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SKULL AND BONES, 1832-1985, the full list of 15, each year revealed, who has the rest?

Calling all disgrunted Bones. Help out the world: give us the rest.
"Don't let the clock wind down..."they say;&having those real bones are CT crime
'everything you wanted to ask, though were afraid to know' (one chapter heading)
'everything you wanted to ask, though were afraid to know' (one chapter heading)
The Yale Univ,Bones Tomb: Bush Sr., Heinz, KERRY, Rockefellers, BUSH JR., etc.,
The Yale Univ,Bones Tomb: Bush Sr., Heinz, KERRY, Rockefellers, BUSH JR., etc.,
I was reading this book. It has lots of articles you can either find on the web (which I have read before)--though it's quite a search to get them all, particluarly if you are unaware of what you are looking for and just starting to get worried or curious about Bones--or better yet, angry at their incessant snobby upper-class inbred involvement with destroying a government 'of the people, by the people, and for the people' in the United States. So, when I saw all these articles in one place in the book I was hardly disappointed, it was closer to a feeling of "yes! they included this one! and this one! and this one!"

This book is a great reference if you are unsure where to start. Pondering the idea of a 2004 presidential election being the first Bones vs. Bones election in the two (corporate) parties. Ponder on that as the book takes you back--to let you know how American elites and American democracy got so plutocratic and secretive. Skull and Bones, or The Order, as it is officially called, has been instrumentally involved in turning the United States into such a plutocratic aristocratic place. And they have been working on it for over 100 years.

Come 2004, how can 'Bones' lose? If you are unable to stand either Kerry or Bush and want to know more about networks they run in, this book is for you. It is important to know about Skull and Bones becaues it is both a major agenda setting political force and a general networking tool. What they have kept hidden pretty well for almost 200 years--about who runs America and how America is run--is finally being shoved in our faces.

There are basically sectors of power in Bones financial, political and educational/cultural power. These all touch and are funded by private drug trade, oil, and armaments profits. From the early 1800s, these sectors have funded ALL major family fortunes in the United States. The money is pumped into educational institutions to guide America on a path. Every important institutional effort whether military/imperial, financial, or educational--has been linked back on some level to 'staffing' provided by Bones membership somehow being employed. This includes changing the educational frameworks of your children to suit Bones ideas, to Bones' ideas of who should organize and run the privatized Federal Reserve, to Bones ideas in the privatization of military corporations and empire expansion, etc..

As for Bones in particular, originally, Bones wealth derived from the 'China Trade' opium drugrunning. And you thought that the Bush family or the CIA was the only global drugrunner! It goes back far earlier than the Bushes or the CIA, though of course all the Bushes for three generations and the CIA for 50 have been infiltrated by lots of Bonesmen as well. Overall, I am very impressed with this book.


I am very pleased with all their selections, particularly the summary research articles by the editor Kris Millegan. It has very important Antony Sutton biography information to help you understand how this research came about. Sutton was the original Bones 'outer'. He traced back this interest from a curiosity originally about how the Soviet Union got all its technology (3 volumes), to an interest in who was funding them in this technology (his "Wall Street and..." series of the 1970s), to an interest finanlly in Skull and Bones because it connected all the other stories together in the early 1980s.

Sutton's Bones books have sold steadily for over 20 years without advertizing. He says globally people simply have found it by word of mouth. One quote of his: "12,000 in Russia...!" After he was literally hounded out of U.S. academia for asking questions about Soviet technology historically and connecting it to illegal U.S. corporate fundings of the USSR from the start, he then published three "Wall Street" books in the 1970s. These were written before he even knew or researched about Bones. However, he was still attempting to understand and document how the same networks funded both the Bolsheviks and Hitler.

