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Another MP3

I submitted this song (War on Terror) to PDXIMC last May and sadly it still rings true today. I was suprised to find the MP3 still works. Check it out!
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really good song 09.Aug.2004 17:54

Darcy T.

Where can I get a copy? That was great!
I love indy musicians. The part about
the bigger the truck ,the bigger the
flag and the bill of rights got me. I
live in a small town with alot of small
minds and many drivers of trucks with
flags torn and tattered.They have no
concept of how you treat our flag. I
on the other hand own a small truck
andI proudly fly the jolly roger
because I believe that half of our
nation and its present government
are pirates. Just my way of showing
them all how absurd all this flag
flying is.