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Does Reverse Racism Exist?

I had a conversation with a friend about this topic and I would like to know what other people think.
Does reverse racisim exist and why? What do you think???????????
NO 09.Aug.2004 20:18


Racism is racism. To say that some racists are reverse-racists (because of their race) is racist.

no it doesent 09.Aug.2004 20:21


a black person for instance could discriminate against a white person but the black person has no power to change laws ,job hiring or firing.the police rarely look favorably on a black person vs. a white person in any dispute.i have experienced this and seen this time and time again.racism isnt just calling somebody a name.a blasck person can call you a million names but white people control virtually everything in this country.i cant believe you could even ask this question.that shows right there how oblivious whites are to actual racism. you just dont underastand.you never will. calling a black person or native person a name isnt the main harm of racism.racism also entails not listening to the views and ways of indigineos peoples in relation to living with the earth and harmony with universe.THATS what the harm of racism is.calling somebody aname isnt all there is to racism.if a black calls a white a name ,it doesent have any clout.we dont control yopur weapons of mass destruction.(nuclear ,chemical, ''raid'' ''tide'' etc.).no indigineous races ever have produced earth harming chemicals.has anyone ever thought of that?. are you listening? anybody out there?.a black person has no influence on anything in the united states.rice and powell are figureheads.they were put there precisely BECAUSE the white power structure KNOWS that the way the usa treats black and indienous people is THE weak link in the facade of american superiority and rghteosness.in other words the racism of the united staters would seem to confirm why the so called terrorists might have a good reason to hate ''amerca''.could this be why the police want to brutally silence black men who aasert their rights.of course theres more to it.there was a book from 1981 called ''the iceman inheritance'' written by a black author,i dont recall the name.it was on warner books.probably out of print.the book stated something along the lines of european ice age influenced human evolution in that part of the earth,creating ananimal that was driven towards survival in harsh conditions.could the white mans deep seated fear of the black man be a deeplevel reaction along the lines of ''if his black genetics get in our gene pool will our race lose its ability to create high technologies to survive in this climate? ''.it may be at such a deep level.maybe true evolution for the white man would be to look in a mirror and say to himself ''yes,i am an ice age man and i am reacting to other ''lesser'' races due to my ancestors bio evolution''. the ice man is still acting out ice age programs even though there is no more ice age.its global warming. maybe the white power srructure represented by police etc. is subconsciosly at a deep level trying to protect ice age evolved technical ''superiorty''.(when really ; is creating earth harming technologies really a ''superior'').when viewed in this way ,the african races could be considered '''superior'' because they didnt create any earth harming poisons etc.if the earth could speak maybe it would say the african or indigineous people are ''superior''.anyway ,there is much to say ,i have no final answers.i just having a discussion.but i do know that the current way the power structure is running things surely aint very groovy ,is it?

i 09.Aug.2004 20:40


i suppose the article poster would say if a cop brutalized a black man ,and the black man called the cop a racial slur, that that would mean the black man is racist. the very fact that a white cop is hurting blackman shows the racial power dynamic in this country.the cops were created by white people.no one asked ME for any input on how to ''police'' our society.of COURSE they wouldn't want to hear it!!!

To "No It Doesent" 09.Aug.2004 21:05


"i cant believe you could even ask this question.that shows right there how oblivious whites are to actual racism. you just dont underastand.you never will."

To say that I will never understand is not entirely true. I and any other white person will never fully understand because we are white. But we can learn and somewhat understand. I am a very open person and I want to learn. This is something I think EVERYONE needs to learn about. You are right about how oblivious whites are to actual racism, even most activists. We think we have got a good grip when it comes to knowing what racism is, but really we don't. This topic needs to be put out there for people to talk and think about. That is the reason I posted this question out there. Maybe people won't fully understand but they can definately learn. EDUCATE!!!!!

No 09.Aug.2004 21:14

Ding dong

I would say no. It is important to understand the roots of racism, when and where it came from. Racism is completely tied up with the capitalist system. I would suggest reading the following article to give a clear understanding of the topic.


blacks have no power? 09.Aug.2004 21:48


Ok, so If Oprah interviews me and black guy and hires the black guy because he is black and I'm not, that's not racist because Oprah has no power?

get real...

