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Friday the 13th

People pitted against each other by skull and bones club.
Good Luck
Good Luck
Its fitting for the skull and bones club to be visiting Portland on Friday the 13th. Perhaps its no suprise to most of the readers of this web site to see the Ameriacans divided by two sides of the same coin.

But what exactly is that coin? The newspapers and TV media have been overwelminly in concert for this war. CNN Fox Npr PBS...the same song and dance. The Party happy leader folks are also goofy for this war. The congress offered token resistance, but this is a bipartisan war. Perhaps I should point out that we are not at war... we are in a police action in the oil patch.

You got to hand it to those Yale grads for leading the way in kicking our own asses. Kennedy was a Harvard Boy and Nixon a Californian. In both these latter Presidents at least they attempted to get us out of police action. One apparently died trying. Johnson fought this war and through the poor a bone with his war on poverty to maintain support. Apparently Kerry will allow us health care if you vote for him and he will share the pillage with our allies which we will surely need. The bush plan is to share the pillage with those that bow. Apparently we got the world over a barrel. Will this election get us out of war(police action)?

Not a chance in hell. We got to identify what the coin is that is generating the police action(war).
Perhaps that coin is oil. Who ever by passes the need for oil and can maintain a modern industrial
culture will devalue the US occupation. Based on our actions, the US wants more than oil. Its the control of the oil. To control the world.

Is the main fly in this ointment of total control, Iran? It has oil and may have a nuclear capability. Is the US worry that Iran is not quite white. Why is Russia and China not on the US hit list? Perhaps its not been in the balance of power game for sometime and part of the coin. Or perhaps without a boogie man we are not so easily to control ourselve?

Is the coin the Bank. So vote