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KGW--Bush in Beaverton Friday

Kerry's visit to Portland will Friday will coincide with a same-day visit by President Bush to suburban Beaverton for a 12:30 p.m. campaign event being billed as "Ask Bush" at Southridge High School's gymnasium.
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please repost article 11.Aug.2004 17:31


kgw.com wants one to register to see any part of this story besides that bush is being elusive. which we already knew. and i don't wanna give them my email or any other info.


here's the whole article 11.Aug.2004 17:32


ugh, you have to register to read their article. so i did it, so no one else reading here has to. here's the rest of the stupid article:


10,000-plus expected for Kerry PDX rally; Bush visit more elusive

05:28 PM PDT on Wednesday, August 11, 2004

By kgw.com and AP Staff

When John Kerry rolls into Portland on Friday, anyone who wants to hear the Democratic presidential hopeful can head to downtown Portland's Waterfront Park.

Sen. John F. Kerry and President George W. Bush.

But those hoping to listen to President Bush on the same day in the Portland area will have to volunteer to work phone banks for the GOP campaign. Oregon Republicans said they want to reward their volunteers.

Rocker Jon Bon Jovi will perform and actor Leonardo DiCaprio also is scheduled to appear at Kerry's Waterfront Park rally that is expected to draw a crowd in the tens of thousands.

"It's the big finale," said campaign spokeswoman Lisa Sohn. "We wanted to make the finale a big event that everyone could come to."

Kerry has been traveling across America since July 30, following the Democratic National Convention in Boston. Oregon will be the 21st and final state of his trip. Prior to the Portland event on Friday, Kerry will hold a rally in Medford Thursday and make a stop in Eugene.

The Portland Kerry rally is open to the public and Sohn said Wednesday that tickets would no longer be required for admission. Tickets were still needed for Kerry's other rally at the Jackson County Fairgrounds near Medford. The Eugene appearance will be a private event, Sohn said.

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Kerry's visit to Portland will Friday will coincide with a same-day visit by President Bush to suburban Beaverton for a 12:30 p.m. campaign event being billed as a "town hall"-style meeting at Southridge High School's gymnasium.

"Oregon will be at the nexus of both Presidential campaigns this week," observed U.S. Rep. Greg Walden, R-Ore.

But unlike Kerry's downtown rally which is open to the public, getting tickets to the Bush appearance seemed much more elusive. The president's event is not open to the public.

"Want a ticket to see President Bush campaign in Oregon on Friday? You'll have to put in a few hours working on the campaign phone bank first," the New York Daily News first reported on Wednesday morning. "Callers to the Republican Party in Portland were told yesterday that the only way to get tickets was to volunteer to come in and make calls touting Bush to swing voters."

Dawn Phillips, spokeswoman for the Oregon Republican Party, said providing access to the Bush appearance is a way to reward "the volunteers who have been working so hard this summer."

According to Phillips, state and county GOP offices were given a limited number of Bush tickets to distribute, mostly to volunteers. People who have contributed their time and money to the Bush-Cheney campaign will get preferential treatment, she said.

"It's not like a situation where it's a quid pro quo or you have to volunteer," said Tim Trickey, political director at the Multnomah County Republican Party office in Portland.

Trickey said party offices have received hundreds of calls from people hoping to attend Friday's "town hall"-style meeting with the president.

Trickey is asking those people to help identify other Bush supporters by calling registered Republican and independent voters and asking them for help.

"Every potential Republican supporter would most likely want to do some work, too," he said. "We're just trying to build our volunteer base."

The president's Portland appearance will be followed by a stop in the Seattle area for a $5,000 a couple fundraising dinner on Friday night.

Political analysts said the contrast between Republican and Democratic events probably results from Portland's reputation as a liberal city and its history of anti-Bush demonstrations.

By giving preferential treatment to volunteers, the Bush-Cheney campaign ensures that the president will have a safe, friendly audience, said Russ Dondero, a professor of politics and government at Pacific University in Forest Grove.

