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The Bush A13 Visit: Another Portland Mainstream News Embarrassment

Why does the public not know the location of Bush's Friday the 13th appearance less than 48 hours before the event?

Don't ask the local press.
Though it's not surprising, this whole last-minute secret location information scenario is certainly a victory for Little Beirut, and another in a series of journalistic black eyes for the entire local media scene.

I mean, here it is, less than 48 hours until the Resident of the United States comes to Portland, and NOT ONE media outlet -- not The Waregonian, WillyWeek, Portland Tribune, or any TV or radio station -- has the interest or resources or integrity to come forward with the location of the event. Has any news outlet yet given the location as of 3:30pm today?

What this clearly shows is they are all entirely in the pocket of the Shrub administration. And probably too stupid to realize it. Why, oh why are they doing the GOP a favor by not digging for and publicizing the location? It's too big a secret? National security? They don't want to be left off the invite list? They forgot the meaning of real news?

These so-called news outlets are absolutely doing Shrub and his war crimes buddies a huge favor by not asking the obvious question and not digging around for the answer. Are they honestly going to tell us with a straight face that because the campaign has not released the information that they have nothing to report?

Nothing but shameful and shameless political-news-reporting-by-press-release a go-go.

Of course, the reason the GOP does not want the location divulged is
Let me say that again,

With all the trouble Bush had here in August 2002 and during the following hermetically sealed University of Portland appearance, it's obvious they want to minimize the number of protestors on Friday. What better way to do that than by not revealing the location until the last minute?

Now, one would think that the vaunted Oregonian, Willy Week, OPB, Portland Tribune, stations 2,6,8 & 12, KEX, KXL & KPAM would understand the troubles Bush always has here in Stumptown. And that they would therefore understand why the GOP would promote the coming event in the manner that has occurred.

From that understanding, one would logically assume that the allegedly independent media outlets would want to make a claim at remaining truly independent by finding out the event location and publicizing that information. And they would also do some in-depth reporting on the size, nature and scope of the potential Friday the 13th street battles in Stumptown.

This isn't a news story?!

So, the public can logically conclude that the local media, as a group, are

1. too unresourceful or too uninterested to do their jobs;
2. too beholden to the GOP for information, and thus don't wish to upset whatever relationship they have with that political party; or
3. themselves wish to minimize the number of protestors, in essence assist the police department & city hall by making their jobs easier, and hopefully save the city some money

Or all three.

Funny, but none of these conclusions has anything to do with serving the community by reporting the news.

It's obvious, it's clear, it's right in our face.

The Resident is coming to Portland, in the middle of the campaign fight of his life, on the same day as his Democratic opponent John Kerry, and the local media cannot and will not inform the public about the location of Bush's visit unless and until the Republican Party releases that information.

The situation speaks for itself.

By their previous dedication to largely peaceful and determined and aggressive demonstrations against our criminal and illegitimate regime in Washington, Stumptown protestors have made it impossible for Bush to visit Portland in any way that resembles a normal, functional manner for receiving a dignitary.

And by their previous, peaceful and determined actions, Portland protestors have shown a bright white light on the deformed and obscene in-the-same-bed-and-loving-it relationship between the local mainstream corporate press and the Portland power elite establishment.

Another victory for Little Beirut!

Another shameful episode for the Portland press.

So what else is new(s)?
questions 11.Aug.2004 16:19

Buzz Windrip

Who is he afraid of? We the people?
What is he afraid of? That we the people will rise up?
Why is he so afraid that he has to hide? What is he hiding?

How is it that so many can be held to such secrecy? I say that because it is clear that this is a major event that *many* people are involved in. Surely he has made reservations well in advance. So who are these people, these fellow Portlanders that are sworn to such secrecy.

One last question -- if they are capable of such secrecy, what else are they capable of?

this is weird business 11.Aug.2004 16:36

isn't it

even my "friendly" PoPo pal doesn't know and he/she has tried their damnest to find out.

