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Does propaganda have to be a lie?

Does propaganda have to be a lie?


Tired of contenting yourself to be afraid? Tired of the constant bombardment of injustice?

Then being a 'revolutionary' may be just the job for you.

Do you live a boring mundane life, where you make a game of distracting yourself because you don't know how to be patient, yet? Well, a revolutionary's life might be the life for you. True revolutionaries have a tendency to be great siblings, genuine and true, because they know the thing that moves them, which is love (beautiful and efficient)... I guess that's the catch- a true revolutionary knows the inefficiency of rage (and so, all those who've grown addicted to the lie that allows them to justify anger must come to terms lest they be bowled over by humility).

There seem to be many roles for the revolutionary- it is just a matter of defining your happiness and dedicating yourself to doing the best you can with what you got to maintain it.

Patience is good- it is truth.

It is pride. It is the lie of pride that causes our suffering and or brutality. Simply, it ignores that fact that all things can only be their experience- the grand consideration that everything that you are feeling, right now, is, and always has been (and always will be) the exact and only thing it could be; that you are your experience- an appreciator without control doing only what you know (It is an unescapable prison and we are puppets- now, do we freak out or do we accept? To accept is to fearlessly let love inspire, coming to know the truth of what you are, which is me).

There is a notion of 'Heaven-on-Earth'. I think it very true. Freedom.

If you want to be a revolutionary, trust in patience and your inspiration will come.


Welcome to the revolution.

David Arthur Johnston

Victoria, BC, Canada

Journal of the Occupation of St. Ann's Academy (Victoria, Bc, Canada)-  http://www.angelfire.com/apes/hatrackman/welcome.htm
Bush and his supporters are propaganda machines 11.Aug.2004 12:42


When the US bombed Iraq, you could see the dead and injured of Iraqis in western media. The US adm and it supporters called it propaganda lias by Saddam, when he fell they called it anti US propaganda by anti iraqis. So really what ever they have called it, call it and will call it it does not change the fact that it is dead Iraqs being killed by US forces.