeing what clusters are there between 'inner' and 'outer' Bones family groups. Above, we have only a record of surnames without middle name connections. The surname/middle name issue I imagine would be highly enlightening to find how many associated 'smaller' families, via their middle name, are sporting a potential blood-Bones connection to the major families of Skull and Bones. So, let's get into the more detailed discussion of the 6 families. These six provide a case example of presumably how other 'inner' and 'outer' Bones families may work together—and work each other.


Oh, Skull and Bones, you say? Sure they are powerful, though come on, how powerful have they been. Surely it is hardly worth mentioning. Some may contend that they simply were making use of their networks for their own private profit, capitalizing on the accidental flow of history as some would interpret it. However, it goes farther than that. They are involved in setting up historical contexts in which they can profit, and designing social situations for protecting and orchestrating their activities. This means mass social manipulation in addition to their private profit in certain developmental directions. And the developmental directions that Bonesmen are associated with are to put it mildly inhumanly manipulative and even vicious. These developmental directions are all monopolistic and subsidy based, state-managerial, environmentally degradative, and coldly analytical without a regard to human rights—as opposed to private market relations, local communities, health concerns, quality of life issues, and democratic input on priorities. So, to disprove the more benign statement, the following short browse of these families will help people to grasp how America works in practice. We will only look at five of these families because they are germane to present federal politics in the United States as THE MAJOR FAMILIES in U.S. politics. Second, we will be looking at this sample because they are historically important in the 'exaltation' of Skull and Bones over and against the workings of the U.S. Constitution both on the state and federal levels whether in day to day management or long range planning and they build their own institutions that are contrary to democratic and/or Constitutional principles. That it happens to be Skull and Bones throughout on major (almost all) developmental pathways that the U.S. has taken institutionally is hardly to be taken lightly or coincidentally.

You can see how 9-11-01 was "just another boring day at the office" for Bonesman instead of something odd. They have been involved in all artificial wars of America, Inc., for quite some while: as war profiteers, illicit drug traders, psyops, and elite military officers protected from the guns themselves though in charge of directing the processes, aims, and priorities of war. In other words this is going to take you on a "Bones-eye-tour" of America and American imperialism where hard work, meritocracy, and even democracy are abstract concepts laughable to Bonesmen 'patriarchs' (as they call themselves). However, with a nod-and-a-wink, they have been using these more plebian ideas to hide the way they actually have been working on adapting institutions to their benefit to destroy hard work, democracy and meritocracy—to coup all power for their benefit.

See how blithely they have been pulling off stunning war crimes for over a century! The United States requires some serious reforms. A 'deBoning' is in order. A total destruction and total disbanding of the Skull and Bones organization, its buildings, its (somehow incredulously 'non-profit') trust fund, and its little private island would be a major start instead of a minor caveat. We all have been manipulated by Bonesman, for several generations running.

We will look at Cheney, Bush, Walker, Lovett, Brown, and Harriman families in that order.

I. Cheney family

10 Cheney 1892 1892 1896 1898 1900 1901 1901 1904 1922 1958

Before 9-11-01, George W. Bush visited his 'alma mater' (actually his boneyard) Yale University and gave a snotty juvenile speech that was coated with contempt for education than praise for it. There was one part of the speech where Bonesman Bush intoned, and I paraphrase: "Well, I suppose the difference between Cheney and myself is that I went to Yale. I became President (sic). Cheney went somewhere else and only got to be Vice President." Substitute the word 'Yale' for 'Skull and Bones' and it would be closer to the truth.

Just to make his actual subtext known to the world Bush was caught—-in full educational robe and regalia—-making a devil's hand sign into the audience. He had a very cold, sticky smirk on his face, as he knowingly looked down into the audience. Assuredly, other Bonesmen who were making similar signs at him or had attracted his attention. The Cheney family has been one of these Skull and Bones blood brothers.

The Cheney family is hardly one of the foundational occult political families of the United States in the strict sense of the term 'foundation' and even in the limited sense of looking in the Skull and Bones memberships from 1833-1985 (with some scattered later ones) that appear in the book Fleshing out Skull and Bones (2003). However, in a wider sense of the word foundation from almost as soon as the ink on the parchment of the Constitution was dry, the organization of Skull and Bones becomes a coterie of preeminent actual "Founding Fathers" and powershakers of the United States. One caveat about Skull and Bones. If data allowed, it would be important to look into the other Yale secret societies that were founded a generation after Skull and Bones (Wolf's Head, Scroll and Key, Book and Snake) to create a fuller picture. These have the same type of iconography and symbolism as Skull and Bones—and likely very similar rituals. It is likely that these are hardly 'competitive' societies amongst themselves. This is because (in)famous Scroll and Key members for example work equally well with Bones when in power from the few cases known. Until other disgruntled Yale patriots actually expose these other societies, and are interested in dismantling those as well, we only have Skull and Bones memberships to analyze. It's damning enough. It is already clear even with only the Skull and Bones list, it is an astoundingly full roster of major political figures, political directions, institutional administration, and crony families all intertwined just slightly off stage and just slightly above the plebes—suspended there always involved in governmental contracts throughout the history of the United States. More and more they are coming into the white hot light of the media and television because they have almost done away with any competition. The Bones/Bones '04 'election choice' between Bush and Kerry—where they both have a history of covering up for each other, is a perfect example.

Though there are a huge number of Cheney's in Skull and Bones, they are hardly foundational to the organization. They are however foundational to American imperialism. The Cheney family achieved positional power during the run up to the more militant American imperialism of the 1890s. They seemed to have been involved in all wars of the period, from the little attempts to invade Mexico to stealing Cuba from the Spanish in the Spanish-American war. The latter was organized by a similar fake P.R. campaign of yellow journalism very similar to the run up for attacking Afghanistan and Iraq—which benefited the Cheneys there as well. In the Spanish-American war, similar to the Afghanistan media spectacle, 'sudden terrorism' destroyed symbols of American power and sovereignty. In this case, it was the USS Maine sitting in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The U.S. claimed the Spanish completely out the blue decided to fire upon it. However, divers later found that there was an internal explosion that was likely set intentionally in the coal bin. This planned explosion of course coincided with Hearst newspaper reporters who had already been sent there waiting for the 'self-hit' state terror action. "You provide the pictures, I'll provide the war," Hearst told his underlings. Iraq and Afghanistan is simply the same manipulative lie as the Spanish-American war. It seems Cheney's family members were physically involved in the "Rough Riders" that ran up San Juan Hill led by Ted Roosevelt, who was taking time off from covering up his family's drug operations in New York City. They protected themselves by sending mostly defenseless Black Americans up San Juan Hill before the white NYC plutocrats that made up Roosevelts "Rough Riders", telling the Black Americans that unless they marched up that hill, they would be killed by Roosevelt instead. The "Americans" (actually the Roosevelt family) won the hill. The Roosevelt family by the way has been involved in Cuban sugar mills since the early 1700s, before there was even a United States.

