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9.11 investigation


but were afraid to ask....see how America has been taken over by foreign interests buying traitors like bush and kerry...
yawn 11.Aug.2004 15:05

just my opinion

This article is just too ramling and relies too much on vague implications and circumstantial coinceidences to perusade me of anything. Besides, I don't need a big conspiracy or occult cabal to explain anything that this purports to explain--there is a small group of very rich white males, united by class interest, who control intellignece, propaganda, foreighn affairs, and international trade. So?--tell me something I don't know.

I choose to focus on practical measures for change rather than getting sidetracked in mad-making conspiracy theories.

Thank you for the link. 11.Aug.2004 16:26

Tony Blair's dog

A very interesting historical insight in how
the corrupt and criminal U.S. government
has become what it is today.

As the quote at the beginning so knowledgeably states;

"Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in affairs which properly concern them."
-Paul Valery

Highly recommended to any one even remotely interested
in knowing what is really going on.