I'm told that even the "secret" is kept at the highest levels of local government, as it
seems they don't trust their own "force agents" to keep the secret.

Bush is scared asshole and can't cope with dissention. Let's give it to him, shall we?

Poor W 11.Aug.2004 17:01

pitting poor W

Poor W. He wants to visit Portland, but he's ashamed to show his face. Or maybe it's his supporters who are ashamed to be seen with him in public.

what to do? 11.Aug.2004 19:00


So is anyone going to protest? I suggest we all just go downtown until we fing where he is. Does anyone know if there is anything being organized?
we must speak out against bush terrorism.

Battleground State My Ass 11.Aug.2004 19:05

North Portlander

If this is a "battleground" state, it must be because the same 300 or so people who attend each Cheney or Bush visit have very deep pockets and can coerce and/or buy more than their share of influence.

possible scanner activity may be intresting 11.Aug.2004 23:25


found this info..its a thought that the scanner may contain some insight as to the "spot" ? <not sure if these Freq. numbers are active> ?

U.S. Secret Service (USSS) Frequencies

Department Chan Frequency Tone Callsign Usage Notes
Output Input
Secret Service 1B 165.7875 n/a 103.5
Secret Service 2C 165.3750 n/a 103.5
Secret Service 3M 165.2125 n/a 103.5
Secret Service 4T 164.6500 n/a 103.5
Secret Service 5P 164.4000 n/a 103.5


more of them 11.Aug.2004 23:50

listening 2them

u.s. secret service
president security frequencys

--- ------- -----

32.230 able whca
166.5125 alpha escort & security
165.7875 baker pres./vp/vip escorts
165.375 charlie nationwide primary, command post coordination
169.925 delta whca vans, phones patches
407.850 echo phone patch uplink paired with 415.700 in aircraft
415.700 foxtrot phone patch downlink paired with 407.850 on ground
165.7625 golf input to 165.375 repeaters
166.2125 hotel pres./vp protection
407.925 india treausry security force (pres./vp protection)
170.000 juliet camp david, pager
167.825 kilo whca staff
168.7875 lima whca staff
165.2125 mike foreign/domestic dignitaries protection
167.025 november whca staff
164.8875 oscar pres. lomo. & executive family
166.400 papa counterfeit division, pres./vp protection
166.700 quebec whca staff
166.400 romeo input to 166.4625 repeaters
166.5125 sierra pres./vp protection, pagers
164.650 tango pres./vp protection
164.100 victor pres./vp protection
167.025 whiskey pagers
166.4625 x-ray treasury common channel (ss/atf/customs/irs)
162.6875 yankee phone patch uplink paired with 171.2875 in aircraft
171.2875 zulu phone patch downlink paired with 162.6875 on ground


i doubt they knew 12.Aug.2004 12:00


The secret service hardly releases that much info so early, and especially not here in Portland.

ctrl-z 12.Aug.2004 14:04

Locations of Bush appearances in Portland 8/13

 http://www.pprc-news.org/ Portland Peaceful Response Coalition has all the locations:

Friday, August 13th 2004 11:15 PM (11:10 AM arrival) - George W. Bush Addresses the Small Business Summit in Portland.
- Admission Requirements: This event is NOT open to the general public.
Contact: The GOP
Location: Bush will be speaking at Terminal 6 of the Port of Portland. Terminal 6 is located up by the Smith and Bybee Lakes Wildlife area, just east of Kelley Point Park, west of the I-5 Bridge, where the Willamette joins the Columbia River. Part of the Port of Portland's Rivergate Industrial Park, Terminal 6 is the region's primary container and auto handling terminal.

