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racially attacked

po po
i was racially attacked by a cop.he called me a nigger.who is going to stop them.maybe something will happen .i dont know,but its crunch time for me personally.i have had it.
Attribution? 08.Aug.2004 14:27

sounds interesting, but -

your posting above does not contain:

1. date/time of incident?
2. location?
3. description of assaulting officer?
4. possible name/badge no.?

just one of the above 4 details would make your claim a lot more believable, and perhaps actionable / prosecutable . . .

I believe you 08.Aug.2004 15:53

Mother of Sam

I believe you, and I am sorry that happened to you.



something evil like this was bound to happen after 08.Aug.2004 17:20

Foxworth/Vera Katz

let the PoPo off the hook on their "inappropriate" behavior over the Kendra James killing.

Now the more stupid of the cops knows they don't have to keep their racism in check and indeed, now
have a "blank check" to indulge in it all they want as they'll get little more than a slap on the
wrist from Foxworth or Vera Katz.

So, this sad posting is NOT surprising in the least. In fact, I'll bet that we'll have another
citizen-killing done by a Jason Sery or Scott McCollister "type" within a short period of time,
as local history repeats itself....

How about this. 08.Aug.2004 18:19


Home demo's at killer cops houses? Teach in's at thier neighbors doorstep?


hellcat 08.Aug.2004 21:10


on to something there. I like his/her "thinking"...let's bat it around a bit and see what comes of it.

Second 08.Aug.2004 23:18


I third hellcat's idea for home demos for cops. We should show up with a list of grievances.