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Thinnest People Eat a Lot of This Food

This should prove that the atkins diet is harmful and that if one sustains a healthy diet (Vegan diet) that consumes mosly fruits, veggies, nuts,etc you are more likely to be thinner and live longer. But we already know that don't we :)
A four-nation study of more than 4,000 men and women ages 40 to 59 has produced a stunning conclusion in our Atkins diet-fueled society: The thinnest people on Earth eat the most carbohydrates. Even more alarming, the people who eat the most protein are actually the heaviest.

"Without exception, a high-complex-carbohydrate, high-vegetable-protein diet is associated with low body mass," study leader Linda Van Horn of Northwestern University said in a news conference reported by Reuters. "High-protein diets were associated with higher body weight."

Before you reach for the nearest doughnut, realize that the carbs that do a body good aren't from french fries and white bread that contain lots of sugar. They are complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

In the Northwestern study, more than 4,000 people from the United States, Great Britain, Japan, and China wrote in a food diary everything they had eaten during two 24-hour periods. "Lo and behold, what we did find is that without exception, a high complex-carbohydrate, high-fiber, high vegetable-protein diet was associated with low body mass index Van Horn explained. A low body mass index or BMI is a standard measure of healthy weight.

But also notable is this finding: The more animal protein that was consumed, the higher the person's weight. And the greater risk to his or her health. "I think any diet that recommends increasing the amount of saturated fat poses a risk," said Randal J. Thomas of the Mayo Clinic. "There may be good things about the diet...but any diet that recommends increases in saturated fat could be increasing the risk in the population."
weight != health 09.Aug.2004 21:00

big and healthy

Hmm..how interesting. I know people who do eat meat and are thin but have heart problems. I had an uncle in india who was vegeterian, skinny, but died of a heart attack. I have seen vegeterian/vegans who are heavy b/c that just happens to be how their body works. While I whole heartdly agree that people should chuck all processed carbs out the door, but you cannot measure someones health on weight alone. And while veganism is a great choice for many, it won't work for everyone. Just like not all people can be shoved into one category, there is no one single answer for a "healthy" lifestyle, healthy itself being a subjective concept

I will now wait for everonye to call me anti-animal rights and flame me just b/c my opinion is different. Ah, the joys of "free press". :)

one more commnet 09.Aug.2004 21:01

big and healthy

One more comment is that I am not condoning the atkins diet. To me it is just as extreme as the veganism when it comes to what you are doing to your body, and again while it may work for some, it will not work for all.

OK, I'll bite 09.Aug.2004 21:33


For just what kind of a person would a vegetarian diet not "work"? What do you mean by "work"? Are you referring to the protein myth, that it is not possible to get the necessary protein without animal products? The grain quinoa alone could supply all the protein anyone would need, it has all the essential amino acids and in the right proportions for assimilation in the body. There are many other grains and even leafy vegetables that contain the essential amino acids (protein). There is nobody on the planet, as far as I know, who could not be more than healthy on a totally vegetarian diet.

So you have seen chubby veg / vegan people? There is nothing about a veg / vegan diet that forbids eating processed foods and refined grains, rather than whole foods as discussed in the article. Bread made from refined grains and sugars can be quite fattening. I wouldn't eat it as a habit because it is extremely unhealthy.

Yes you can be vegan and big 09.Aug.2004 21:52


you have to look at what you are eating. Vegans who eat lots of sweets, over indulge, eat lots of processed foods, and do not exercise can become fat. Yes, everybody's bodies are made differently. You can be big and healthy but I don't believe you can be fat and healthy. Veganism to me is not extreme. Eating dead flesh is extreme to me. It seems to me most people can live a vegan lifestyle if they know what foods they need to eat that has the right vitamins they need for their body. Eat Live Foods, Not Dead Foods!!!!!!!and EXERCISE!!!!

biochemical individuality vs. corporate health lies 09.Aug.2004 23:00


The original article--and all commodified diets--maintain a huge lie. The lie is that all people can be 'fixed' by one diet. Instead, know about your own body and work from there.

info here on biochemical individuality, books, etc.