Here is what a representative of the City of Portland has said about the Terminal 6 stop for Bush's visit to Portland:

First, he confirmed that Bush will be at Terminal 6. He said that Kelley Point Park would remain open and that there may be parking available there. He said that there was sidewalk on both south and north side of Marine Drive, but that he was not sure how far along Marine Drive the sidewalk runs. The sidewalk will be open on both north and south sides EXCEPT for a 100-yard radius around the main entrance into Terminal 6. There will be fencing, and we've been told that it will be the "bicycle rack" waist-height barricades. One will be able to move from the east side to the west side of the main entrance, but you'll have to walk around this 100-yard radius. There may be additional parking at another terminal east of Terminal 6, but that is not confirmed. The main entrance is 4/10 mile east of Kelley Point Park parking. There is an open field across from the entrance into which people will have to walk to get around the 100-yard radius fence planned for the entrance. It will be mowed to reduce fire hazard, but it is rough terrain. This main entrance to Terminal 6 may be the presidential motorcade route into this venue.

Friday, August 13th 2004 12:45 PM (12:30 PM arrival) - "Ask the President" at Southridge High School in Beaverton.
- Admission Requirements: Unknown
Contact: The GOP
Location: Southridge High School, Main Gym, 9625 South West 125th Avenue, Beaverton, Oregon

Here is the information that has been provided by a representative of the Beaverton Police Department:

The Beaverton Police Department, according to their representative, will attempt to accommodate crowds gathering at the high school, both for and against Bush, but he said they would try to ensure that these groups could remain separate from one another.

Parking, according to BPD, will be available at GREENWAY SCHOOL, at the corner of SW Downing Drive and SW Longhorn Lane. Parking may also be available along SW Longhorn Lane. From there, it is a short walk WEST along SW Longhorn Lane to SW 125th Avenue.

The EAST SIDE of SW 125th Avenue will be open from SW Longhorn Lane down approximately 300 yards SOUTH. (SW Longhorn Lane runs into SW 125th Avenue at the NORTH end of the Southridge High School grounds.)

The BPD representative said that he thought that arriving before 11:00 am would ensure easy access, but that as the time for Bush's arrival approached (he is scheduled to arrive at 12:30pm) the access to the area would become problematic, as streets and freeways were shut down to make way for the presidential motorcade.


(Please note: Information on the Bush visit has reportedly been leaked from local press agencies. All information regarding the venue and possible city and police bureau planning is subject to change at the last minute.

PPRC cannot guarantee the accuracy of the times or locations for Bush's stops in the Portland Area. The information listed here appears plausible, and PPRC will be attempting to verify its accuracy over the next day.

This itinerary is based on information reportedly released to the press. The information has not been independently verified. The actual times for Bush's arrival at these venues may be significantly different from what is listed here; it is possible that Bush may be arriving somewhat later than the posted times for these venues. Only the stop at Terminal 6 has been independently verified. It is reasonable to assume that information given to the press will not be entirely accurate due to last-minute schedule changes or for other reasons.

1. Arrival at Portland International Airport

10:45 a.m.
THE PRESIDENT arrives Portland, Oregon, aboard Air Force One

Portland Air National Guard
Main Gate
6801 North East Cornfoot Road
Portland Air National Guard, Oregon

2. Address at Terminal 6, Port of Portland

11:10 a.m.
THE PRESIDENT arrives Port of Portland - Rivergate Industrial Park Terminal 6.

11:15 a.m.
THE PRESIDENT begins Remarks at the Port of Portland

Port of Portland, Terminal 6
7201 North Marine Drive
Portland, Oregon

3. "Ask President Bush" at Southridge High School, Beaverton

12:30 p.m.
THE PRESIDENT arrives Southridge High School.
12:45 p.m.
THE PRESIDENT begins participation in Ask President Bush

Southridge High School
Main Gym
9625 South West 125th Avenue
Beaverton, Oregon

4. Departure on Airforce One

2:45 p.m.
THE PRESIDENT departs Portland, Oregon, aboard Air Force One

Link to map, photo and other links 12.Aug.2004 15:05