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Searching for Apartments!

Thanks for your help folks.
Any information you could post would help.

I want to make sure that I do not move to a right wing Hood!
really 11.Aug.2004 14:49


i moved to a right wing area and was attacked and the police helped the attacker!!!!

try buckman 11.Aug.2004 16:52


buckman is pretty left wing. the rents a a little high, but there's alot of places for rent. i would try to talk the landlords down. metion a "place down the street thats cheaper." buckman is about 60% renters, so it's a bit more working class then other S.E. neighborhoods.

lower Creston-Kenilworth 11.Aug.2004 18:27


60% renters, almost no yuppies but also not many tweakers, hasn't been gentrified, close to People's, Clinton St., red & black,etc.

Thanks for the info 11.Aug.2004 21:20


Red and black!
Is that the pizza joint where the weekly meeting is held?