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imperialism & war a13 bush/kerry visits


Seattle has our website up and running. Look to us for constant updates, information and a printable flyer.

Hey Portland! Seattle activists have our website up and running! Go to
www.stopbushseattle.com for constant updates, information, contacts and a printable flyer. Look to Seattle for as your alternative venue of choice to protest the Presidential fundraiser of Bush/Cheney 2004. We met last Friday and have selected the Medina Elementary School, 8001 NE 8th Street, Medina, WA 98039 as our venue. It is almost two acres and can comfortably fit a couple thousand people AND it is located directly across the street from the Medina home of Mr. William "Gary" Reed Jr., the host of President George Bushs' $2,500.00 per plate fundraiser.
Good luck to our friends in Portland!!!

homepage: homepage: http://www.stopbushseattle.com
phone: phone: 206-992-2654

i'm glad this isn't a john kerry love fest 08.Aug.2004 22:23


i always hated the kucinich love fests. are democrats really that dumb that they fall for the anyone but bush BS? and did people really think that kucinch was going to save the world from capitalism and the state and make things nice for us? do people realize now that it is up to them to transform society?

Perfect 08.Aug.2004 23:00

East Side Res

I live on the east side and I think the location of your is wonderful. I'd like to see the about 4000 people gather in this "free speech zone" and turn it into an event complete with music and plenty of food and cheer. If you invite KOMO's Ken Schram, I'm sure he'd show up as a backdrop for another slam on the administration. If the neighbor has a problem with it, we can tell him to simply "Fuck Off" in true repulican tradition.

What's your chances? 09.Aug.2004 00:50


After looking at your website it appears that you in fact do not yet have approval to use the Media Elementary School for this event. Although you may have the nod from the Police Chief, it would seem doubtful that the SS would allow a protest in such close proximity of the presidents location. Not to mention the thumbs down from the rich and famous who reside there. Does the name Bill Gates ring a bell? But who knows, you could get lucky.

It would be outstanding if it were allowed to happen. Everyone should keep in mind that Sand Point is just a quick bus ride across Lake Washington from Medina. For those who may not remember, the old Sandpoint Naval Base is purported to be a FEMA detention center and was in fact used during the 1999 WTO protests to hold hundreds of protestors arrested in Seattle. Things could get very interesting indeed on Friday the 13th.