Anyway, I believe you can see commonalities. It has been over 100 years of the same boring strategy of "they attacked us!" which has been used over and over by these war criminals when it was actually state terror arranged by the U.S. whether we look at the Spanish-American war, the provocation on the Lusitania (which Churchill and FDR—both either close to or directly administrative heads of their respective countries navies at the time) made sure that this ship carrying Americans was unprotected so the blood could be splashed across newspapers in the United States. These newspapers of course just like the Hearst/Cuba operation had previously been bought up by the Morgan cartel to organize the war propagandizing. Morgan came to own around 25% of print media just before WWI with the aims of more than guiding public opinion—it was the aim to create it in certain directions. Next of course was the we-made-sure-it-happened 'attack' on Pearl Harbor which killed a hell of a lot of people for more blood for the newspaper presses; the next Korean 'conflict' (provoked by Allen Dulles and co-conspirators; Dulles arrives in South Korea the day before the South provoked the North to attack); then the Vietnam 'conflict' (the Gulf of Tonkin lie similar to the USS Maine lie, similar to the Pearl Harbor lie); to the lies of the 1993 WTC bombing, where FBI provided the bombs to the patsy mark; to the 1995 Murrah Building where internal government planted bombs were only partially successful (and so they were quickly removed—see the amazing footage reproduced in the Alex Jones film 9-11: The Road to Tyranny which is available free on the web); to the lies of Afghanistan in 2001 (the lie that Osama bin Laden had something to do with the state terror internal demolitions of the WTCs, the attempt to ignore a 2 hour NORAD national stand down of automatic responses that were arranged on that day so the rest of the state terror could occur, or the internal cordite bombs and radio controlled missile/jet that struck the Pentagon—only of course on the single mostly empty and the only single reinforced side of course that was scheduled to be completed and ready by September 2001); to the lies of Iraq in 2003 (without any danger to the U.S. at all, so the court appointed Bush league of operators pre-emptively attacked a mostly defenseless country—similar to Poland in 1939, which was the same pre-emptive strategy that Germany was guilty of in WWII. In short, America's public official history is one long elite lie to its people on exactly how evil and deviantly cruel these elites are and how organized is their mass manipulation machine. None of the 'military actions' the United States has conducted for 100 years have been 'real', they have been staged provocations with the aims of expanding an American empire to where in 2004 the military budget of the federal government takes well over HALF of the total taxes of the country. The Cheney family has been in the thick of these developments from pre-emptive beginnings in 1898 to the pre-emptive present of 2003's attack on Iraq. They have been war profiteers throughout. They have been (or would have all been) Skull and Bones throughout, if the present Dick Cheney would have stayed at Yale.

From the chart above, note that almost all Cheney family picks in the record get into Skull and Bones from the small period of 1892-1922. However, a huge number have laid in the coffin with someone naked during that time. Such a huge number of them quickly catapulted them into the top 15 or so families that have a record of at least 10 or more of their surnames appearing in the roster.

As mentioned above:

The 15 families in Skull and Bones with 10+ Members (over 1833-1985, with occasional later years available)

15 Smith
15 Walker
13 Allen
13 Brown
12 Clark
12 White
11 Day
11 Johnson
11 Jones
11 Miller
11 Stewart
11 Thompson
10 Cheney
10 Taft
11 Williams

And the Cheney family only begins in 1892. So let's give the detailed evidence from the short blurbs available in the book for all the Cheney Skull and Bones dates. Then we will do the same for the other families. All are Skull and Bones as they would appear to other Bones members thumbing through their leatherbound membership books, looking for a useful contact, or looking for edification in the 'accomplishments' of the dead in transforming the United States slowly into a managerial society where power is exercised without regards to human rights. As said above, the developmental directions that Bonesmen are associated with are to put it mildly inhumanly manipulative and even vicious. These developmental directions are all monopolistic and subsidy based, state-managerial, environmentally degradative, and coldly analytical without a regard to human rights—-and totally opposed and interested in destroying private market relations, local communities, health concerns, quality of life issues, and democratic input on priorities.

Cheney Family


Cheney, Howell; Industrial; Silk Manufacturer, 1893-35; Director, Secretary, 1925-35, Cheney Brothers; Trustee 1900-05, Manchester Savings Bank; Member, 1907, Connecticut Commission on Consolidation of State Commerce; Member, 1909-19, Connecticut State Board of Education; Chairman 1913-38, Connecticut Unemployment Commission; Chairman, Commission on State Prison Systems; [and over 100 years later, Cheney family is still building prisons and managing them: Cheney's Halliburton built the latest Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba.] Member, 1913-38, Yale Corporation; Chairman, War Savings Commission, Connecticut


Cheney, Knight Dexter, Jr.; Industrial; Silk Manufacturer [Note that two Cheneys were in the same Bones troupe of 1982.]


Cheney, Ward; Literary; 1st Lieutenant, Infantry, US Army, Spanish American War


Cheney, Clifford Dudley; Industrial; Silk Manufacturer; Captain, Cavalry, Mexican Border; Lieutenant Colonel, Ordinance Department, WWI AEF


Cheney, Frank Dexter; Industrial; Silk Manufacturer; Connecticut State Council of Defense


Cheney, Philip; Industrial; Silk Manufacturer; Captain, Infantry, WWI AEF [Note relative and fellow Bonesman Clifford Cheney (above, '98) was in charge of the WWI ordinance this other Cheney was firing.]


Cheney, Thomas Langdon; Industrial; Silk Manufacturer [Note the second example of double Cheneys in the Bones troupe of 1901.]


Cheney, Russell; Art; Member, Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences


Cheney, Ward; Industrial; President, Director, Cheney Brothers, Textile Manufacturers; Director, Pioneer Parachute Company [war profiteer]; Chairman, Commission for Department of Fine Arts at Yale; Private, OTC, WWI; Commander, United States Navy, WWII [I certainly would like to know how he became a Commander in the US Navy in WWII when he was the director of a Parachute company and Chairman of the Fine Arts Commission at Yale—unless it is Bones networks seeding themselves.]


Cheney, John A.; Law

1960s attempt, failed

Cheney, Richard ("Dick"); leaves Yale before joining Skull and Bones [The attempted placement of Richard ('Dick') Cheney at Yale failed. He flunked out. He then went to the University of Wisconsin at Madison, where he worked half-heartedly on a degree in political science. He was working on his dissertation when he dropped everything and was pulled into the federal government by [guess who... ] Donald Rumsfeld for little other apparent public rationale except that "Rumsfeld liked a memo Cheney had written." I suspect that there is a lot more going on than the odd (very odd) generosity of Rumsfeld, or the ability of a bureaucratic memo to excite Rumsfeld in the early 1970s; It is noticeable that Dick Cheney subsequently became the youngest White House Chief of Staff in U.S. history (Ford Administration [Ford went to Yale... ], while Rumsfeld became Ford's Secretary of Defense); Later, Dick Cheney became [Skull and Bones] G. H. W. Bush's Secretary of Defense; Cheney in the early 1990s signed up with the 'ideals' of the Project for the New American Century document (the Mein Kampf of neoconservative Christian-Zionists), brining his family's warmongering heritage to over 100 years of war profiteering and war planning; in the 1990s, Cheney was placed as head of Halliburton, a large military and oil construction services corporation [that very likely dabbles in fronting for the global drug trade, which explains their interest in Afghanitan and its opium, as explained by the Ruppert article "The Bush-Cheney Drug Empire", written before Bush-Cheney had even 'taken' (in all senses of the word) office. See: www.copvcia.com for the article.] In the 1990s, Cheney treated Halliburton to several billion dollars of U.S taxpayer money in federal subsidies; Presently, Halliburton has gained billions more already by 2004 in US. Budget privatization of the US occupation of Iraq, which were mostly handed out to Halliburton to administer there. Halliburton even built Guantanamo Bay's latest extraterritorial prison; Cheney of course thorugh a hardly elaborate ruse is still profiting from Halliburton—being awarded a million a year from Halliburton for 'past services rendered' and for 'divesting' from Halliburton by buying up stock in the largest mutual fund investor of Halliburton. Perhaps one of the rationales for him hiding underground like a mole is that he is being internationally served with court suits from everything from bribery to a discussion of his proclivity to hunt nude children down with guns and dogs on top secret military bases for 'fun.']

