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The Corporation: Worthwhile Movie

Good Movie; worth a view.
This movie is too articulate for itself and any review would certainly detract. It opens many doors and deconstructs the monster to examine the pieces. It is longish but overall really good. Not pendantic or preachy just exhaustive and well paced and structured. Go see it if you have the cash, sneek in if you don't.
or download it 11.Aug.2004 22:58


also - just go to  http://search.suprnova.org and search for 'corporation'. remeber bittorrent is your friend =)

and - for my 2 cents, i agree with your comment, and would urge others to see it as well. it was a great movie. the part about the water being sold - even rainwater - and the people of the country came together to kick out the politicians and governement was just great. some laughs in there too.

the cooooorporaaaaaatiooooonnnnn ... 13.Aug.2004 22:36

it keeps going and going and

This movie is really fuckin' long!

People started walking out after two hours. It was midnight.

But it's a good movie.

Download it or get it on video someday and watch it two or three times. There's lots of detail, and most points are not repeated. I think seeing it more than once would help stick the details in the brain better, but I'm not likely to pay theater prices to see it more than once ...

international duty 09.Sep.2004 07:46


this movie should be required viewing for anyone living on this planet. We are in the proces of an irreversible path of destruction if we don't heed the call of this film. Lengthy, but intelligent and well constructed.