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World without Bosses Bike Tour!!

Is your boss a jerk? Do you believe there's a better way to do things? See how some Portlanders are running their businesses collectively, with NO BOSSES! Stops on this bike tour will include the Back to Back Cafe, City Bikes, Redwing Coffee & Baking, Gallery Co7, Laughing Horse Books, Free Geek, Stumptown Printers, the Red & Black Cafe, Q is for Choir, and People's Food Co-op. There'll be free refreshments, prizes and lotsa fun folks! Everyone's invited -- Bring the baby in the Burley. First aid, water & a bike mechanic will ride along. Sponsored by the Portland Alliance of Worker Collectives.
Sunday, Aug. 15
11:00 am - Brunch at City Bikes (SE 8th & Ankeny)
Noon - departure

For more information, call 503.ORGANIC x127 or write to spark (at) peoples (dot) coop (yes, that's .coop!)

The Portland Alliance of Worker Collectives is a newly formed coalition of Portland businesses that are run democratically by their workers. Events like this one are intended to showcase how being a worker-run collective is a better, more sustainable, funner, and sexier way of doing business. For more info, see  http://www.pawc.net

Cool Idea . . . . 09.Aug.2004 12:49

Al Truist

Are the workers in these businesses also the investors?

Each business works differently... 09.Aug.2004 13:34

pdx collectivist

...so you'd have to ask around. like most businesses, many of these businesses took out loans to help with start-up costs, etc., so in that sense the workers did not front all the money themselves, if that's what you mean.

and... 09.Aug.2004 16:42


Not all of these collectives are workers' collectives in the sense that the workers get a share in the profits. For example, the Laughing Horse is actually legally a not-for-profit business, which is different than a non-profit. A not-for-profit business is a business just like any normal restaurant, bookstore, or mini-mart, etc, except that the people who run it are like "the business itself is not here to make a profit but to sustain itself in order to provide a resource to the community". It's like, the owners of a mini mart own it so they can harvest a profit from its continued operation, whereas the owners of a not-for-profit business don't really make any money off of the business. In the case of the Laughing Horse, over the years it has consistently made just enough money to keep afloat and pay two people a monthly salary (the book-orderer), with small fluctuations here and there. Everyone else (a fairly large number of people last time I checked) is just an unpaid volunteer. So really, it's more of a volunteer-run not-for-profit than a workers' collective, although the people who volunteer there get to participate in all the decisions that the business makes at their every-other-Sunday meetings.

Can I go? 12.Aug.2004 17:46

Michael b

Am I welcome at this avent? I and my allies have recently been slandered by folks in the IWW. I've shoped at peoples for years, I used to volunteer there, and am a member. Untill recently I frequented the red and black cafe. I counsiously support efforts to syndicallize this town. I want to support The Portland Alliance of Worker Collectives. I also want to support progressive local buisinesses. Specifcly, Dogs dig vegiterian cafe, Food Fight vegan grocery, Calendula Cafe, the Horn of Africa, and Reflections Books. I'd like to know more about how i can help. I've been told that no matter how progressive a buisiness is "the working class and the employing class have nothing in common." I've talked for hours many of times with struggling owners of local buisineses that are avidly anti imperialist, and stand firm in thier support of localization and community control.

I would like to see a broader movement for localized community control, and human and animal dignity. This is why I support co-operatives. This is why I also support small, local, radical busineses.

Am I welcome at this event?