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Free Speech - Oregon Style

Dick Cheney's Visit To Southern Oregon...imc free speech zone, 08.08.2004 16:04

When corporate criminal Dick Cheney came to Southern Oregon on 7/30/04 the so-called "designated" FREE SPEECH ZONE became the question ? ? ?,

and so there was...

A call-out for action at KOBI TV (125 S. Fir Street in Medford) from 12:00 - 1:00 PM for some "Free Speech - Oregon Style."
Join a group of activists as we choose where the "free speech zone" will be. We choose to demonstrate in front of KOBI, and we'll invite the other TV stations to film our activity. Maybe KOBI will figure out that there's news outside their front door. Maybe not...

click for video clip of "Free Speech - Oregon Style"

July 30th 2004 Special Event
Time 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Title Free Speech- Oregon Style
Medford, OR
Location In front of KOBI - Medford
Topic / Issue Elections & Democracy
Sponsor Citizens for Peace and Justice

Bring your favorite sign. Bring a friend. Do you have an idea that shows the Bush team exactly what you think? Perhaps we could dip the Texas flag in oil - or make up some signs that will make the evening news. Let's steal some of Dick Cheney's air time.
for another Rogue IMC story on the Cheney visit...
"Southern Oregon 'Welcomes' Dick Cheney"

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