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Nader Tell Republicans & Democrats To Butt Out Of His Campaign!

Repost Of Press Release
Nader For President 2004
Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Nader to the Major Parties: "End the Barnacle Politics"

Urges Democrats and Republicans to "Stop Entangling Themselves in the Independent Nader-Camejo Campaign"

Washington, DC: Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader today urged the Democratic and Republican Parties to "stop maliciously trying to entangle our campaign with their own desperate maneuvers." Nader was critical of the Democratic Party for the anti-democratic efforts to keep Nader off the ballot and of the Republican Party for seemingly using the campaign for their own misperceived purposes.

"We want them to get off our back, leave us alone, stop trying to infiltrate our campaign and let us compete in an already rigged two party political system," said Nader.

The Nader-Camejo Campaign is particularly concerned about the actions of the Democratic Party since they are trying to limit the voters choices by keeping Nader-Camejo off the ballot. Throughout the country the Democratic Party has threatened to challenge signatures gathered by the campaign and litigate the campaign's ability to be on the ballot. Among the actions taken by the Democrats:

Harassment, threats and abuse of Nader-Camejo petitioners;
Attempting to spoil a ballot access convention in Oregon by sending Democrats in to fill the room and undermine the convention by swelling the numbers and then not signing the petitions;
Howard Dean who on July 9 in a debate with Ralph Nader when asked about Democratic efforts to keep him off the ballot said: "I refuse to participate in anything like that, because I don't appreciate that. Some of my former staff members are doing that. I told them I wasn't going to have anything to do with them." Yet, when the Nader-Camejo Campaign held ballot access conventions in Oregon Dean, according to reporters, called reporters on both days in order to suppress turnout. We ask Dr. Dean to disavow his own actions!
Using state employees, contractors and interns who work for the State of Illinois Democratic Speaker of the House to review and challenge signatures on Nader-Camejo ballot access petitions.
Outsourcing Nader petitions to India so signature validity can be checked at wages well below U.S. standards.
Hiring corporate law firms to harass our ballot efforts on frivolous and technical grounds.
"I told John Kerry that if he does not put a stop to how his underlings have been obstructing our ballot access he may be presented with a mini-Watergate scandal," said Nader. "This goes right to the top of the Democratic Party. Terry McAuliffe has told me that he approved of this type of activity by Democrats in every close state."

The Nader Campaign has also made it clear that it is not seeking the support of the Republican Party in its ballot access signature drive. There has been no communication with the Republican Party nationally or locally or with any Republican Party officials. "Our preference would be for both parties to stay out of our independent presidential campaign," concluded Nader.
Kerry should withdraw from the race 10.Aug.2004 17:01

Run, Ralph, Run

We already have Bush running, who need another Skull and Bones candidate? Let's see Ralph run head-to-head with Bush!