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Exclusive George Bush Interview

Exclusive George Bush Interview, rare find.
My Unsolicited George Dubya mp3
My Unsolicited George Dubya mp3
Hi there,
I have corrected the problem with the audio files I may have previously sent.
I would like to present to you my unsolicited George Bush mp3. I am the sole author, producer, and musician on the song along with a little help from my friend Dave on background vocals. Please feel free to use this mp3 any way you like to help defeat George Bush.
I do want the rights and credit as sole author and producer of this mp3. You have my permission to play this on the air, pass it to your friends, post it on kazaa or whatever.
I guess I have always been somewhat of a anarchist.
I do apologize for the muddy bass and bad mix, but I recently upgraded my OS and I do not have my sound running to complete songs. Enjoy. Please pass this on to someone who cares.