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police / legal a13 bush/kerry visits

Rumor has it Kerry to speak at waterfront, 10am. What about bush?

I have an unconfirmed statement that kerry will be at waterfront park on friday, beginning 10am. But I stiill don't know when/where bush will be appearing.
Does anyone have details? I think it would be nice to say hello, as we do every august. However, I understand that he's scared shitless to actually face any of the people who supposedly "elected" him, so he will no doubt be crouching in the back of an ambulance, same as last time, in order to get through the throngs of adoring public. (Remember? It was a scream! They had to have the cops blockading the whole perimeter, sharp shooters on rooftops, and even THEN he had to have TWO decoy limos, and he, himself, crouched in the back of a friggin ambulance because they knew anarchists are good folk who wouldn't block an ambluance, even if bush was likely cowering inside.)(And, he was.)(What a laugh.)
And, 11.Aug.2004 11:07

he won't tell us where he will be or when

because he's scared of us. What a coward.

"No tinhorn terrorist gonna keep ME outta washington." --GWB (These words were uttered, if his handlers are to be believed, 10 hours AFTER Washington was secured, AFTER he fled like a rabbit to hide in a bunker in Nebraska.)

Possible Bush location 11.Aug.2004 11:42

PPBCopwatcher PPBCopwatcher@yahoo.com

Rumor has it that Bush will be at Terminal 6 which is out Columbia Blvd. near Kelley Point Park.

One Open - One Closed 11.Aug.2004 14:52

North Portlander

Kerry events are openly advertised - everyone welcome. Bush events are a secret - public not welcome. I hope everyone is paying attention.

By the way, have you been following all the coverage of the squeaky clean chipmunk-humans at Bush/Cheney headquarters on the evening news? In contrast, the only Kerry/Edwards workers shown are handing out fliers in Pioneer Courthouse Square. As if the Democratic Party doesn't have an office or a phone bank, too.

Bush's Location 11.Aug.2004 15:43


Kerry's visit to Portland will Friday will coincide with a same-day visit by President Bush to suburban Beaverton for a 12:30 p.m. campaign event being billed as "Ask Bush" at Southridge High School's gymnasium.

Where will Bush be? 11.Aug.2004 21:43


Bush will be at the Little League Softball World Series held at Alpenrose. ESPN2 will also be there.