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Kerry at Waterfront Park

Kerry at Waterfront Park

Kerry will be at Waterfront Park. Gates open at 10:00 am. Protesters/supporters get your tickets here:


any plans? 10.Aug.2004 11:49


Is there any demonstrating planned for this event? Everybody seems to be focused on Bush's visit. Does anybody know what the set-up is here. I am very upset at the Dems for fighting to keep Nader off ballots and keeping him out of the debates. I'd love to deny Kerry his voice here....

Hell YA! 10.Aug.2004 13:16


I'm going to be there shouting my lungs out. Kerry coming out and saying that he would've sent our people into the grinder in Iraq EVEN IF HE KNEW THERE WERE NO WMD's!!!!

At least Bush has the benefit of being dumbass puppet who may or may not have believed what he was told.

Kerry MUST be sent a message. "GET OUT OF IRAQ."

Oh, and maybe support ONE of 20 progressive issues that the Dems have abandoned. If enough people send the message, maybe he'll listen. Bush certainly won't.

Don't be fooled by Kerry's plans for "pullout of troops" 10.Aug.2004 14:24

Red Emma redemma13@yahoo.com

I saw today's headlines and dared to hope that perhaps the man is already listening to us.... Then I read the specifics and realized it is just another crock of shit.

1. Kerry is NOT promising a pullout of troops, he's promising to reduce their numbers somewhat within 8 months of getting elected. This is the same thing Bush says he'll supposedly do, but without the arbitrary 8-month figure. Some difference!

2. This 8-month timetable, apparently, is going to depend on how successfully he manages to "internationalize" and "Iraqify" the war effort. In the same article that announced the supposed "pullout," Kerry is already saying that it might not really happen, if events on the ground in Iraq don't warrant a troop reduction. In fact, he might even INCREASE troops if need be. Some exit strategy!

3. This business about "internationalizing" the occupation is pure nonsense. Kerry's plan is for "our allies" to take over some of the financial commitments and commit more of their own troops as cannon fodder, while the reins remain firmly in US hands. This is exactly what Bush has already TRIED to get the international community to do, without success. France, Germany, etc. just fundamentally don't support this war! And even if they did, why would they want to assume some of the costs and sacrifices while the US continues to reap all the benefits? And what exactly is Kerry going to do differently to get all these other countries to sign on to a plan that manifestly isn't in their interests? Ask them nicer? And even if he did succeed at this--how does that make the occupation any better for Iraqis? For anyone else? I guess if the body bags are going home to France instead of the US, that makes it all OK.

4. The idea that "our troops can leave once we've built up the Iraqi army and police force," echoed by both Bush and Kerry, is even worse nonsense. Remember the "Vietnamization" of the Vietnam war? What this really is about is "training" (i.e., browbeating and forcing) Iraqis into killing other Iraqis, for the benefit of their US masters. This would be an appalling idea, even if it could work, which it can't. Like the various regimes of South Vietnam, the current client state in Iraq is so patently illegitimate, so utterly lacking in any domestic power base, that it requires the presence of foreign occupying troops in order to stay in power. And we're supposed to do something about this by helping our new CIA stooge build up his police state and implement his martial laws. Again, an awful idea, even if it could work.

Don't be fooled by the idea that Kerry is going to end this war. HE HAS SAID VERY CLEARLY THAT HE'S NOT! This current nonsense about reducing the troops is a distraction designed to keep you from realizing the obvious.

I will be there to tell Kerry we need a REAL exit strategy, not another crock of Democratic crap.

BOYCOTT 10.Aug.2004 16:31


Boycott him!

shout the sack of shit down! 10.Aug.2004 17:37


Let's let this opportunist scumbag know that he's not going to blackmail progressives into supporting him and his repugnant militarism.

Let the Whitehouse rig the elections; no leadership group has ever survived the combined forces of intelligence insiders, military brass, the entire foreign policy establishment, and most big business types outside some far right Rupert Murdoch types. They'll be impeached, I guarantee you, and we'll all be a lot better for it than having ANOTHER Skull & Bones boy as dictator.

why? 10.Aug.2004 17:54


Why do we need tickets to enter a public place like Waterfront Park? What gives? Is this the new Bushification of public spaces already fully embraced by Kerry?

kerry tickets 10.Aug.2004 20:54


The tickets will be limiting the capacity of the bowl, or so they say. considering red bull's flugtag held 50,000 in the bowl with bleachers added, the dems are expecting 25,000 which doesn't argue for the limiting statement. The tickets also say "Please limit personal items. No bags. No signs. Parking is limited - use public transportation." They ask you bring the ticket with you to the event. Hum. Wasn't it Michael Stripe who protested at an award show using layers and layers of tshirts? Ah, just an idea.