That Dick Cheney could leave Yale and Skull and Bones—and still be this highly sponsored—shows that Skull and Bones is hardly main variable here that is responsible for some types of clientelistic sponsorship into power. It seems that regardless of his personal Bones status, Cheney's family itself seems to be a variable. Bones membership in the past has only facilitated their more hereditary power instead of been responsible for it. This brings up lots of interesting questions for other research.

Let's look at the Bush family.


6 Bush 1917 1922 1948 1953 1967 1968



Bush, Prescott Sheldon; Finance; Member 1952-53, US Senate, Republican, Connecticut; Partner, 1930-72, Brown Brothers Harriman & Company, New York; Vice President, 1926-30, W. A. Harriman & Company; Director, Pan American Airways, CBS, Dresser Industries, Inc. [Cheney as CEO of Halliburton later buys it; Dresser supplied Iraq with war materials illegally during 1990s; and G. H. W. Bush works for Dresser in his earlier years], Simminos Company, Vanadium Corporation of America, Chairman of the Board, Pennsylvania Water & Power Company, U.S. Guarantee Company; Chairman, 1942, National Campaign, USO; President, 1935, United States Golf Association (USGA); Trustee Yale University, Member 1948-58, Yale Corporation. [It is interesting to note that in the same Bonesman group of 15 from Yale that year was Edward Roland 'Bunny' Noel Harriman, who was subsequently President of Bush-connected Brown Brothers Harriman, 1934-57. This is roughly beginning in the same period where his Bones buddy was in Brown Brothers Harriman as a partner, 1930-72.]


Bush, James Smith; Finance; President, Inter Mundi; Curator, 1950-56, University of Missouri; Managing Director, 1959-63, Export-Import Bank of Washington [taxpayer funded private corporate subsidizing framework of finance]; Lieutenant Colonel, 1942-45, US Army. [Note that Ward Cheney shares nude mud wrestling and a coffin with this Bush because they are in the same troupe of 1922. This Ward Cheney becomes a Commander of U.S. Navy, WWII, likely selling his parachutes to this Bush's U.S. Army during WWII]


Bush, George Herbert Walker; Government; President, 1989-92 [who had Eastern European WWII Nazis standing next to him on the podium as he accepted the oath of office], Vice President, 1981-1988, US; Director, 1974-75, Central Intelligence Agency; Chief U.S. Liaison Officer, 1973-74, China [when escaping Washington D.C. limelight for his Watergate scandal funding connections]; Chairman, Republican Party; Ambassador, 1971-72, United Nations; President, Chairman of the Board, 1958-66, Zapata Off-Shore, Company; Member, 1966-70, US Congress; Lieutenant jg, 1942-45, United States Naval Reserve. [Watch for the word lieutenant' through this article. Do a web word search. To help whitewash the Bush family's image and reality as a Hitler funder during WWII—seen in the U.S. Governments' 1942 seizure of his father's Bank under the Trading with the Enemy clause (Prescott Bush's Union Banking Company), & likely to keep people from digging deeper and finding later they were actually profiteering from Nazi 'accumulated' gold from concentration camps and they used slave labor delivered from the Reich to their Silesia-American Corporation during WWII. So to distract from all this traitorous activity in the media eye, G. H. W. Bush 'patriotically joins the Navy'--immediately though after his traitorous father's NYC bank was seized for funding the Nazis! And he was let in! (By a Bonesmen... more on that later.) However, this Bush fails the U.S. here as well, when while piloting he quickly bails out without cause in the Pacific in his war plane due to a little smoke and overreaction, leaving his befuddled crewmembers to die when their pilotless plane crashes into the ocean. [For information on this and eyewitnesses to the Bush bailout that have come forward for the record, see: George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992), by Tarplay and Chaitkin, www.tarplay.com; and see Fleshing out Skull and Bones for other information on Nazi gold and the Bush family.]


Bush, Jonathan James; Investments; Chairman of the Board, Jonathan Bush and Company; General Partner, 1960-70, G. H. Walker & Company [Walker is another mainline Skull and Bones family that is 'financially intermarried' with the Bush family]; Lieutenant, 1953-55, US Army [We will see that title Lieutenant many times over and over in looking at Skull and Bones.]


Bush, Derek George; Student; Masters, Business Administration, Harvard [George W. Bush's 'close friend'--likely sexual partner—who is presently mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee, Bonesman Mayor Victor Ashe. Ashe was in this group of Bonesmen in 1967, with Derek Bush. Perhaps Victor and George W. Bush were introduced by George W. Bush's brother Derek. Perhaps they 'met' on campus since they were there during the same years. The 1967 group of Derek Bush and Victor Ashe would have been responsible for picking George W. Bush for the 1968 troupe of Skull and Bones.]


Bush, George Walker; ["Duyba"] Armed Services; President, 2000-, US; Governor, 1996-2000, Texas; Investor, Texas Rangers [which had lots of state subsidized deals worked into it, and it plays at Enron Field]; President, Harken Energy [where he committed illegal insider trading, which is a jailable offense]; CEO, Bush Exploration Company; Lieutenant Pilot, 1968-74[?], Texas Air National Guard [Dubya flunked the entrance examination, though got in anyway, and was later grounded and then went AWOL after (likely) a failed illicit drug test which the ANG introduced during Bush's tenure; others have claimed he may have been doing covert operations during this period as well; others say he was AWOL though working as a staff member on a political campaign; either way, he was AWOL and nothing happened to him. James Bath was his pilot friend in the Air National Guard. James Bath later went on to represent Osama Bin Laden and Saudi investments in the United States; multiple other members of this Air National Guard are without any recollection of seeing him complete his full term, according to news articles I have read of interviews with these Guard Members.]


15 Walker

1844 1888 1889 1916 1919 1927 1928 1931 1936 1942 1944 1948 1953 1955 2000


Walker, Joseph Burbeen; Farming, Business; Member, 1893, New Hampshire State Senate; 1866-67, New Hampshire Legislature; President, 1889-93, Member, 1885, New Hampshire State Forestry Commission; Member, New Hampshire Board of Agriculture; Trustee, New Hampshire College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts


Walker, Samuel Johnson; Medicine; Professor, Pediatrics, 1908-19, Assistant Professor, 1900-08, Neurology, Chicago Polyclinic Post Graduate School; Clinical Professor, 1908-19, Rush Medical College; Major, American Red Cross, WWI (foreign service) [Another Bonesman, "Bunny" Harriman, coffin-brother of Prescott Walker Bush, both later co-partners in Brown Brothers Harriman, was a long term President of the American Red Cross after WWII while Samuel Johnson Walker was a Red Cross Bonesman in WWI.]