The next time Condi Rice does something and you throw a snit, I'll remind you she has no power...

i'm surprised 09.Aug.2004 21:56


i'm surprised at the lack of common sense here. intelligent people are staying away why? racism does not just exist in the united states. when you talk white vs black you are talking the us. and you are ignoring all other ethnic and racial groups (if you believe such a thing exists). what about china? can racism not exist in china? becuase the han chinese are not white? think for a few seconds. i have heard the line about power and only those in power can exercise racism becuase it is institutional. this is absurd, misguided and wrong. racism is what tears apart tribal counties the world over. the poster who references indigenous cultures as being some genuine sort of harmonious utpoia that doesnt produce "earth harming chemicals" has apparently had little contact with contemporary indigenous peoples. what about gunpowder? huh? does that not classify as an EHC "-"? are han chinese not indegious? racism is not a construct of only white capitalism. i wish that it were that simple. it is about hatred and yes, economic leverage. and yes it can be institutionalized, as is obvioulsy the case in the us today. but it is wrong to say that racism exists purely as a result of capitalism. capitalism might intensify things at times but it can also bring people together. and if you doubt that i suggest you visit communist china and get back to me.

hmmmm..... 09.Aug.2004 22:05


What if I am white and I am walking down the street and someone of another color calls me a white honkey or cracker, wouldn't that be racist? Don't get me wrong, I know that white people have dominated over other cultures/races for years. But I don't believe I am racist or would do anything like what the white crap has done and is still doing. Do I still deserve being called names because I was born with this color. No I don't! I feel calling anyone names because of their color or culture is racist.

nah 09.Aug.2004 22:20


it's just an argument conservatives make (in a liberal language) against affirmative action.

what is racism? 10.Aug.2004 00:36


Racism is a hierarchy of races, each higher (or lower) than the other. The one at the bottom is not capable of being racist. The one at the top gains from the racist hierarchy, even if (s)he is not "racist" in deed.

I highly recommend the link provided above by "Ding Dong" - it is an excellent article on precisely what racism is. It will help white folks understand.

thought provokations 10.Aug.2004 00:37

sparkle girl aesthetic terrorism language unit

"Today, in the U.S., those who believe they are part of the 'white race,' but who are not necessarily aware of the fact that this very belief makes them racist and therefore part of the problem, are busy congratulating themselves that racism has been officially ended. In their completely distorted and self-serving view, 'everyone else' is now, as a result of corrective changes made since the 1960s, assimilated and integrated into supposedly equal cultures of diversity. What these apologists for whiteness refuse to acknowledge is that the cultures of diversity that make up these United States are in truth largely stolen cultures, brutally exploited and manipulated by giant corporations, owned and operated by rich white men, and backed (as well as subsidized, at your expense and mine) by an inherently white supremacist government. This white corporate power and its state machinery make up what is called the White Power Structure, and if you don't see that it's still intact today, you're not looking very hard."
--J. Allen Fees

"Let's face it, we live in a white supremacist society, and white supremacists control, to a horrifying extent, the words and images we use. The hard lesson—hard to swallow, hard to digest—is that minorities outside the colorless zone of whiteness will never (token exception aside) be portrayed with dignity, authenticity, and intelligence until the oppressed themselves seize the means of production."
-Ronnie Burk

"Solidarity, that is the harmony of interests and feelings, the coming together of individuals for the wellbeing of all, and for the wellbeing of each, is the only environment in which Man can express his personality and achieve his optimum development and enjoy the greatest possible wellbeing. This is the goal towards which human evolution advances; it is the higher principle which unites all existing antagonisms, that would otherwise be insoluble, and results in the freedom of each not being limited by, but complimented—indeed finding the necessary raison d etre in—the freedom of others."

"The ideology of my party may be formulated as follows: no race, no people, no nation can exist freely and be respected at home and abroad without political freedom."

"Why write this book?... there are too many idiots in this world. And having said it, I have the burden of proving it."
Frantz Fanon, on "Black Skin, White Masks"
sparkle girl-a bird by any other stone
sparkle girl-a bird by any other stone

why examples of racism are usually white vs. black 10.Aug.2004 04:39


In the US at least, black people are used as examples because racism against blacks is the most widespread form.

If you want racism, go to asia 10.Aug.2004 06:12

round eye

asia is ripe with racism. they don't like blacks, they tolorate whites (as long as they aren't their son-in-laws), and they act like other asians from other asian countries are some sort of low order primates.

America is quite color-blind compared with some places in the world..