The Oregonian says no tickets needed 10.Aug.2004 21:06



Friday: The candidate and his wife will hold a Portland rally at 10 a.m. at Tom McCall Waterfront Park, on Southwest Naito Parkway and Columbia Street. It will be open to the public, with no tickets necessary.

oregonian? for correct info?! 10.Aug.2004 21:14


The ticket I got off the web clearly states that it's for Friday, August 13, 10am gates rain or shine at the bowl at waterfront park, prints your name and number of admits. The tickets are free on the kerry website:  http://www.johnkerry.com/events/081304_portland_form.php

To: Shout the shit clown down and Naderites 10.Aug.2004 22:47


Wow, it sounds like you want to scream out Kerry. Sounds pretty counter productive to me. So do you think a light will go off in Kerry's mind and all of a sudden he'll say "Gee that rude tatooted/pierced person was right". I should just be against empire building." Can you see that Kerry has a stratagy to defeat Bush. You may not agree with it but screaming at Kerry or disrupting his speech seems more alienating and ego soothing to me. Don't get me wrong I want Kerry to be more like Nader and less like Bush, but I also want Bush to get his ass kicked out of office.

My opinion (for what it is worth) is if your going to Kerry work on his supporters, you will get a positive responce by picketing out front (but there will be lots of righties, real arrogant scum types.

But if you are protesting anyone, protest the Bush, civil disobedience with the unpatriotic free speech zones....

Just my 2 cents..

The goal is not to appeal to Kerry's conscience 11.Aug.2004 09:25

Red Emma redemma13@yahoo.com

No, I don't think a light will go on in Kerry's head and he'll suddenly realize we're "right," intellectually or morally. The man has long since abandoned any use of his heart, conscience, or even that larger part of the intelligence that looks beyond one's own immediate self-interest. It's that immediate self-interest that I think we need to appeal to. We're not trying to convince him that he's WRONG; we're trying to show him that his warmongering views may COST HIM VOTES. And Oregon is predicted to be a closely-fought state in what is expected to be a closely-fought election.

Those of us who are willing to stand up and say that the emperor has no clothes and the Democrats have no candidate may be a tiny minority at this point. Say we are .5 of one percent of the voting population. Somewhere around October when the opinion polls start running 49.5% to 49.5%, Kerry will start listening to us all right. That is, if we have the courage to keep speaking up and do not let our "progressive" brothers and sisters browbeat us into shutting up for our own good.

got the shirts for ya 11.Aug.2004 09:53

michael stipe

lots of shirts here just for Kerry- you can even print your own


also check out the free music
Why is this jerk trying to be like Bush?
Why is this jerk trying to be like Bush?

Kerry is a Douche Bag but 12.Aug.2004 00:37


ctrl-z 12.Aug.2004 13:19

You've got a choice. Support Bush by protesting Kerry or...

Both Bush and Kerry will be here tomorrow. If you choose to protest against Kerry you may as well start putting up 'Bush '04' posters. Because if anything is clear it's that a protest against Kerry is a demonstration for Bush.

Do you want to demonstrate FOR more government spying on citizens, more detentions without charges or counsel, more illegal invasions? If so, go protest Kerry. You'll be showing your true colors.

so what does stronger America mean? 12.Aug.2004 14:17


Protesting Kerry is the best choice because if he really is a milligram better than Bush, he may be open to the anti war message, whereas Bush has already proven he is not. And to the above poster, Kerry has stated that he supports strengthening Homeland Security, implementing all the suggestions of the 9-11 commission, including appointing an intelligence czar, so how is he any different than Bush on this issue? And all you Kerry fans and Dems out there, please tell me, what in the heck does "a stronger America" mean?

Kerry Tickets - request more than you need 12.Aug.2004 15:03


Hi, thanks for the link to the Kerry rally and how to get tickets. Since I assume that tons of people won't know how to get tickets, won't know that they're required, plus, it leaves out those who have net access to get the darn things, I requested the max - which is 4.

When I arrive, I'll hang around the gate so I can take 3 new friends in with me who are in need of tickets.

I can't vote since I'm a Permanent Resident Alien (ain't that a cool title *rolls eyes*) and I can't risk being arrested, not being protected as a citizen. So, I'll go and add just myself as one more person to the group that will be there.

Please request more tickets than you need and take in some friends - it's a dumb thing for the tickets anyways but I'm playing the game.

Yes, you need a ticket 12.Aug.2004 16:02


I'm not sure why. I used a false name and a bogus e-mail (all of which is required to print a ticket)and a university address from a school I don't attend to complete the ticket form. Now, I'm off to Kinko's! See you soon...

How does protesting Kerry help Bush ... 13.Aug.2004 05:39


I think I understand how, to quote John Kerry exactly, "A vote for Nader is a vote for Bush.": The Democrats never did a thing in Congress to save our elections from a repeat of the scam of 2000. In fact, they supported the Republicans' proposals to require all states to use an unverifiable electronic system.

So, the Democrats are finally acknowledging the election was and will be a fraud (contrary to their insistence the last 3 years that Nader cost Gore the election - apparently forgetting that Gore actually won). Since they know the election is going to be fradulent, a vote for Nader obviously won't be counted for Nader, and since they've pretty much turned the system over to the Republicans (via Diebold), it stands to reason that Nader's (and others') votes will probably go to Bush. Using the Democrats' "logic", a vote for Nader IS a vote for Bush, because it very likely really WILL be miscounted.

But I don't see the logic of how protesting Kerry will help Bush. (Unfortunately, I also don't see how protesting Bush will hurt Bush.)