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Bush location - Fri 13

According to city attorney David Woboril, the Bush event this Friday will be in Portland, but will not be downtown. He said that it was certain that the Bush event would NOT be downtown, but that it would be in Portland (i.e. NOT in Beaverton, NOT in Hillsboro, although there may be ADDITIONAL Bush events in these other areas)...
... that there would be some parking available and that the city was trying to ensure that parking would remain available, that the city would try to ensure that protestors would be visible at one entrance to the venue, but that there would be no sightlines to the event itself. He said the venue was NOT on a MAX line but that there would probably be public transportation to the venue.

He was not sure it the actual Bush event would be indoors or outdoors. He said that plans could change but he seemed pretty certain on these points.

Woboril said that he is the person charged with keeping folks like us in the loop, but it was also clear that he was restricted in what he could share. If there are specific questions that occur to people about this, they can contact David Woboril directly. If anybody does raise other questions, PLEASE pass along your information to the rest of us so we can try to keep our communities informed.
Bush & Kerry Locations 12.Aug.2004 14:07


From Portland Peaceful Response Coalition:



Kerry and Bush in Portland, Friday, August 13th!

Friday, August 13th 2004 10:00 AM ("Gates open @ 10:00am") - Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry Speaking at the "The Bowl" at Waterfront Park. - Tickets are required for this rally. To get your complimentary ticket(s) or to volunteer at the rally, please click on this link:


Contact: The DLC
NOTE: "no umbrellas, bags, or signs will be allowed at the rallies"
Location: The Bowl at Waterfront Park, SW Columbia at SW Front Street

Friday, August 13th 2004 11:15 PM (11:10 AM arrival) - George W. Bush Addresses the Small Business Summit in Portland.
- Admission Requirements: This event is NOT open to the general public.
Contact: The GOP
Location: Bush will be speaking at Terminal 6 of the Port of Portland. Terminal 6 is located up by the Smith and Bybee Lakes Wildlife area, just east of Kelley Point Park, west of the I-5 Bridge, where the Willamette joins the Columbia River. Part of the Port of Portland's Rivergate Industrial Park, Terminal 6 is the region's primary container and auto handling terminal.

Here is what a representative of the City of Portland has said about the Terminal 6 stop for Bush's visit to Portland:

First, he confirmed that Bush will be at Terminal 6. He said that Kelley Point Park would remain open and that there may be parking available there. He said that there was sidewalk on both south and north side of Marine Drive, but that he was not sure how far along Marine Drive the sidewalk runs. The sidewalk will be open on both north and south sides EXCEPT for a 100-yard radius around the main entrance into Terminal 6. There will be fencing, and we've been told that it will be the "bicycle rack" waist-height barricades. One will be able to move from the east side to the west side of the main entrance, but you'll have to walk around this 100-yard radius. There may be additional parking at another terminal east of Terminal 6, but that is not confirmed. The main entrance is 4/10 mile east of Kelley Point Park parking. There is an open field across from the entrance into which people will have to walk to get around the 100-yard radius fence planned for the entrance. It will be mowed to reduce fire hazard, but it is rough terrain. This main entrance to Terminal 6 may be the presidential motorcade route into this venue.

Friday, August 13th 2004 12:45 PM (12:30 PM arrival) - "Ask the President" at Southridge High School in Beaverton.
- Admission Requirements: Unknown
Contact: The GOP
Location: Southridge High School, Main Gym, 9625 South West 125th Avenue, Beaverton, Oregon

Here is the information that has been provided by a representative of the Beaverton Police Department:

The Beaverton Police Department, according to their representative, will attempt to accommodate crowds gathering at the high school, both for and against Bush, but he said they would try to ensure that these groups could remain separate from one another.

Parking, according to BPD, will be available at GREENWAY SCHOOL, at the corner of SW Downing Drive and SW Longhorn Lane. Parking may also be available along SW Longhorn Lane. From there, it is a short walk WEST along SW Longhorn Lane to SW 125th Avenue.

The EAST SIDE of SW 125th Avenue will be open from SW Longhorn Lane down approximately 300 yards SOUTH. (SW Longhorn Lane runs into SW 125th Avenue at the NORTH end of the Southridge High School grounds.)

The BPD representative said that he thought that arriving before 11:00 am would ensure easy access, but that as the time for Bush's arrival approached (he is scheduled to arrive at 12:30pm) the access to the area would become problematic, as streets and freeways were shut down to make way for the presidential motorcade.


(Please note: Information on the Bush visit has reportedly been leaked from local press agencies. All information regarding the venue and possible city and police bureau planning is subject to change at the last minute.

PPRC cannot guarantee the accuracy of the times or locations for Bush's stops in the Portland Area. The information listed here appears plausible, and PPRC will be attempting to verify its accuracy over the next day.

This itinerary is based on information reportedly released to the press. The information has not been independently verified. The actual times for Bush's arrival at these venues may be significantly different from what is listed here; it is possible that Bush may be arriving somewhat later than the posted times for these venues. Only the stop at Terminal 6 has been independently verified. It is reasonable to assume that information given to the press will not be entirely accurate due to last-minute schedule changes or for other reasons.

1. Arrival at Portland International Airport

10:45 a.m.
THE PRESIDENT arrives Portland, Oregon, aboard Air Force One

Portland Air National Guard
Main Gate
6801 North East Cornfoot Road
Portland Air National Guard, Oregon

2. Address at Terminal 6, Port of Portland

11:10 a.m.
THE PRESIDENT arrives Port of Portland - Rivergate Industrial Park Terminal 6.

11:15 a.m.
THE PRESIDENT begins Remarks at the Port of Portland

Port of Portland, Terminal 6
7201 North Marine Drive
Portland, Oregon

3. "Ask President Bush" at Southridge High School, Beaverton

12:30 p.m.
THE PRESIDENT arrives Southridge High School.
12:45 p.m.
THE PRESIDENT begins participation in Ask President Bush

Southridge High School
Main Gym
9625 South West 125th Avenue
Beaverton, Oregon

4. Departure on Airforce One

2:45 p.m.
THE PRESIDENT departs Portland, Oregon, aboard Air Force One