Racism------------------Black and White? 10.Aug.2004 06:21


Borders, are institutions of class division. They maintain white racism. There's also brown people that patrol these borders for white institutions like the us government. Reservations are posible because through violence and trickery people were broken and pitted against one another. White supremacy in america is a different beast from interracial conflict between oppressed classes. I've seen black men stare down hispanic men with black girlfriends, I've worked with hispanic men that hate jews, I know of many buisineses of one race or another that only hire thier people. It seems like when for the most part white people lay down a blanket denials of any expierence that gets in the way of thier analasis without trying to understand how peoples expierences fit together it seems again like well.. white priveledge. I think that because of this alot of actavists arn't even aware of the life expierences of hispanic, natives, and asian people in this country.

the aptly named Borders 10.Aug.2004 09:10


"Borders, are institutions of class division."

Borders books seems to be true to it's name.........I do believe I have never seen a African-American person working there.

well, 10.Aug.2004 11:23


it seems to me that there're two kinds of racism: personal, and institutional. Personal racism is the individual's prejudices and hate; institutional racism is when such prejudice is made governmental policy, or when the end result of gov't policy is racist.

You'll also notice that so-called "law and order" policies (such as Measure 11, three-strikes, racial profiling) are supported mainly by scared whites, subconsciously knowing who is affected by these policies, and at the same time, denies that it is racism. Ditto for welfare reform, urban redevelopment, etc.

to answer the question 10.Aug.2004 12:32


in response to the original question, i agree with x - racism is racism, reverse racism is made up BS.

some of you all really need to get your heads out of your asses. you are talking about racism as if it could only ever exist in the United States. there is a whole world out there people and white US citizens are not the most evil people on the planet, regardless of your view of capitalism. i tried explaining this, but of course, most did not care.

the idea that only whites can be racist is being anthropocentric. it is wrong. "reverse racism" or racism by people other than whites does exist. if you cannot admit this you have a hell of a lot more to learn than the average white guy who thinks he has no special privelege based solely on the fact that he is white. thats right, you are the ignorant and biased one if you believe otherwise. know why? because then you believe that racism can only exist if your skin is white. and that, friends, is what racism is all about.

i read the long marxist diatribe on capitalsim and racism and yadda yadda yadda. and alot of the points were excellently put. but the idea that racism has not always existed is a theoretical stretch. the structures that support modern racism did not exist - for example the oregon law that prevented bi-racial marriage. but just because there is a law does not mean the lack of a law makes it not racism. this is an assinine argument - and one that marxists of all breds constantly get wrong. you cannot prove that something exists as a result of something else based upon modern defintions only. is it only racist to lawfully prevent bi-racial marriage and not, say, to kill someone for it? of course that is racist and it happens all the time today still in tribal and grossly ethnic societies.

i say again - the idea that only white people can be racist, on account of the power structure of the united states, is a fallacy. and it is a dangerous one. if you really believe in equality you will be able to see this.

racist laws are enforced by brutal, real, oppressive FORCE 10.Aug.2004 22:52


"the idea that only whites can be racist is being anthropocentric"

As is the way with racism: the race at the top forces everything to be seen through the lense of "whiteness." Even in China, whites have power. Who consumes most of the world's resources, despite being a relative minority population-wise? White people. Look at the big picture; white people are at the top.

Racism used to be "every one who is not us sucks" in the so-called western world. That was when slavery was based on whoever got vaptured through conquest. But during th erise of the so-called New World and capitalism's rise, slavery was based upon a new, rigid hierarchy of races. Whites were placed on the top.

To this day, when you speak to an Asian on racial matters, you will notice that no matter if the person is Han, Hmong, Cambodian or whatever - the person you are speaking to will JUST HAPPEN to be at the top of the racial hierarchy. And this is true of most every "race." Yet with the slavery of capitalism, certain races have been brutally taught "their place", and do not have this arrogant ethnocentrism that is inherent in so many other peoples. That is racism.

When a black person calls a white person a "honky" it does not carry the same weight as when a white person calls a black person a "nigger" - because the words of the white eprson also carry th epower and weight of an entire society, economy, and power structure behind it, while a black person's words have only the power of the words themselves. It is not equal.