Only later, when another layer was revealed by a disgrunted Bonesman in 1985, did Sutton get part of the answer. This Bonesman gave Sutton--for 24 hours only--the two volume copy of Bonesmen membership--living and dead. He copied it and set it aside, because he was working on something else, and quickly returned the original books. Later when he started glancing over it, Sutton was stunned. It was the same names he had been researching for 20 years, only this was a totally unknown level of integration: a secret conspiratorial level of integration. How conspiratorial? Well, picture Brown Brothers Harriman involved in funding the USSR and the Nazi regime simultaneously. Picture Bush family in this private merchant bank. Picture Harriman being considered the "grandfather of the Democratic party" at the same moment he is working in an office with Prescott Bush, who is equally funding the Republican party, etc. And both are funding the USSR and Nazism into existence. Motivations? Plenty of them, though you have to read the book.

Sutton originally was educated in England, though became a naturalized American. His background originally was an exhaustive technical knowledge of factory and industrial technology on five continents as he worked for various mining and steel making corporations for years. He wanted to get a degree studing the interaction of econonimcs and technolgy as a dynamic engineering force, instead of simply an abstract variable. This led him to question the U.S. academic assertions that were being passed around in the United States, that "the Soviet union's technology is indigenous." Instead, he went to State Department documents to get the real story--the real story that the STate Department itself was hiding. Through his own funding for the first volume, he completed a three volume series of very scholarly books using U.S. State Department's own documents and other international documents from the USSR that were available to show the incresible covert technology and knowledge transfers that were being given away to the USSR by select U.S. corporate and state groups. He proved that the "soviet indigenous technology" theme was a cover story for a U.S government and U.S. corporations (even illegally, i.e., before the US recognized the USSR in the early 1930s) to supply everything to the Soviet Union both in terms of basic economy and in terms of military technologies. Military technologies of course were in turn used against U.S. troops, like in Vietnam for instance. One thing I was unaware of: During the 1970s, Sutton has a HUGE SPEAKING CAREER, EVEN SPEAKING TO PACKED ENTERTAINMENT VENUES in California, receiving standing ovations talking about this--particularly talking about the U.S. corporations funding the USSR military which was a hot topic as you can imagine because the USSR was supplying the North Vietnamese--and of course that means the U.S. was both supplying the North Vietnamese and the South Vietnamese. However, the national media kept Sutton's talks and popularity all under wraps.

Later, when Sutton was given the 'inside story' from the disgruntled Boneman, he understod the same institutions he was concerned about had been filled with Bonesmen--and that it was Bones-embedded instituitons that funding Hitler's National Socialism as well as Stalinist Russia.

Some information and questions dealing with the WTCs and about Bush's behavior on 9-11 are in Sutton's last article--written shortly before he died--which is enclosed in this book.


As for what else is in the book, the book has several chapters from the very hard to find in print _George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography_ by Tarplay and Chaitkin. This can be found on the web in various places though the most hard hitting aspects of racial eugenics (pioneered by American Skull and Bones connected financial elites and then shipped to Germany) and their USSR/Hitler funding are here.

There are excellent summary research chapters by Millegan, written especially for the book.

Third, the book has some Cheryl Isberyt information (www.deliberatedumbingdown.com) dealing with eduational manipulation. She reveals some personal details: her father was Skull and Bones. She came to challenge her father's ideas of world government and educational policies. She goes into Skull and Bones influence on educational revamping. Milligan and Sutton add more to the theme of educational manipulation through discussions of how it was a 'troika' of Bonesmen in the original early generations of them that gave the United States a 'dumbing us down' educational system. Bonesmen are even responsible for the original Land Grant framework of science universities in the United States--which was immediately used to take over all the allotted lands in various states for Bones-run insttutions. Particularly, in Connecticut and New York, Bonesmen took for themselves all avaiable state lands, similar to a monopoly. In Connecticut, all available state lands for education were 'allocated' to only Yale University. Bonesmen were involved on both sides of the deal here, and Bonesmen have been Treasurers of Yale for over 100 years straight. The same story happened in New York. All lands were given to only Bonesmen, who set up Cornell University. Other Universities in these two states got...nothing...and were kept from getting anything for a long time. This went on for over a generation before there was any sharing involved. So the histories particularly of New York and Connecticut show a Bones-fiefdom in education, beginning to grow. By the way, Bonesmen were involved in setting up the California State university system and the University of Wisconsin system. They were very much involved in the University of Michigan system.

