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Republican Party Looks For Amish Vote

A real sign of desperation.

POSTED: 4:40 pm EDT August 5, 2004
BIRD IN HAND, Pa. --The Republican Party is looking for votes this year from a group of people who don't usually vote -- the Amish.

Experts believe fewer than 10 percent of Amish ever vote. But when the Amish do vote, they usually side with the Republican Party. That makes them an attractive, if unlikely, voting bloc in the neck-and-neck campaign between President George W. Bush and Democratic nominee John Kerry.

A majority of the nation's Amish live in key swing states like Pennsylvania and Ohio. An estimated 55,000 live in Ohio.

One former Amish man, Chet Beiler, has been dropping off voter registration forms at Amish businesses and farms in Pennsylvania. He hopes to sign up 3,000 new voters.

Neither presidential campaign is targeting the Amish, although Bush privately met with about 30 Amish on July 9 in

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