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Wild Spirit Gathering: August 20-22nd

Healing is activism and activism is healing. We invite you to one of the most awe-inspiring groves of ancient forest in Oregon for a convergence of activists, healers, and magic. Admission is open and free!
at the 2nd Annual Wild Spirit Gathering
7pm, Friday, August 20th thru 5pm, Sunday, August 22nd
in the Clackamas Cathedral Grove, Mt. Hood National Forest

The earth is a haven for all ideas. Opposition happens. Cooperation happens. Life happens. We embrace Life.

We acknowledge that each of us is whole and empowered - and realize, with humility, how much there is to learn. Our actions are fed by and based upon Mystery as much as Expereince and Fact. As we realize this more fully, we gain the ability to see other beings and our communities more As They Are, rather than as we Think They Are or Should Be. With this knowledge comes power: power from within, and with each other.

We camp at a beautiful site accessible from the road. From there it is a ten minute stroll to the magical depths and heights of the Clackamas Cathedral Grove. Between these worlds, we will create through play, workshops, ritual, skill sharing, healings, and more.

Last year at the Wild Spirit Gathering:

*Starhawk and part of the pagan cluster sat by the fire circle and began dreaming their part in shutting down the WTO in Cancun.
*Healers gave free acupuncture and reiki to treesitters.
*65 people joined hands in prayer, meditation, ritual, and song, and communed in one of the most awe-inspiring groves of ancient forest on the slopes of Mt. Hood.
*Tales were exchanged of how the different activisms present had healed and changed the world.
*People learned how to use acupressure on themselves; how to climb trees; how to collectively create large group ritual; how to identify and use native plants for medicine, and more.

This year the offerings include:

*Deep ecology
*We are the ones we've been waiting for: Activism as though we are enough
*The science of intuition
*Art and puppet making
and much more.

Come help revolve this community evolution. Bring your wild spirit!
Come help evolve this community revolution.
See you there!

For more information, please contact us at:  Healing4all2004@yahoo.com

You can check out the Heartcircle Healing Space vision statement, and last year's schedule, at:

From Portland: Go about 30 miles S of Estacada on Rt. 46, about 10 miles S of Austin Hot Springs, and about 4 miles S of Forest Service (FS) Rd. 4650 (a R). You will see signs in an open space on your R - pull in there, and ask the volunteer for direction. If you reach FS Rd. 42 on your L, you've gone 2 miles too far.

From Salem: From I-5 at Salem, take exit 253 and go E towards Stayton/Detroit on Hwy 22. After crossing the Detriot Bridge, turn L onto Hwy 46 at the only gas station in town and head N for about 30 miles. You will pass FS Rd 4680 on you R; then, two miles later, FS Rd. 42, also on your R. About 1-1.5 miles afterwards, look to your L for a grassy shoulder/pull-off with a waist-high rock shaped like a saddle at the back and center of it. There will be a sign or person to direct you from there.

Bring: Food, water, camping equipment, toilet paper, musical instruments, art supplies, your passions, your knowledge, your questions, your self.

Heartcircle Healing Space is a forest-based gathering designed to empower the healing work of people active in our communities. We honor as active anyone who cares enough to help create change, and we define as healing any effort that results in more power-with, instead of power-over, the people, the planet, and all life upon her.