What are the Order's ideas of 'ecducation'? The origin and principles of the educational systems they sponsored? Why, the military dictatorship of Germanic Prussia. Prussian educational frameworks were installed in the United States in great part through networks of Bonesmen. Even Sutton has some interesting separate information dealing with educational planning frameworks. Both Sutton and John Taylor Gatto are actually discussing the same people by the way. Sutton mentions this point about Gatto's work.

There is a dry sociological article that is actually very useful. It is written discussing how Bones is 'necessary through insufficient' in explaining all conspiracies (duh!), though comes curiously down on the side of damning Bones anyway, saying, damn, there IS something there. If you are into 'methods' of research you will like that chapter. It is very useful to broach the topic with perhaps an academic numbskull. This is because it has one of the few written statements on comparisons between different historical methods--the accidental view of history (the 'oops! another accident' kind of historiography), vs. conspiratorial historiography, or history as plots and strategies. Personlly I feel that author set up a strawman in the separation between the two. In thinking about history, I am perfectly comfortable in having both existing side by side and in interaction instead of the 'either/or' motif that he plots out.

There is even a 'regular' political scientist, an emeritus from the University of Oregon at Portland, talking about the role of secrecy and the Constitution, and just who does it serve anyway?...

There is a great article written for a Yale University magazine itself. I belive it is about the third article into the book getting the information out to audienes that are totally new to this information.

Another interesting point: did you know that it was a Skull and Bonesman who passed the short ruling GIVING CORPORATIONS THE RIGHT OF PERSONHOOD? Yes, it was a boneman. His nane was Waite, and he was a Supreme Court Judge.

Frankly, this book is very important because it begins the huge 're-write' required to understand the history of the past 200 years. This goes for global history as well as American history. It is a history of secret societies, drug lords, and empire. If you want a 'globalization' book dealing with private histories and dynasties of those involved in globalization, this one is it.

AND VERY IMPORTANT RESOURCE! --- the book has THE BONESMEN DATABASE as an appendix covering all Bonesman, 1832-1985. Why does it stop at 1985? Well, because that the last year of the catalogue tha the disgruntled Bonemen that Antony Sutton was given all those years ago. It is finally revealed here in all its horrific, er, glory. If there is another disgrunted Bonesman out there--and both Sutton and Alexandra Robbins can vouch for that--please provide the world the 1985-2004 official lists. We have a right to know who is attempting to manipulate whole societies and to what purposes.

By the way, an interesting sidenote: Antony Sutton died 3 weeks before everything was getting set for the final publication and He was getting excited according to Millegan because he knew the press would be wanting to talk to him. Then, voila, he's dead. Read the book for yourself.

AND THE HEINZ FORTUNE that is connected to John Kerry through his wife! The original Heinz was Skull and Bones as well, early 1930s! Wonder how many S&B contacts he was helped by. Of coruse this Heinz dies (under suspicious circumstances), and Kerry--another Skull and Bones--marries his widow! Presnetly, Kerry/widow-Heinz have around 750 million dollars... Keeping the Bone$ in the family...

Other books that this book touch on incidentally are John Taylor Gatto's _The Underground History of American Education_  http://www.johntaylorgatto.com . Next, a nice supplement to this book would be McGowans's _Understanding the F-Word: American Fascism and the Politics of Illusion_--as long as you understand before you read his book that Bonesmen are playing both sides that he is talking about instead of only the Nazis. Bones were instrumental in setting up much funding for both totalitarian frameworks of the 20th Century, Lenin/Stalin and Hitler.

Other Bonesmen from a quick glance of the appendix:

Did you know that LEWIS LAPHAM is Skull and Bones, the long term editor/writer/guider of Harper's Magazine? and MR. HEINZ (Skull and Bones, the massive multi-million sauces empire--Kerry (Skull and Bones) married Teresa Heinz, his widow) were in the same. There seem to be a lot of S&B at the New Yorker Magazine over the years as well. I'll go over it in more detail later. Just a little point I thought you should know re: the Heinz fortune? Well that guy was Skull and Bones as well!!

