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Looking for contacts in Activism Portland area re: Akha Situation In Thailand

Recently deported from Thailand for Human Rights activism for the Akha Hill Tribe, I am looking to build network in the Portland area for presentations, events, etc.
I am looking to meet people interested in South East asian issues. This can include Hill Tribe, Hmong, Akha, etc, or activism on a topic such as trafficking in women and children, a major problem in that part of the world.

I am particularly interested to meet people who have experiences in staging non violent protests in Portland area, who are skilled in fundraising to sponsor projects, and other uses of media.

The Akha hill tribe number about 70,000 in Thailand of an overall population of 400,000 in south east asia and are treated brutally by the Thai government.

Some of our projects are literacy in Akha language, rice support to widows, work with the thousands of Akha in Thai prisons, first aid, fish hatchery project and bringing information to the world about what is happening to the Akha people.

If you are interested to help, or connect, contact me at  akha@akha.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.akha.org