I agree that this artcile is a good one:

rambling determinedly 11.Aug.2004 00:41


Racism at its most fundamental is simply one individual attempting to obtain superiority over another by demeaning the others race. Racism is a very effective weapon in the suppression of one group of individuals by another. "Reverse racism" is a sub-definition of racism, identifying a current of racism in opposition to the majority status quo perpetrators of racism in a given culture. If you think about it "reverse racism" as a phrase in itself makes no sense...what is the reverse of racism? Not racism?
Racism as a weapon is doubly effective when the targeted individual responds in kind. Spiritual energy is wasted in a state of being that is divisive and demeaning to the integrity of a collective effort essential to effective rebuke of the offense.
Racism is one of the simplest, most devastatingly effective, mutually destructive weapons imaginable.

literally speaking 11.Aug.2004 11:21


First off, I agree that "reverse-racism" is a nosensical, bullshit term. Secondly, I also realize what the author is asking. Does prejudice against white people exist? The answer is that of course it does! Racism is an institutionalized force that works for the power elite. The power elite, being mostly white, benefit from racism because it is another way to enforce control over the majority of humanity and thus ensure that small minority's continued status as "power elite". Yes, there are many non-white people that harbor prejudice against whites, unfortunately, but the ironic thing is that these counterproductive (but not entirely unexpected and even justifiable to a point) attitudes are used as further means to support the overall power structure. White people need to feel afraid of dark people in order to continue to justify and thus perpetuate their situational power/priveledge over them. So, when dark people are prejudiced against white people, the whites can point and say "look, racism works both ways!" It's easier to turn a black person down for a job if you think in the back of your mind that they're out to get you because you are white; that they resent you because of something you cannot change: the color of your skin. And while a black person might turn a white person down for a job once in awhile solely on the basis of sking color, the white person can simply go apply at one of the other hundred or so places where they will be interviewed by a white person, whereas for a black person it is not that easy to escape.

getting there 11.Aug.2004 15:42


Is gaining control over the majority of humanity, beneficial? I wouldn't think so unless I thought that was a positive objective seen from a world community viewpoint...so, I don't. As for the elite segments of the population throughout history that have accomplished this control over the majority of humanity, has their lot really been improved? Well, they have more shit than the controlled, but they have to do a lot of nasty blind eye, and not so blind eye crap to get it. That's demeaning and has not positively enhanced the character of the people in those elite segments.
Racism brings out the worst in people and in a culture. It is self-perpetuating and mutually demeaning and destructive to all. Racism is the real black hole where most of the world's resources are going as people quibble about petty details.

(this is just to the white commenters) 11.Aug.2004 17:09


i am a Latina and i think most of these comments come from uninformed middle to upper-class whites who have never left estados unidos. white kids are so full of themselves on this subject, so sure that they have defeated their own racism (as though your own racism is something that you can end work on), so sure that they have all the answers and can now come and save us people of color. and i find it funny that you guys are so quick to make such lowly figures of yourselves, your white guilt. you will say i am generalizing- but you are too, no? all people who are not white (and what the hell is "white" anyway? most white people are not pure white, even though even the most liberal of them are horrified to hear this) cant be racist, right? i can call a black person a nigger and it doesnt mean anything, right? but is it racist for me to insult an mayan from chiapas? they are less white then me. but wait, i'm lower than the spaniard whites at the very top. Fuck! i'm both! i can be both white and not white! racist and non-racist! ay chingada, in matters of race, things are very complicated. who would have thought?
and this whole comment wasnt racist, right, because i'm brown and your white, right?

thanks latina 12.Aug.2004 09:20


i'm pretty sure you agree with things i've said. though i am by no means sure. really i think you are confused as to what people have said here. but maybe not. in any case, non-white, or half-white, or sorta white people can be racist. some here have stated otherwise, and they are wrong. latina, you are right when you imply that leaving the estados unidos for a while can wake you up to a few things. those here that imply that only whites can be racist, on account of they have developed capitalism, and other equally ridiculous marxist notions should expand their horizons somewhat and go visit some other countries where marxism is alive, well, and the state religion. i guarantee they wont like it one bit. but armchair marxists are always like that. hey GRINGO or ding-dong, ya wanna talk about modern marxist countries? name a few and lets compare them to the USA and which place you would rather live. come on...i dare ya. i'm not trying to convince anyone anymore....but we could have a good discussion.

Si 12.Aug.2004 17:02


Glad you got the farse, tt01. to clarify, yes, i definately agree with you.

YES 16.Nov.2004 06:17


You'll notice thiat if a white man insults a black man, they get all sorts of hell, but if a black man insults a white man, nobody cares.

Does reverse racism exist? 22.Dec.2004 22:50


of course it exists,some say blacks can 't be racist against whites because they don't have the power and privilege that whites do. This excuse is just trying to make themselves(blacks and other non-whites) look like they are more noble which is bull. The minute you judge another and hate another person because of their race your a racist, plain and simple. No excuses.