In conclusion, if Bones tell each other to keep the grandfather clock wound obviously for some occult rationale or symbolism about ongoing planning, this book is set to smash the clock. First, you have to smash your own intentionally designed cultural amnesia to be able to get into the Tomb...

Fleshing Out Skull & Bones: Investigations into America's Most Powerful Secret Society
by Kris Millegan (Editor)
 link to www.amazon.com

Check out this online video regarding the Bush clan and S & B! 08.Aug.2004 02:37

David Malmo-Levine (host of "High Society" on Pot TV) dagreenmachine@telus.net

If you enjoyed this post, check this link out - well worth it:


We gotta stop these bastards now! 08.Aug.2004 09:41


Isn't it just facinating that Theresa's previous husband was a skull and bonesman who died in an airplane collision with a helicopter from an oil company?

audio w/Bush and Kerry comments on skull and bones

democracy now

Why is this story a feature? 09.Aug.2004 08:42

Camas Paddler

Not to step on anyones toes, but...
why is this story on here, much less a feature story?
I read it and all it seem like is an advertisment for the book.

Where are they hiding Geronimo's Skull? 10.Aug.2004 13:24



Where Are They Hiding Geronimo's Skull?

by Tim Giago (Nanwica Kciji), The Lakota Nation Journal,
August 28th - September 3rd, 2000

San Carlos Apache Reservation, Arizona - Ned Anderson is the former Chairman of the San Carlos Apache of Arizona. He is on a one-man campaign to get the skull of his beloved Apache warrior, Geronimo, returned to its rightful burial place.

Anderson is convinced that the skull has been used in wierd fraternity rituals at Yale University since about 1918 after it was taken from Geronimo's grave at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, by Prescott Bush, the grandfather of Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush.

In 1983 several Apache leaders discussed the idea of having the bones of Geronimo returned to Arizona for reburial. The meeting between the Apache leaders at Fort Sill resulted in several papers picking up the story and putting Ned Anderson's name temporarily in the spotlitght.

A short time later a disgruntled member of Yale's Skull and Bones Society contacted Anderson by letter and suggested that the remains of Geronimo had been pilfered by Prescott Bush while he and five other officers were stationed at Fort Sill in 1918. The stolen prizes were taken back to New Haven, Connecticut to a place known as the Tomb, the home of the Skull and Bones Society. The bones, a horse bit, and stirrups were placed in a glass display case where members and visitors could view them as they entered the building.

The secret informant sent pictures of the bones on display along with a copy of a Skull and Bones ledger which held notations about the 1918 grave robbery. The informant provided the information that the bones were used in the Thursday and Sunday night rituals of the Society and Geronimo's skull was always placed on a table in front of the participants during the ceremony.

Hardly believing his own ears, Anderson went to New Haven to confirm the allegations and satisfied that it was true he contacted the FBI to take controll of the issue.

According to Anderson, his attorney informed him that if he would turn over every bit of evidence he possessed to the FBI, they would then take on the case. Anderson rejected this offer. Anderson then met with Jonathan Bush, the brother of George Bush, in Manhattan in 1986 with nothing of substance happening from the meeting.

Instead Anderson believes the meeting was used as a stalling tactic in order to give the Society time to conceal the remains of Geronimo. The secret letter that revealed the whereabouts of the bones mentioned that Prescott Bush and the other grave robbers used carbolic acid to rid the skull of the remaining flesh and hair.

Attorey Endicott P. Davison representing the Skull and Bones Society denies that the club had Geronimo's skull. He claimed the ledger describing the theft of the bones was a hoax.

Ned Anderson considers the concealment and cover-up as, "a sacrilege and national disgrace." "Everywhere I have turned for help I have run into barriers. I contacted Arizona Congressman Morris "Mo" Udall before his death and Senetor John McCain and they were not able to help me. I just want to get my day in court, so to speak, and have a congressional hearing so I can present my case and my evidence," Anderson said.

