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Be On the Lookout!

TERRORISTS seeking to use limousines to launch TERROR ATTACKS!!!
One or More of These TERRORIST Suspects is Reportedly Heading to Our Area
One or More of These TERRORIST Suspects is Reportedly Heading to Our Area
Past TERRORIST CONSPIRATORS May Choose to Work Together
Past TERRORIST CONSPIRATORS May Choose to Work Together
(AP) "The second bulletin warns that terrorists also have considered using rental vehicles, rental limousines, to conceal powerful bombs."


In light of this 'credible' and 'specific' intelligence, the good citizens of Portland should be vigilant and bear in mind that these vehicles may contain TERRORISTS with "powerful bombs", and they should take appropriate measures to protect themselves.
TAKE NO CHANCES! 09.Aug.2004 14:14

Alert Homeland Security Operative

Here's a very suspicious limousine that sources tell me is being used by terrorists. It must be stopped and destroyed before any more innocent people are killed.

Uhhh 09.Aug.2004 17:27


Preemptively. First they alert armed security forces to watch out for black limos. Then the campaign limos arrive.

National Guard gunner on radio from his Bradley: "Sir! Suspicious black limo just penetrated our safety zone! I'm engaging! Rat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat!!! Got him sir!" Maybe the folks at Homeland Security don't want either Bush OR Kerry.

[ 09.Aug.2004 18:02


is bush a terrorist?.if so. i will immediately alert all my neighbors an d friends and warn them of this bush terrorist.we cant have terrorists in our government.thank you for alerting me about this terrorist g.w. bush!

Danger All Around!!!!! 09.Aug.2004 19:15

North Portlander

Don't forget to watch out for those helicopters, too! Terrorists are gunna use helicopters to take us out!

And Dick Tracy two-way radios . . . those cutesy backpacks that look like fluffy cats . . . all of those running shoes with the flashing heels . . . TOUR BUSES! . . . foreign movies with subliminal messages . . . The Circle Line in NYC (damn, it could ram the coastline!) . . . all mechanical and wind-up toys . . . exterminator and cable TV installation vans . . .

BOOGAH-BOOGAH! Those tricky terrorists . . . but it's still safe to hold the Republican National Convention in New York.

Give a listen to bush's freudian Slip! 09.Aug.2004 19:59

Makes you think!

Download, unzip and foward recording to 6 minutes.