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What if PDX IMC Gets Shut Down?

There needs to be a contingency plan to get information if government agents shut down/cyber attack Portland IMC in the next few days.
They are being so secretive about this visit. Clearly they don't want demonstrators in the streets and will do anything to avoid that.

I wouldn't put it past them to cyberattack PDX IMC on Thursday or Friday morning so that no one can find out where that terrible war criminal will be. So, what's the contingency plan?

Where can we get information other than PDX IMC?

Is PPRC a good alternative or should there be more places for updated information?

Is an email or phone chain a good idea?

What if we don't find out where the bad man is going to be? Is there a default site to gather? Note: the Kerry propaganda fest is not an appropriate place.

We should have some answers to these questions NOW before they have the opportunity to take the site down and disconnect us from our primary source of information.
Why not just go downtown? 11.Aug.2004 11:10

Like Always?

It doesn't matter where he will be; He's a coward who will not face the people. The PDX pigs will be used like the robots they are to keep the people in pens far away from bush. Why do we bother to try to engage him? Let's just go around him. Why not just go to the streets of downtown where we know we will be heard?

If there's no word by friday morning, I plan to be in the streets downtown. It doesn't matter to me if he's there or not. Frankly, I'm tired of engaging on their terms anyway. More fun to play in a creative manner.

Where downtown? 11.Aug.2004 11:21


Where's a good default place downtown....

Pioneer CourtHouse Square?

The Benson?

North Park Block?

South Park Blocks?

Injustice Center?

Be Smart 11.Aug.2004 13:58


This site is really not the best place to discuss tactics, keep that in mind. I understand your willingness to stay informed as is mine, but we must keep in mind that this site is monitored and used to anticipate protestors actions. Stay in close contact with friends and others who might be organizing something. And remember if you really want to make a statement or change the power structure don't be a weekend warrior. Get involved and stay involved. Our countries oppression at home is nothing compared to the people they kill around the world. Never forget that..............

how bout 11.Aug.2004 14:06


everywhere and nowhere? how bout a general strike/protest? No specific location, no specific time, just random occurrences that pop up all over town. That'd be hard to control! Oh wait! Now I see why that won't happen: if the liberals can't control it, then they will work against it happening at all.

Benson Hotel; Mayfair Ballroom? 11.Aug.2004 14:19

Trin Kiger trin@subvertical.org

Take a look at this:  http://www.emilive.com/portals/156/tour/1937/8_highres.html It looks like a likely place for W to be addressing the business summit on friday? Anyhow, I think that's where he'll be at any rate but I could be wrong, it's been known to happen from time to time, lol. Let's all be sure to meet at It's A beautiful Pizza ok? We need to really get on this.


KBOO 11.Aug.2004 15:30


if pdx imc is shut down, go to the only other real time portland progressive outlet.



Redundant Information 11.Aug.2004 21:06


Well, if the information actually gets posted here, it can be posted to other news outlets, discussion boards, and blogs.

I wouldn't put ANYTHING past Karl Rove and his nest of vipers, whether it's trying to knock Indymedia off the net, pulling Osama bin Laden out of hiding in late October, or even staging a terrorist attack in October to try to win the election or fixing/cancelling the election.