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Denver likes animal abuse

A 15 year old girl raises awareness of circus animal abuse
Denver voters reject ban on circus animals

Denver voters reject ban on circus animals

The Associated Press
August 10, 2004

DENVER ? A proposal from a 15-year-old girl to bar circus animal acts within the city limits of Denver was soundly defeated Tuesday by a more than two-thirds margin.
Arvada High School freshman Heather Herman gathered enough signatures from registered voters to force the City Council to put the question on Tuesday?s ballot. Voters were asked whether the city should ban animals such as lions, tigers, bears and elephants in performances to protect them ?from cruel and inhumane treatment.?
With 58 percent of precincts reporting, 39,573 people, or 72 percent, voted no while 15,627, or 28 percent, voted to pass the measure.
?I think voters saw through the greater agenda of the animal rights activists and wanted to maintain their entertainment choice,? said Kathryn Works, a campaign manager for the Keep the Circus in Denver Campaign. ?The circus has been here in one form or another for 150 years.?