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Psychiatric Survivors Against Animal Testing

Both people and animals are force medicated by the pharmaceutical corporations with psychiatric medications. Here is common ground to tell the profit driven Pharma to back off and stop putting petrochemical residue into the bodies of helpless animals and institutionalized people..
Would anyone like to help organize a group of psychiatric survivors against animal testing? People forced on psychiatric medication against their will have a great deal in common with the animals locked in cages..

The pharmaceutical corporations profit immensely from the overdiagnosis of "mental illness", giving people chemical products without looking at the social and/or nutritional factors that contribute to stress/depression. Instead the pharmaceutical corporations maximize profit by encouraging prescriptions of petrochemically derived pharmaceuticals to people experiencing emotional difficulties..

Psychiatric survivors are peole who have often been subjected to force treatment by psychiatric medications and have emerged from the system somewhat intact. Those of us able to talk about it should do so to save both the animals and people from the unneccesary cruelty of the pharmaceutical corporations..

At this moment many people in prisons are also being force medicated by psychiatric medications against their will..

homepage: homepage: http://www.mindfreedom.org/

just wondering 12.Aug.2004 12:38


I'm against animal testing and was in a psych ward for awhile. I was put on meds but it wasn't really against my will. I'm still on the medication. Do I qualify for this group?

psychiatric weapons & animal testing 02.Sep.2004 20:53

David Oaks oaks@mindfreedom.org

Glad to see someone is organizing on the intersection between psychiatric survivor rights and animal testing.

Some interesting facts:

* Origin of psychosurgery: Primate experiments showed compliance of frightened primate went up with psychosurgery, Portuguese Moniz decides to try on humans.

* Origin of Thorazine: Rat experiments in France wearching for "maximum behavior disruption."

* Origin of electroshock: Pig suppression in Italian slaughterhouse.

* Origin of lithium: Guinea pig "fright" suppression in Australian studies.

I am director of MindFreedom, and we don't have an active committee on this, but people are welcome to join our group and network with other members, I'll bet a number are interested. So here's a plug -- join us! see  http://www.MindFreedom.org.

- David

PO Box 11284; Eugene, OR 97440