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an open letter to the greek government
How shameful that the Greek government is just now making a frazzled, feeble attempt to care for her abandoned animals in a last ditch effort to save face as Greece assumes center stage for the 2004 Athens Olympics. Isn't it a bit late? Eighty percent of the abandoned dogs and cats of Athens and the Greater Attika area have already been "disposed of" in a cruel and systematic manner.

Graphic, color photographs and a narrated, documentary expose film of abuse, and also showing the poisoned remains of innocent victims have been circulated worldwide.


[You must have a broadband connection and QuickTime installed on your computer to view and free download for Mac or Windows at { http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/ }

Almost daily, Greek television networks and print media feature the unspeakable cruelty in the streets and the horrifying neglect in municipal shelters. Sadly, this is usual and customary for the companion and farmed animals of Greece.

Over one thousand Greek animal welfare advocates marched, alongside their dogs in protest at the Syntagma (Parliament) in Athens on June 6th of 2004, calling for mercy for the animals. Unfortunately, animal welfare advocates are ridiculed, marginalized and usually afraid to speak out for fear of retribution.

I lived in Greece for 14 years and the brutal abuse and willful neglect that I witnessed and continue to witness during investigative journeys there every two or three months, is appalling.

I just returned from eighteen days on the Greek mainland and the islands. The cruelty issues remain reprehensible and unacceptable.

The powerful Greek Veterinary Association lobby exerts such influence over the government; that they refuse license to volunteer vets from around the world to practice free spay/neuter/vaccination, treatment of diseased animals and merciful euthanasia for the dying.

Inferior legislation, which is never implemented, is in position, thanks to Ms. Dele and her cronies from the former PASOK government.

Substitute a public relations campaign and the pandering of an animal welfare organization, entered into financial contract with official entities, for the admitted guilt of a sad and unspeakable situation. Request help and allow those educated in the implementation of humane welfare to assist in resolving an issue that is truly inhumane and tarnishing the reputation and the image of Greece across the globe.

"There's certainly very little left about this particular Olympic event that's either glorious or noble. It appears to be just another big corporate money and image fest and abandoned animals-- you'd better not get in the way. I hope some courageous athletes and activists manage to get a message out to viewers across the world about what lies behind the "sport."

Please do not respond in the meaningless rhetoric of the Greek government's futile attempt to whitewash the truth.

Marijo Anne Gillis - Founder
Welfare for Animals in Greece
Welfare for Animals Global
(a New York advocacy & lobby group)
Tel. (212) 427-0587
Fax (212) 427-6381
E-Mail:  WAG_NY@msn.com