Walker, Horace Fletcher; Education


Walker, Charles Rumford; Librarian; Curator, 1962-, Yale Technology and Society Collection; Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University; Assistant Secretary, 1942-45, Yale University; Director, 1945-62, Technology Project, Senior Research Fellow, 1955-62, Yale University; 1st Lieutenant, 1918-19 [thus, in 1916's Skull and Bones, Charles Rumsford Walker was at Yale during same period as Prescott Sheldon Bush who was Skull and Bones one year after, in 1917. This means Charles Walker picked Prescott Sheldon Bush. There seems to be a lot of this going on in these two-year pairs of Bonesman associated with each other, because one would be in charge of tapping the other. This is one route how intergenerational backscratching is managed.]


Walker, George Nesmith; Industrial; w/Mobil Oil Corporation; Captain, 1917-18, FA AEF [American Expeditionary Force, I believe. Another WWI military ranked Bonesman.]


Walker, George Herbert, Jr.; Finance; Senior Managing Partner, G. H. Walker & Company (NYC); Governor, Association of Stock Exchange Firms; Member 1954-60, Yale Corporation; Executive Commissioner of the Board, Yale Development; Treasury, Russell Trust Association (RTA) [the 'non-profit' trust of Skull and Bones, which thanks to a special law in Connecticut tailored only to it, gets to avoid filing all sorts of annoying official documentation about itself that others trusts are required to do in Connecticut]; Co-founder of the New York Mets [as "Dubya" was the 'beard' for the Enron Field and Texas team while he was Governor of Texas]; Major, USAAF WWII [where of course George Herbert Walker Bush later went. Second, it helped out to have yet another Skull and Bonesman, Artimus Gates (S&B, '18; Assistant, 1941-45, Navy Secretary for Air; Under Secretary for Navy, 1945], administrating the paperwork for these flying Bonesmen, overseeing everything to make sure they got in and out with as little damage and as much preference and sponsorship as possible.]


Walker; Stoughton; Business; Industrial Consultant; Director, Fifth Avenue Association (NY); Lt. Colonel, Ordinance Department, General Staff Corps WWII [If Cheneys took care of Skull and Bones Ordinance connections in WWI (see above), the Walkers did it in WWII.]


Walker, John Mercer; Medicine, Finance; Limited Partner, Alex Brown & Sons (MD) [one of the two part of the later Brown Brothers Harriman conglomerate that merged together in the 1930s]; Consultant, 1978-82, Merill Lynch; Consultant, 1974-78, White Weld, Inc.; Partner, G. H. Walker & Company (NYC); Deputy Medical Director, 1951-58, Chairman of Executive Commission, CEO, 1960-64, Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital; Private Practice, 1950-, Surgery; Director, Alumni Fund; Lieutenant Colonel, 1942-46, MC US Army [Like John Mercer Walker, Bonesman James Smith Bush (Bones, '22) was yet another Bones Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army during WWII.]


Walker, Louis; Finance; Vice President; Tucker, Anthony, RL Day, Inc. (in Connecticut); Vice President, White Weld, Inc. [another Walker above, Bones, '31, was hired as a Consultant for White Weld, Inc.]; Managing Partner, G. H. Walker and Company; (NYC & Hartford, Connecticut); Sales Manager, Director, Western Newspaper Union Material; 1943-44 with Command AAF; Administrative Officer, 1944-46, Psychological Warfare Division, SHEAF [thus he's the Administrative Officer for Psychological Operations during and after WWII as two other Bones—a Walker Bones and a Bush Bones, were Lieutenant Colonels during WWII]


Walker, John Stanley; Law; Partner, Reavis, Pogue, Neal & Rose (DC); Committee Counsel, 1951-43, Joint Commission on Atomic Energy, US Senate and House; Experiment in International Living, 1961-; Director, 1965, COSERV; 1st Lieutenant, 1941-45, Army Air Force [while another Bonesman, Artimus Gates, was Administrative head of the air force, and while yet another Bonesman George H. W. Bush was pulled into the Air Force as a seemingly unqualified pilot, though a politically protected one, protected even though he led to the deaths of his war plane's crew in his panicked bailout, and even though his father—yet another Bonesman—had his bank (Union Banking Corporation) seized for because Prescott Bush was traitor to the U.S. in WWII since he was funding Hitler while profiting from Nazi gold and Reich-delivered slave labor from concentration camps; while yet another Bonesman, Jeffrey Walker (Bones, '44) was a Lieutenant in the U.S. Naval Reserve, over the Bonesman G. H. W. Bush; while historically speaking, yet two other Bonesmen, both Cheneys, were First Lieutenants in WWI—Infantry, and overseeing WWI munitions.]


Walker, Jeffrey Pond; Education; Farmer; Trustee, Treasurer, Salisbury (in Connecticut) School, Marvelwood School (Cornwall, Connecticut); Director, Salisbury Bank & Trust; [and yet another] Lieutenant, 1943-46, U.S. Naval Reserve [yet another Bonesman in WWII, who would have been over Bonesman George H. W. Bush in the Naval Reserve]


Walker, Samuel Sloan, Jr.; Publishing; President, Walker Publishing Company, Inc., NY; President, 1959- Walker & Company, NY; Vice President, 1951-59 Radio Free Europe [A CIA psychological operations/propaganda arm; CIA of course was organized under aid from Lovett in the 1940s, who was yet another Skull and Bones member [more about Lovett below], so I am sure they had lots of commonalities in a Bonesman-to-Bonesman back channel network between them, both working on the CIA as they were in large administrative capacities]; Director, 1951-59, Free Europe Press [sure... .]; Vice President, Free Europe Commission, NY; Assistant to Research Director, 1949-51, Time Magazine, Inc. [founded by Luce, another Bonesman, '20]; War Correspondent, 1945[?]-45 w/NY Post, Paris [presently owned by neoconservative media monopolist who is near fascist ideologically, Rupert Murdoch]; Chairman, Resources for Learning, Inc. (NY) [hmm, I suddenly mistrust a Bonesman who organizes CIA military psyops who dabbles in childhood education on the side]; Director, Trustee, American Field Service. [By the way, George H. W. Bush was in the coffin with this Walker, as they are both in this Bones troupe of '48]


Walker, George Herbert III; Finance; Chairman, President, CEO, Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc., (Missouri); Directors, Member of Executive Commission, Security Industries Association [another Bonesman, actually his father, Bones '27, was Governor, Association of Stock Exchange Firms]; Board of Governors, 1983, Midwest Stock Exchange; Associate Director, A. Gary Shilling & Company; Director, Vice Chairman, Webster College (Missouri) [The state of Missouri is turning out to be a large Skull and Bones fiefdom like Connecticut, simply by looking at these three families so far.]; Managing Partner, in charge of Chicago office of G. H. Walker & Company; Directors, G. H. Walker & Company, Inc., Rixon, Inc., Marine Resources, Inc., Lafayette Federal Savings & Loan Association, Laidlaw Corporation. [This Walker is in the same Bones troupe, '53, as Jonathan James Bush, making this the second Bush/Walker pairing-in-the-coffin. The first was in '48, the second was in '53. This is getting almost sexually incestuous to say the least. Bonesman Jonathan Bush goes into G. H. Walker & Company as a General Partner—just like this Bonesman George Herbert Walker Bush III does as General Manager of the Chicago office.]


