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Here are the results of the meeeting between Axles of Evil and Portland Parks and Recreation Bigwigs.
Everything has been wrapped up just like a sitcom. The results of the meeting on Friday, 6 August were, I suppose, positive, but were no different than the results of the Meeting earlier this summer. Fortunately, this time there is something in writing. This documentation will be made public as soon as it is finalized, and we will stand by it. The agreement states that Bicycle polo is to be allowed in certain designated areas of certain Portland parks, and that PP&R will help polo-ers to find suitable and agreeable areas to play. Polo will be treated equally with all other informal (pickup) sports played in Portland parks, but in turn must agree to follow all laws and regulations governing said parks. Specifically included is city code 20.12.140 in re: alcoholic beverages in the parks. We will be allowed to host large events, but will be required to secure permits for crowd and alcohol. If, like some of our friends, you went out of town for a few weeks, you would be hard pressed to realise that anything had ever happened. At least some folks justified their salaries.

I'd personally like to thank everyone who came to bat for us. Mr. Steven Liens of the "friends of Alberta Park", John Kennedy of the USBPA, Phil Busse of the Portland Mercury, and the members of ZooBomb and SHIFT who called or emailed PP&R on our behalf. And if anyone in SHIFT thinks that I "have a lot of nerve," I do. I also think that you need to get a sense of frickin' humour. A big fat middle finger to the Willamette Week and to those who posted on IndyMedia about our apparent choice of malt beverages. F YOU, YA BOURGEOIS BASTARDS!

homepage: homepage: http://www.axlesofevil.org

Score! 12.Aug.2004 17:40


Kick ass! This makes me happy!

yea i guess so 13.Aug.2004 02:29


I mean all we ever asked for was to be left alone. We provide a fun constructive (maybe a little self destructive) reasonable sport that is open for anyone who wants to try it.

So the PP&R folk kick us out of a park so they could force us to have a meeting with them so they reafirm the agreement we had in place for several months. Obvisouly they have a well lubed PR machiene. Somone besides me has got to be pissed that they can get away with this crap. I sure hope KKKline got an earful.

Dozer, i think you should send them a bill for wasting your time.

bike polo??? 01.Sep.2004 11:34

el toro ishino_destroyer@yahoo.com

Hey... I've seen some of these bike polo ppl around (in the empty courtyard of some high school off morrison/stark & 12th ave... I wanna play! It looks like fun, and I bet it'll teach me to better handle my bike.

where do I sign up??