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Computer Security for the Home and Small Office

A review of "Computer Security for the Home and Small Office"
by Thomas Greene. Apparently a good guide for the technical
and non-technical user alike on reducing one's vulnerability
to various privacy threats. Parts appear to be of particular
relevance to some IMC users' interests.
The reviewer says, among other things:

"Chapter Five explains how to eliminate all traces of Web activity from your computer and defeat forensic recovery of stored data; how to surf the Web anonymously using an encrypted connection and defeat remote monitoring; how to set up and use SSH (SecureShell) to conceal both your identity, and the data content of your Internet sessions from all third parties, including your ISP. The many hiding places of sensitive or incriminating data are revealed for both Windows and Linux users."

See:  http://books.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/08/11/171205&tid=172&tid=6&tid=218
See also the author's website at  http://basicsec.org/