Walker, Ray Carter; Medicine; Psychiatrist; 1959-64; with G. H. Walker & Company; 1st Lieutenant [where have we seen that rank before? I've lost count], 1957-59, AUS


Walker, Christopher [without biography information, though obviously the family is still going strong]


3 Lovett 1913 1918 1950



Lovett, August Sidney; Ministry, Finance; Director, Memorial Gifts, Yale Alumni Fund; Executive Secretary, Yale-in-China [Mao Tse Tung, later US sponsored Communist dictator, was associated with this Yale-in-China organization—likely he would be contemporary of this August Lovett who was the Executive Secretary of the Yale-in-China operation; The U.S. under FDR and Gen. Marshall made a decision to support Mao over the 'other China candidate' who was perhaps even worse since he was connected with Chinese organized crime, the Green gang, and drug running: this was Chinese Nationalist warlord Chiang Kai-shek; of course it hardly mattered because later Communist China becomes another important source for opium profits for these Yale'ies later and to the present day—see the book How the World Really Works, by Alan Jones. Though I was unable to stomach the 'libertarian solutions' of his final chapter, the entire rest of the book is simply a well organized series of through book reviews. It is available free on the web if you would like to see what books he reviews. I am shocked he could review over a dozen book very professionally and systematically to 'help you catch up quickly' on global elites, while tacking on a totally unrelated chapter of recommendations that are perhaps even worse that the political difficulties he describes! Just my opinion.]


Lovett, Robert Abercrombie; Finance; Partner, 1928-40, 46-, Brown
Brothers Harriman & Company (NY); Secretary, 1951-53, Defense Department, US; Deputy Secretary, 1950-51, Defense Department, US; Undersecretary, 1947-49, State Department, US; Assistant Secretary, 1941-45, War for Air, War Department, US [in other words yet another Bonesman in a federal war guidance and planning position in WWII, or should that be BWII (Bones War II?—because Brown Brothers Harriman had Soviet and Nazi funding connections?]; Chairman, Executive Committee, 1953-66, Union Pacific Railroad [a Harriman operation, originally, I believe]; Clerk, 1926, National Bank of Commerce (NY); Trustee, 1949-61, Rockefeller Foundation; Trustee, 1937-65, Carnegie Foundation for Academic Teaching [holding both of these, note, while simultaneously being Assistant Secretary of the War Department in WWII and organizing the aerial campaign]; Trustee, 1948-, Carnegie Institution of Washington, DC; Trustee, 1931-40, Metropolitan Museum of Art; Directors, Los Angels & Salt Lake City Rail Road Company, Oregon Short Line Rail Road Company, Oregon-Washington Rail Road & Navigation Company, Royal-Liverpool Group Insurance Cos, St. Joseph & Grand Island Railway Company; Member, Council on Foreign Relations; Harriman's childhood friend; [There's that rank once more:] Lieutenant Commander, 1917-18, US Naval Air Service [did he wave at the Cheneys at the WWI Infantry and Ordinance Departments from his WWI plane?] [note: 'Bunny' Harriman and Prescott Sheldon Bush were at Yale at the same time he was. Since these two were one year previous in Skull and Bones, '17, meant it was their decision that influenced the pick of Robert Abercrombie Lovett for Skull and Bones the next year. Likely all these connections facilitated his larger job duties—still Bones, Carnegie/Rockefeller related—when he of course later worked with both of them in both public military and private financial capacities simultaneously. Lovett in essence becomes a Skull and Bones elite 'attaché' for the federal 'civil' aspects of government for Bones networks, a figurehead so to speak.]


Lovett, Sidney; Ministry; Senior Minister, First Church of Christ, Congregational; Vice President, 1966-, Community Renewal Society (Chicago); Pastor, 1957-66, Rock Spring Congregational Church (Virginia, Arlington [just outside of and presently right inside of the military and intelligence communities]); Senior Minister, Union Church (Illinois, Hinsdale); Pastor, 1953-57, Congregational Church (Massachusetts, Littleton); Director, 1969-, Chicago Theological Seminary [Rockefeller connected]


13 Brown

1842 1856 1861 1865 1869 1896 1899 1944 1966 1968 1970 1979 xxxx [a missing date, left out of the graph]


Brown, Joseph Venen; Business [it says nothing else; however, same Bones 1842 troupe as opium smugglers Perkins and mysterious Bones benefactor Miller who had lots of money though it is mostly unknown where it ever came from; this Miller family gave Deer Island to the Bones group, a private island between Canada and the United States in the St. Lawrence River; another one of this 1842 troupe, William Davidson Henen, went on to be a Major in the Confederate Army in the Civil War]


Brown, John Mason; Law; Cavalry, Union Army, Civil War


Brown, Hubert Sanford; Business; Lieutenant Colonel, Union Army, Civil War [this "Bonesman Lieutenant Colonel" stuff is getting ridiculous; plus, this troupe of 1861 Bonesmen had a member of the Root family, who was Cavalry in the Confederate Army and seemed to have Texas connections—due to his being President of the First National Bank in Houston. The Root family are large U.S. movers toward internationalism and the later League of Nations as well.]


Brown, John Edward; Law


Brown, Alexander Lardner; Business; Druggist


Brown, Alexander; Government; Brown Brothers & Company; Assistant Paymaster, U.S. Navy, Spanish-American War [Do you see a financial profit and administration pattern yet: Spanish-American War, BWI, and BWII?]


Brown, Jamot; Business; Real Estate


Brown, Samuel T. Glover; Finance; Vice President, 1967-, Smith, Barney, Harris, Upham & Company ["Smith BARNEY. We make money the old fashioned way. We're BONESMAN.]; Member, 1947-60, Dean Witter & Company [Dean Witter, Jr., the son of the original "Dean Witter" himself, was a Skull and Bonesman as well. Bonesman Dean Witter, Jr. was the same troupe as Samuel Brown here, in '44. Bonesman Jeffrey Walker, '44, is here as well, mentioned above: his connections ranged from finance as well—to education, to the U.S. Naval Reserve.]; Member, 1960-67, Kidder, Peabody & Company; [and let me guess your Bonesman rank... ] Lieutenant, 1943-46, U.S. Navy


Brown, George Clifford; Medicine; Orthopedic Surgeon; Surgical Intern, Roosevelt Hospital; [and let me guess... ] Lieutenant, Army Reserve


Brown, Christopher Walworth; Law; Administrative Assistant to Honorable Sam Roberts, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania [I believe Pennsylvania Chief Justice Sam Roberts's father would be George Brooke Roberts, Jr., who was, yes, Skull and Bones, '52, and involved in high Pennsylvania and international politics; it seems that he had a son or relative put on the Supreme Court bench in Pennsylvania. Either way, that Supreme Court Chief Justice hires this other Bonesman, doubling the Bones connection to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania; this Skull and Bones father/relative of '52 held 'Bones-useful' appointments overseas. He specialized in the famous drug running Golden Triangle of South East Asia where this Roberts relative was U.S. Ambassador to various countries there... however, let's continue with the Bonesman the Bones-connected Chief Justice hired]; Publishing Trainee, 1969-70, Time Magazine, Inc. [The second instance of a ladder into a Skull and Bones founder's magazine, Henry Luce, (Bones,'20); Luce worked with U.S. military psyops and CIA in WWII and onward]


Brown, William Scott; Writing; Publications Editor, University of Montana; Copy Editor, 1971, New Haven Journal Courier; Executive Director, 1973-74, Russell Trust Association [the Bones 'non-profit' ownership vehicle set up originally in the mid 1850s by the opium smuggler Russell for 'The Order'], Resident Patriarch, 1977, Russell Trust Association [resident Patriarch? Order-initiates are known as patriarchs—at least among their small clique they are. To the rest of the world they are mostly backsliding traitors—except for the ones who helped out and have redeemed themselves somewhat. Thank you.]


