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What Is Going On With Tre Arrow

Hey Last I heard Tre Arrow weighed less then 90 pounds and was "shackled" to a hospital bed in the Canadian jail. I heard he was now getting raw/vegan food.
Is this all true and is there more info?
We'll keep you posted 11.Aug.2004 20:07

Jane Doe, Earth First (BC)

Tre has been confined to the hospital unit since last week, and he's getting raw vegan food on doctor's orders. We heard he may be released back into the general population as early as today, but he's not allowed phone calls or visits until then. There are concerns that BC Corrections may not continue giving him the proper diet once he's back in the regular unit. We'll post any news as soon as we hear from him.
Keep on telling the authorities we are watching. They need to give Tre the food he needs and release him into the general population.

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