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USE THIS---Declaration Of Duress

File this anywhere status is pertinent, which is everywhere...
i, -----------, (on this day of-date) do hereby rightfully state, to all parties concerned, and for all purposes public and private, that i spend the currency of the federal reserve banking conglomerate strictly from within a situation of duress: this situation being a real and true result whereby no alternative, or recourse is available to federal reserve currency (which is not at this time being issued according to the strictures concerning the creation of money as addressed by the constitution of the united states of america) and i imply no consent whatsoever to any contracts made in my name, or not, or in my interests, or not, that i have not duly reviewed and approved with my signature. i reserve all constitutional rights legally bequeathed to me as a natural and sovereign citizen of the united states of america. in no way shall my signature or mark, or any action of mine not strictly defined as consent, be construed as consent to any other contract, agreement, or process of which i have not been made cognizant, and given my formal approval. i hereby record and make known my knowledge, and i hereby demand acknowledgement and satisfaction based on the constitution of the united states of america, versus any subsidiary law based on the defined benefit of the federal reserve banking conglomerates currency, any state of emergency, or any other scenario whereby my rights as a citizen of the united states are at issue. this notice supercedes all other status assigned to me, with or without my knowledge, by any entity of any type.