Brown, Robert Nelson; Theatre; Actor, Monty Silver Agency

xxxx [a missing date, left out of the graph]

Brown, Walter Henderson


2 Harriman 1917 1913


Harriman, William Averell; Government; Limited Partner, 1946-, Partner, 1931-46, Brown Brothers Harriman & Company; Chairman of the Board, 1932-46, Vice President, 1915-17, Union Pacific Railroad [a Harriman property]; Chairman of the Board, 1917-25, Merchant Shipbuilding Corporation; W.A. Harriman & Company, Inc., 1920-31; Chairman of the Executive Commission, 1931-42, Director, 1915-46, Illinois Central Railroad; U.S. Representative, 1968-69, Vietnam Peace Talks (Paris); Ambassador at large, 1965-69; Assistant Secretary of State, 1961-65, Far Eastern Affairs [note how prevalent Bonesmen keep from the limelight almost always in "Assistant to this" or "Assistant to that" positions—it was another (so called) Assistant to the Secretary of the War Department, Theodore Roosevelt, that made independent decisions to attack the Spanish Philippine Islands in response to the USS Maine bombing in Cuba on the other side of the world) while the 'secretary' was away, so there you go... who actually is the Secretary and who actually is the Assistant, hmm? Does this sound familiar to how the U.S. "reacted" on 9-11-01: a bombing on one side of the Atlantic, internal demolitions in the WTCs, and then voila, attack the other side of the world where you already have your fleet and army set up beforehand waiting. Simply tell the (Bones?) media to explain a connection, without any actual evidence that Osama has anything to do with it, and then invade a totally unrelated corner of the world you had all planned out from 10 years previous to expand your private piratical imperialism]; Ambassador at large, 1961; Governor, 1955-59, New York; Director, Mutual Security Agency, 1951-53; Special Assistant [just an "Assistant," of course, right.] to U.S. President, 1950-52, American Representative at the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance (NATO) [full of lots of 'ex'-Nazis], 1951-52; U.S. representative in Europe under Economic Cooperative Act, 1948-50; Secretary of Commerce, 1946-48; U.S. Ambassador, 1946, Great Britain; 1941-46, Lend-Lease Russia/Great Britain; U.S. Ambassador, 1943-46, Russia; Representative, 1942, London, Combined Shipping Board; Special Representative of U.S. President, 1941, to Great Britain; U.S. Ambassador, 1941, to USSR; [working in some capacity in the] National Recovery Act, 1934 [For those unaware of how the U.S., under Harriman and another assistant to FDR (Henry Hopkins) gave away almost all U.S. nuclear materials to the Soviets, see the book From Major Jordan's Diaries, published in the 1950s, available for free at www.sweetliberty.com. Henry Hopkins from later analysis of the USSR files, was recorded as an actual Soviet spy.]


Harriman, Edward Roland "Bunny" Noel; Finance; President, 1934-57, Chairman, 1957-, Partner, Brown Brothers Harriman; Chairman of the Board of Directors, Union Pacific Rail Road; Directors, Delaware & Hudson Company, Merchants Sterling Corporation; American Bank Note Corporation [you know, the people who printed all colonial currencies worldwide—from Latin America to South East Asia—even in China as late as the 1930s if I remember correctly; and if you can print the currencies, surely you can engineer currency manipulations just as readily for your own private profit]; Anaconda Copper Mining Company; Newsweek, Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York; Provident Fire Insurance Company; Member, Finance Advisory Committee, Royal Exchange Assurance; Trustee, Boys Club of New York [Do you really want some homo-erotic Skull and Bones death cult guy named "Bunny" taking care of young male charges?]; President, 1950-53, Chairman, 1963-, American Red Cross [The American Red Cross has shielded Bones members before: There were Bones in it when it invaded, with the US Army in 1919-20, into Russia; plus the American Red Cross has posed before as a covert operation: a humanitarian cover operation for Bonesmen when they actually were full of financiers posing as 'doctors' going to make business deals with the nascent Bolshevik USSR government—see the free book on the web by Antony Sutton, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution]; [and yes there is that rank once more:] Lieutenant, 1917-19, US Army [By the way, "Bunny" is in the same Bones troupe of 1917 that has Prescott Sheldon Bush.]

Note that it is the 'small families' numerically speaking, that have played the major gophers and administrators for the larger mainline Skull and Bones families. I expect this to pan out in future analysis as something general about the smaller families in Bones. If there is something or someone useful to use on the outside, then these organizations are infiltrated by major 'inside' Bonesmen or the Bonesmen extend membership, later coercing these people and groups to become vehicles of Bones. In this sense, yes, Bones is a means of bringing various families closer as people like Rosenbaum argues. However, there is a definite master/slave arrangement on the level of family hegemony and hierarchy, with Harriman's certainly being 'outsider' slaves despite how 'connected' they are, since their connections seem to be entirely due to other Bones trusting them with its work. No, FDR was not Bones. However, his whole family for generations was involved in high Masonic Shiners and the Order of the Golden Dawn. Keep in mind what I said that this is only a study of Bones.

When comparing the families together, note that between the 1880s and the 1970s, they became somewhat of an institution, though perhaps their Skull and Bones memberships (at least direct surname memberships) seem to have petered out.

However, their power is still there because the 1960s generation of Bones (and 'unBoned' Cheney) is presently ensconced institutionally in power. Kerry, the Bush '(non)challenger' is as right-wing militarily as Bush is, and Kerry is Skull and Bones as well. And Kerry married the widow Heinz (of the many millions of dollars from the Heinz 57 sauces empire). Guess what? The original Heinz himself was Bones, '31. Here is the Heinz entry in the Skull and Bones membership roster:


Heinz, Henry John II; Business; Member, 1977-91, US Senate, Pennsylvania; Chairman of the Board H.J. Heinz Company, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh; Chairman of the Board, 1959-, President, 1941-49, H.J. Heinz; Directors, 1941, Mellon National Bank & Trust Company, 1969, Overseas Development Council; Trustees, 1941-, Carnegie Institute, 1959- [Another Skull and Bonesman in only our small sample, Robert Abercrombie Lovett, had Carnegie Foundation connections], Carnegie-Mellon University, Committee for Economic Development; Trustee, 1947, Chairman, 1947-51, International Chamber of Commerce, Advisor, 1957, American Delegation for the (neo-corporate feudalist) General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) [which was passed and accepted by another Bonesman G. H. W. Bush when President]

This is hardly America. We are living in the boneyard designed by Skull and Bones, through and through. In short, almost any activity of note over the past 100 years of American imperialism has a Bone sticking out of it.

