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Still a chance to sign-up for Bush event tickets until 6:30pm today at campaign headquarters!

Worth a shot.
Well, looks like everyone will know either tonight or tomorrow morning about the location of the Stumptown War-Criminal Love Fest on Friday the 13th.

I went over to the campaign office in Beaverton/Tigard out by Washington Square Mall. Event tickets will be given out starting at 8am Thursday to folks who have pre-applied. That's tomorrow. So just in case the information isn't handy, here it is again:

Bush-Cheney Campaign Headquarters
10250 SW Greenburg Road
Suite 112 (Building 4)
Portland, OR 97223

I went in and politely asked if it was possible to get an invitation in light of the mainstream media announcements that it was an invitation-only event for business owners. They said just sign-up on their forms and take your chances. They had the forms right there. They also said the previously announced "invitation-only to business owners" format was not correct. So anyway, I signed up.

The office is continuing to take invitation applications until 6:30 pm today. They said the information would be subject to a background check. You have to give your name, address, phone, SS and date-of-birth.

Would it not be recommended that other anti-Bush people who don't care about the background checks (and have a shot at passing) go in wearing clean casual / business clothes and sign-up for tickets? I mean, even if we got ONE PASSIONATE PERSON into the event, wherever it is, and that individual made a point to ask a pointed question or cause a non-violent ruckus, wouldn't that be worth it?

I know there isn't much chance of it happening, but if I somehow get an invite, you can bet that you'll hear about me on the news later that day.

So come on people, take a chance, go to the office, don't snarl too much, and put in your name --- if you dare.

Either way, everyone should finally know the venue location tonight/early tomorrow.

Let's make it a visit Shrub will never forget!
Where 11.Aug.2004 14:36


jobber: did you get any scope on the bu$h venue?

Good Work 11.Aug.2004 14:45


Way to go! I hope your efforts to infiltrate are successful. I also hope to hear about you on the evening news.

You've inspired me. I'm calling a bunch of people to go over there right now.

no luck yet 11.Aug.2004 14:46


tried hard on the event location. but they would only say the word will be out tonight (said to try calling after 5pm) or tomorrow morning when they hand out the tixs