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finding out where bush will be...

we know for sure kerry will be at the waterfront at 10am. bush will be somewhere at 12:15. a "small business summit". searches of the web for such a summit have been unsuccessful, as have calls to local Rethuglican offices. let's everybody get creative on this one. how do we figure out where he's going to be?
listen to police scanners? get someone in the local Rethug party to snitch? find out from someone in corp. media? there's gotta be a way. everybody put their brains to this and try to figure this one out. then post here to pdx indy as soon as you know, so folks know where to go from the waterfront kerry protest.
SUGGESTION 10.Aug.2004 15:50


try to recruit some of those kerry people to come with us when we leave...

Strange 10.Aug.2004 22:35

Nader Guy

I got a call at the office today from a female asking if I still wanted to volunteer for the Bush campaign phone banking (I can only assume that since my name and phone number are floating in the ether as a campaign coordinator for Nader, that some Kerry joker signed me up.)

I played along a bit and she said that they were giving tickets to the volunteers for the Bush meet on Friday. I asked where it was and even she didn't know, (I could tell with hear certainty from how she answered the question.) She did say that she thought it was at a small business office somewhere in town. Looks like it's going to be locked down pretty tight. Under these circumstances I doubt that there is much chance that protesting would be visible let alone effective.

I'll be at the Kerry event. Maybe a message could be heard there. I hope that other anti-war citizens will do the same.

Nice try, "Nader Guy" 10.Aug.2004 23:31

might as well give up, huh?

The location of the Bush event will not remain secret for long. People need to start preparing now and adapt as this thing develops instead of waiting for a well planned protest to just pop up. Everyone be alert and check sources (It'd be pretty easy to send folks on a goose chase). With that kind of security tailing that bastard, he can't hide. Be ready to change plans and be ready to move. Given all the security, I'd betcha they have the attendees report to a central place, such as a large garage away from the actual venue and catch a chartered bus from there (remember the folks going to UP all met up at Rose Quarter [it's one way to get those rich fuckers out of their SUVs and onto mass transit]). Anyway, take the day off and get ready. If you want to go to the Kerry thing, "Nader guy", go for it. Just don't do it out of support. Bush and Kerry jacked off in the same coffin. How different could they be?

Dear Mr Sarcastic 11.Aug.2004 09:34

Nader Guy

I will be at the Kerry event shouting at the candidate until I get thrown out. Since both are warmongers:

( http://www.nytimes.com/2004/08/10/politics/campaign/10kerry.html)

I will be directing my efforts at the one that is most likely to budge.

I just realized that you probably think I'm a bush man trying to disuade people from protesting there. Far from it.

good to hear 11.Aug.2004 10:02

mr. sarcastic

Give 'em hell, Nader Guy!

nader 12.Aug.2004 15:17


you nader folks are lost and it is sad . nader has done great things in the past but the guy has lost it long ago. my god if you cant find anybody better to support why the fuck even be involved cause nader is not worth your time . i think getting kerry in and bush out is the best we can do now and alot of that is because we have wasted our time with nader and not found a real good progressive canadite . you pissed off i can understand but to lash out at the people who may someday support you seems counter productive . get a good canadite and come back and talk i think we will listen .lose the election to bush and we all lose.