And this is for you historians out there, who read this or have this passed to you. This is a personal challenge to your discipline, particularly "American" historians out there. What aspects of American history are left after you deal with the Skull and Bones issue? After you deal with the drug trades? The eugenics sponsorship? (A Skull and Bonesman was an 'assistant' to eugenicist Supreme Court Judge Oliver Wendell Holmes.). With Hitler and USSR sponsorships?

Furthermore, just to pique the historians interest, did you know that your precious American History Association (yes, you know what I am going to say, right?) was founded by a Skull and Bones member? So was the American Psychological Association. I leave it up to you why Bonesman want to be in charge of issues of psychology and the writing of history: because they want to leave themselves OUT OF IT. However, that is hardly history. It is simply 100+ years of mostly nonsense passing itself off as history. And I am far from one to argue that everything is secret societies. Certainly there are more public events though I have shown that both these categories are very much interpenetrating instead of separate worlds. Actually, the institutional taboo and institutional bias to fail in addressing conspiracy, strategy is a form of lying to history students everywhere.

I can only imagine many historians who have made it this far have a guilty conscience-- or they made it this far because they already have a guilty conscience.

Here's how they can solace it. Help sponsor or set up conspiracy/ revisionist history study clubs on various university campuses with your brightest students. The first lesson could deal with the American History Association's own founding—-by Bonesman. It could move into Bonemen attemps to approach American 'Marxist' historian Charles Beard for a multi-book deal to 'write history Bones-style.' He refused. Instead Bonesmen hired someone else. I'll leave it to your detective ability to guess who they hired in the early 20th century. He was prominently featured in (Bonesman) magazines like Time... .

What has passed for most American history is a psychological operation instead of an history study, and what it becomes is closer to an ideological premise instead of a research agenda, whether the taboo exists in history, political science, or sociology. The taboo exists because these disciplines are foundational on ideologies instead of being sciences. And the people who set up the ideologies of education in the United States were in great part Skull and Bones'ers.

In conclusion, as mentioned above, order-initiates are known as patriarchs—-at least among their own small clique they are. To the rest of the world they are mostly backsliding traitors—-except for the ones who helped out here and have redeemed themselves somewhat. Thank you. You gave us the Bones-related information on how they have been faking, profiting from and setting up wars, dictators, eugenics, public relations propaganda, and racism--all the while cloistered in their self-administered privileges—for generations. So much of the suffering of the world in the past 100 years particularly from the Spanish American War, BWI, and BWII has actually led back to a smiling Bonesman behind the desk. Why is that?

The short of it is: Bones requires destruction. It is plotting our destruction every day. Surely Yale University has the power to kick them out. They are just a dangerous undemocratic clique that has yet to prove themselves as an asset to the world—only a painful debt. Their own history--what they do in practice—is more than enough to damn their organization and its networks to past. Destroying Skull and Bones and revoking the Russell Bones Trust non-profit status would begin to allow us to heal from damage they have caused and are still causing. Hopefully such actions, long overdue, would allow us to recoup a more democratic and peaceful future and stop future brainwashed Yalies from worshiping death at the expense of life.

Stay tuned for other installments.


This is a page excerpt from the book Fleshing out Skull and Bones, p. 415. It is quoting another book by Picknett and Prince:

... a specific politico esoteric system, a movement known as Synarchy. This is a "Government by secret societies, " or by a group of an initiates and operate from behind-the-scenes. It is analogue of " a theocracy, " Or ruled by a priesthood. ...

The founder of Synarchy, a Frenchman named Joseph Alexandre Saint-Yves d'Alveydre (1824-1909), explained that the term was the opposite of anarchy. Whereas anarchy is based on the principle that the state should have no control over individuals Synarchy proposes that it to have complete control. He proposed that Synarchists achieve power by taking over the 3 key institutions of social control: political, religious and economic. With its own members and positions of power, the Synarchists would, in effect, secretly govern entire states. And why stop there? One of the aims of Synarchy, from its very inception, was--from the words of a Synarchist document--the creation of a "federal European union." Is it any coincidence that we're now moving rapidly toward such a European state? Significantly, those words were written as far back as 1946. ...

As might be expected from a movement dedicated to governing by secret societies, Synarchy and has close ties to some of the most powerful of such organizations, including the Martinist Order, of which Saint-Yves d'Alveydre was Grand Master. [That makes him huge.] As the French writer Gerard Galtier: " the Synarchy ideal influenced all the Martinist and occultists from the beginning of the century." Not unexpectedly, Synarchists also members of French Masonic lodges, ...

Synarchy is by definition a shadowy group working behind many uprisings and revolutions, and whose jealous gaze is automatically fixed on a stable regime or established government unless it already conforms to their ideals. ...

There is another aspect to Synarchy. The concept of 9 legendary leaders plays a large part in its philosophy. ... The Knights Templar, was founded by 9 French knights shortly after the first Crusade. the Templars were believed by Saint-Yves d'Alveydre to have represented the Supreme expression of Synarchy in the medieval world, because they had almost total political, religious and financial control during the 2 centuries of their existence yet remained at heart a secret, heretical order whose real agenda was known only to its membership. [There's a lot of information dealing with Gnosticism and the Templars in the book the Templar Revelation.]

In 19th century France several secret societies all claim to be the true descendants of the medieval Knights Templar. Saint-Yves drew upon their ideals and practices for his movement, especially those of certain types of occult Freemasonry known as the Strict Templar Observance and its successor, the Rectified Scottish Rite, thus bestowing on a primarily political movement a strong undercurrent of mysticism and magical rites. This proved to be a two-way traffic, for the Synarchists ideal was adopted by several occultists and their organizations, such as Papus Gerard Encausse, (1865-1916), an enormously influential figure who was the French Grand Master of both the Ordo Templis Orientis (OTO) and the Masonic Order of Memphis-Misraim, whose rituals significantly were based on the rights and ceremonies of the ancient Egyptian priesthood. Papas considered Saint-Yves to be his "intellectual master." As Gerard Galtier wrote: "without doubt, the Martinist directors such as Papus ... have the ambition to secretly influence the course of political events, notably by the diffusion of synarchic ideals."

Papus put the Synarchist ideals into practice by working to bring together the various secret societies of his day, merging orders where possible and creating 'confederations' where representatives of the organizations could meet. The bodies he created fragmented during the First World War, but others, notably Theodore Reuss and H. Spencer Lewis, created similar groups afterwards.

Fraternities 11.Aug.2004 22:18


All fraternities have ridiculous "dark and evil secrets". I dont think 1% of the fratboys even know what they are let alone give a flyin fuck about them. Skull n Bones same thing. Who cares.

true, though question the 'who cares' issue, Yale is core to US history 11.Aug.2004 23:30


You're probably correct there. Oh, though that 1%....would be about 26 million people given US population at present.