Or find any clinically trained nutritionist who knows about acid/alkalaine issues. And at the link above, yes, I agree with the moral critique someone posted to my originally more rushed comments.


using your head feel your body 10.Aug.2004 00:57


Meat has its place as a good survival food, say like if you're a pioneer on the move across the prarie and you've run out grains and so forth. But most city people, or those close to facilities providing vegetables, nuts and other things shouldn't need to eat that stuff. The need for meat is, I think, largely a conditioned one. Make people eat the stuff without salt, sauces, etc. and see what they think. Vegetables, nuts, cereal wheats prepared the same way, on the other hand taste....well, great to me at least. But maybe it's all relative to the individual.

... 10.Aug.2004 16:37

this thing here

if all you ate was the atkins diet, and never exercised, your body may not become overweight, but your arteries would get totally clogged. why? because the proteins and fats in meat do not add fat to the BODY. instead, they add way way to much cholesterol and fat and plaque to the blood, as a byproduct of being digested and broken down.

if all you ever ate were sugars and carbohydrates, and never exercised, your arteries may not get clogged, but your body would be dragging around one hell of a lot more weight than is healthy. why? because sugars and carbohydrates, if they are not used (metabolized), and float around as excess, add CALORIES (in the form of FAT) to the BODY, not to the blood.

in my opinion, what the atkins diet is doing is taking advantage of how meat is digested by the body. for those who have ever eaten a thick sirloin, and really stuffed themselves with meat, did you within three or four hours feel the need to snack? think about lions who have eaten a wildebeast. they sleep or lie around for three days before they're ready to eat again. meat is not digested and metabolized quickly. it keeps the tummy busy for a long long time. hence, there is no urge to snack.

sugars, and certain carbs, work the opposite. they get metabolized really really fast. this is why if you're running a marathon, and need energy, something with sugar in it is going to help you, while a steak or beans will not. however, if you eat a candy bar, and drink a 24 oz. mountain dew, though you may feel full, i have noticed that at least with me, i am hungry again within 1-2 hours. back to the snack machine.

i'm definitely not suggesting that people eat all meat or all sugar. i'm defintely not suggesting that the only place people can get protein is from meat, because that is totally false. however, the point here is that humans are omnivours, so it seems to me that eating ALL one thing, or ALL another, is totally stupid and unhealthy. a healthy meal would have sugar/starch/carbs AND proteins, whether from veggies or meat.

to me, it's amazing how the food industry in this country jerks people back and forth. first, fat was the problem. fat made you fat. so for example, all the fat was taken out of yogurt, and meat was bad. in place of calories from fat, 50% more sugar fills the void. still people were overweight. because calories from sugar create fat. then atkins comes along. "look, look, the sugar is the problem. take out the carbs, and just eat meat all day!" so now, people start keeling over with clogged arteries.

this is nothing more than an example of sheep behavior, herd think.

It's More Complex Than All This... 11.Aug.2004 13:10


I know a vegan who had an almost fatal stroke. Balance and food quality is what is important. We should be moving away from a meat economy, but there are many societies who's diet of meat, fish and complex carbs produce very healthy citizens.

back to nature with raw-living foods 11.Dec.2004 19:53

ani smartmonkeyfoods@yahoo.com

the best lifestyle for folks worried about their weight is a raw-vegan one.
this means a diet full of fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds.
we avoid grains
and since fruits and veggies are packed full of nutrients and are mostly water and fiber, you don't have to eat as much to get the nutrition you need
you will feel satisfied at a cellular level.

flour is a filler with little nutritional value, and the more fillers we eat the more food we need to consume to get enough nutrition.
when eating all organic raw living foods, they are NUTRIENT dense, which means our bodies are satisfied on smaller quantities
this creates less digestive work on the body, leaving energy for healing, fighting disease, etc.

it's also a way to tread lightly on the planet.
i noticed a complete absence of garbage when i shifted to all raw
most garbage is food packaging
while raw foods create only the highest quality organic compost, which becomes high quality organic soil

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