"What they're saying is, 'We want a good crowd but we want our crowd,'" Dondero said. "'We don't want hecklers, we don't want crazies in the street.'"

At the same time, he said, "It's rather extraordinary to have a rally for your candidate that's open to the public only if you're willing to sign on the dotted line."

The Bush camp has a logistical challenge if public outreach is important, added KGW political analyst Len Bergstein.

"They've got to take this controlled environment they've really tried to create around the president and make it seem like it's an interaction," Bergstein observed. "I don't know how well they'll pull it off, but it's their challenge."

southridge HS location 11.Aug.2004 17:36


9625 SW 125th Ave
zoomed in map
zoomed in map
further out to show how close (far) from portland proper
further out to show how close (far) from portland proper

motorcade 11.Aug.2004 17:47


according to the trimet page, bush will be in a motorcade, crossing the max red line (so expect delays, yeah)....combine this with the itinerary posted elsewhere, add a dash of rowdy, bake for 15 minutes, serves everyone!

by the way...
public transit from downtown to the highschool is apparently not available according to the trimet page.

Behaving More and More Like "el Caudillo" Everyday 11.Aug.2004 20:37

banderín negro

Like someone recently posted to IMC -- the runt will soon be making contact with donors in a bus-style RV, with the windows blacked out, running up and down the freeways at high speed, dashing into the back corners of shopping malls to pick-up and drop-off the "faithful" in order to receive their tax-cut kickbacks, and thereby evading exposure to the masses.
el Maximo
el Maximo "Arbusto"

Is this relevant? not far from PPB ossifer Seary's home and church? 11.Aug.2004 22:31


In our neck of the woods, ( the corner tree that the developer left standing for use on the sales brochure, with a beaver ((artificial, or Nutria- seeded)) pond in the background!) has anyone noticed that Bushit is speaking near the residence and right-wing Church of mr. Seary?

What the hell. 11.Aug.2004 23:12


Southridge High School? I go to Southridge High School or at least I just graduated. It's across the street from my house. What the hell.

ask the chump 12.Aug.2004 18:57

Missy El

This is a link to a transcript of one of Bush's "Ask the President" sessions, in Arizona (?) a couple of days ago. It will give you an idea of the incisive challenging questions he gets and his brilliant response...

 link to www.prnewswire.com

hope there's more of a challenge to his zoloft-addled brain in Beaverton

how to get to southridge hs via tri-met 12.Aug.2004 19:00

k marx the spot tofu_is_good@hotmail.com

to get from downtown to southridge high school in beavertron:

Walk 0.25 mile east from PSU (SW BROADWAY & SW MONTGOMERY ST) to Market & 4th (Stop ID 3761)
10:06 AM Board 56 Scholls Ferry to Washington Square.
10:32 AM Get off at Washington Square Transit Center

Go to Washington Square Transit Center (Stop ID 9650)
10:37 AM Board 62 Murray Blvd to Sunset TC.
10:43 AM Get off at Scholls Ferry & 125th
Walk 0.5 mile north to 9625 SW 125th Ave
Travel time: 62 minutes (including 25 minutes walking and 5 minutes waiting).

getting to southrige 12.Aug.2004 20:31

Deanalator piercede@pdx.edu

It might be easier to grab the 62 at the millikan way transit center, the 56 might get crowded :-) That 62 is also going the othe other way, so if the 62s fill up at least then you have them going in both directions.

A13 MORNING RECON 13.Aug.2004 10:35


Just returned from recon of 125th [10am]

there is a minimal fenced area across from high school.

my guess is that this is intended for pro fascism types, and that if one does not arrive on scene early you will be excluded from anywhere near the area.

greenway best access route.


HELP NEEDED! 13.Aug.2004 16:50

Kendra snowzone69@cs.com

I just got home from the protest at the high school. I was hit in the face by a Bushy and was wanting to know if anyone saw this because the police say they have people who say I hit her and that she did nothing, I never touched her. So they are pointing fingers at me. Not one officer would tell me how to press charges. So if any one can help me with this problem I would be grateful:)