Besides are you aware that there is only one organizational point of origin to all fraternities and soroties in the United States? That lineage starts at Yale as well. Though you as you say are likely amongst the mass of the oblivious. So dream on, ex-frat boy, sleep well. And I hope you enjoy the numbed hangover waking hours you may call your life. For as you sleep, others design your dreams.

1% 12.Aug.2004 00:32


1% of 260 million people is 2.6 million.
Youre trying to convince somebody that doesnt believe in god, the afterlife, Santa, conspiracy theories and other silly stuff. I just love reality with a passion is all.

BushCo 12.Aug.2004 01:18


I do believe in the BushCo, Detroit, big oil "conspiracy" though. Thats why I'm voting for Kerry.

Hehehe... 12.Aug.2004 07:55

Tony Blair's dog

"I do believe in the BushCo, Detroit, big oil "conspiracy" though. Thats why I'm voting for Kerry."

Priceless ;-D

Doesn't believe in Conspiracy 12.Aug.2004 08:36

Ludd ludd91101@yahoo.com

So frat boy doesn't believe in conspiracy (because god knows people with wealth and power would never work together for there own benefit) except for the Bush/Oil conspiracy. So you don't just find it just the slightest bit odd that the two men who are the only possible candidates for President of the United States just happen to belong to the same secret society? And keep in mind this isn't some lowbrow Animal House frat we're talking about, it's a bunch of creepy rich kids meeting in a tomb and performing rituals, who just happen to have connections to all the most powerful people in America. This seems normal to you?
Do you really think Kerry is any different from Bush????

Bonding Club 12.Aug.2004 10:58


I read this article  http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2003/10/02/60minutes/main576332.shtml and it sounds like a boning club where members tell each other their sexual secrets and have initiation rites etc etc. Lots of members have told the media about it even though theyre not supposed to. It just sounds like regular college kid stuff. Theyve even opened up for gays and blacks and women recently.

Of course... 12.Aug.2004 13:27

Tony Blair's dog

Also from the link mr."Ex-fratboy" posted.

"But a lot of Bonesmen have gone on to positions of great power, which Robbins says is the main purpose of this secret society: to get as many members as possible into positions of power."

Can you say "scratch my back and I scratch yours"?

So much for "demoocracy of the people".

The Bonesmen are just turning the whole U.S. into
a giant private club all for themselves.

Good luck trying to stop the crimes and corruption when
there are bonesmen at the top everywhere.

Tony tony 12.Aug.2004 21:44


Can you say "scratch my back and I scratch yours"?

So are Bush and Kerry going to vote for each other then? HAHAHAHAHA
Sounds like world domination is ultimately going to become a power struggle between the Jews and the Boners. hmmmm?

priceless indeed 10.Sep.2004 17:40


Kerry has indeed 'voted on' Bush by covering up for Bushes before. Check out Al Martin's book called the Conspirators about Iran-Contra and much else.

there have been conspiracies that have been going on well before the only one you claim to 'belive' in: the bush/oil conspiracy. However, simply 'believeing in only one' conspiracy has nothing to do with negating other conspiracies. No one ever said that this stuff is comforting, and it is easy to want to slip into denial about it, or write the word HAHAHAHAHA over and over as if that is some kind of security blanket. However, it's just a mental wall.

As Tony Blair's dog said, "priceless."

SKULL AND BONES simply is: it is whether you write HAHAHAHA or even whether you 'believe in it,' capeche?



We have only two choices in the 2004 election.

"Skull" or "Bones!"

Bush/Walker/Ellis Bonesmen 22.Sep.2004 07:49

Much Has Been Accomplished The Old Fashion Way...Marriage! aaron@aaronbaldwin.us

01. Bush, Derek George. 1967 02. Bush, President George Herbert Walker 1948 03. Bush, President George Walker 1968 04. Bush James S. 1922 05. Bush, Jonathan J. 1953 06. Bush, Senator Prescott Sheldon 1917 07. Ellis, Jr. Alexander 1944 "Sandy" Married to Nancy Bush - Sister of George W.H. Bush 08. Ellis Jr., F.Henry (S&B 1941) 1941. 09. Ellis, Jr. G. Corson 1951 1951 10. Ellis, Garrison McClintock Noel 1951 11. Ellis, Harland Montgomery 1930 12. Ellis, Raymond Walleser 1930 13. Pierce, Frederick Erastus 1904 * 14. Walker, Charles Rumford 1916 * 15. Walker, Christopher 2000 16. Walker, Jr., George Herbert 1927 17. Walker III, George Herbert 1953 (New Ambassador to Hungary) 18. Walker, George Nesmith 1919 19. Walker, Horace Flecher 1889 * 20. Walker, Jeffrey Pond 1944 21. Walker, John Mercer 1931 22. Walker, Jr., Chief Judge John Mercer 1965 (United States Court of Appeals - 2nd District) 23. Walker, John S. 1942 24. Walker Joseph Burbeen 1844 25. Walker, Louis 1936 26. Walker, Ray Carter 1955 26. Walker, Samuel Johnson 1888 27. Walker,Jr., Samuel Sloan 1948 28. Walker Stoughton 1928 29. Walker, Francis Amasa Taking Care of the Bones & Their Families Galbraith, Evan Griffith - 1950 - Sec.. Defense Rumsfeld's rep. Europe & Defense advisor U.S. mission to NATO - 1950 Donaldson, William Henry 1953 - Chairman, Securities and Exchange Commission- McGregor, Jack Edwin - 1956 - Member of the Advisory Board, Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation Ashe, Victor Henderson - 1967 - Member, Board Directors, Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) Austin, Roy Leslie - 1968 - U.S. Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago McCallum, Robert Davis Jr. - 1968 - Associate Attorney General; Assistant Attorney General Civil Division Cowdry, Rex - 1968 - Associate Director of the White House's National Economic Council McNally, Edward E - 1979 - Sr. Assoc. Counsel, President; General Counsel, Office of Homeland Security Wiseman, David Batshaw - 1984 - Attorney, Justice Department, Civil Division Boasberg, James Emanuel - 1985 - Associate Judge, Superior Court of the District of Columbia Elizabeth Cheney, the Vice President's daughter, is a now a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State. Her husband, Philip Perry, is Chief Counsel for the Office of Management and Budget. Mitchell E. Daniels Jr. is OMB Director and his sister, Deborah Daniels, is an Assistant Attorney General and they are the Children of John Thomas Daniels ('14), founder of Archer Daniels Midland. and I could go on...........but, you get my point here. Aaron Baldwin San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA, USA

Thanks ... and a link 04.Dec.2004 21:13

Kris Millegan ramillegan@aol.com

Thanks, a poster sent this article to a list I run and I appreciate the authors kind words and I am glad to see that some folks are starting to get it. I am also very happy to see folks using the book as intended. It is a resource volume for folks to start their own research and investigations.

A spreadsheet database of Bones members may be downloaded at:


Please feel free to download and analyse. Any help in adding or correcting biographical material is greatly appreciated. Any info about members from 1985 on is extremely helpful

Thanks again for the kind words.

There is also a forum at:


Mr. Edward S. Lampert who now owns Sears and K-Mart is Bones 1984.

Kris Millegan

more crazy shit 21.Mar.2006 18:53

janie amanda_sucks88@yahoo.com