Anderson is angry that he has been accussed of orchestrating the whole scenario and his detractors have tried to convey the message that it is all "make believe." Although he served as chairman of the San Carlos Apache from 1978 to 1986, he is reluctant to go to the tribal council for support because of the political turmoil now permeating his tribal government. "The situation at San Carlos is getting worse and it is much worse than it was several years ago when your newspaper covered the story," he said.

Anderson said he feels that he is being held in abeyance. "I do have the so-called smoking gun and that can bring all of this into perspective and I am sure that the evidence I have will substantiate all that I have said about this." The former tribal chairman was adamant in his charges and angered over the fact that some would accuse him of seeking to get personal publicity for his actions.

At press time he was about to call Valerie Taliman, the producer of the national radio talk show, Native America Calling, based in Albuquerque, N.M., to get air time to make his views known to the other tribal leaders in America.

Where are the bones of the revered Apache warrior, Geronimo? I must agree with Anderson that if his bones and skull have been used for childish rituals by the Skull and Bones Society at Yale, it is indeed sacrilegious and barbaric.

If George Herbert Walker Bush, the former president of the United States participated in midnight rituals using the skull and bones of this great warrior, he owes every Indian in America an apology.

Website of "The Lakota Nation Journal:  http://www.lakotanationjournal.com

Where are they hiding Geronimo's Skull Part Two 10.Aug.2004 13:29


Of skulls and bones: More secrets of the tomb
Native Americans groups fight to recover lost skulls of Geronimo.

n axe pried open the iron door of the tomb, and Pat[riarch] Bush entered and started to dig...Pat[riarch] James dug deep and pried out the trophy itself...I showered and hit the hay...a happy man...''

So recounts a document thought to be an internal record from the Skull and Bones Society. "Pat[riarch] Bush" is Prescott Bush, father of an American political dynasty. His "trophy" is the skull of Geronimo, the Native American spiritual and military leader laid to rest in 1909 at Fort Still, Oklahoma, where Bush and fellow Bonesmen were stationed nine years later.

Alexandra Robbins, ES '98, has researched Bush's secret society extensively. Her recent book, Secrets of the Tomb, has heightened interest in the activities of Skull and Bones. She attests to the legitimacy of the story, "The text looks to be an authentic Bones document describing Prescott Bush and other Bonesmen robbing Geronimo's grave and cleaning the skull with carbolic acid." In interviews with Robbins, Bonesmen have admitted that there is a skull in the tomb that they call Geronimo.

Current Members of Skull and Bones chose not to comment on the legitimacy of the allegations.

Apache tribal leader Ned Anderson was informed of the alleged theft in 1986. As an ancestor of Geronimo, Anderson petitioned the Federal Bureau of Investigations to force the return of the skull. Noting that Apaches have a "great fear and respect for death," Anderson said that he hoped to honor Geronimo's express wish to be laid to rest in "Arizona acorn country."

Unwilling to remove himself from the case entirely and yield all his evidence to the FBI, Anderson withdrew his request for action. Instead, he arranged to meet with George H. W. Bush's, DC '48, brother Jonathan in New York City. Anderson recounts that Bush sounded "very encouraging" during their initial meeting. Eleven days later, Bush presented the display case. Anderson refused to accept the skull because it appeared to belong to a small child. Bush acknowledged this fact but claimed that it was the only relevant artifact in the society's possession.

He urged Anderson to accept the display and sign a document verifying that the society was not in possession of Geronimo's skull. Anderson refused.

Since the meeting in Manhattan, no further efforts to recover the skull have been made. Anderson puts great faith in the Bonesmen. "I believe that those who are involved need to come clean on this," he said. "I think they'll come around and do what is appropriate."

The skull of Geronimo, an Apache chief, is rumored to be in the possession of Skull and Bones.

Jim Adams, managing editor of Indian Country Today, provides an explanation for the notable absence of recovery efforts. "Apache tribal governments seem reluctant to raise the issue because it does violate taboos about speaking about the dead. This doesn't mean they're not concerned; rather they have their own laws of secrecy."

Native Americans are far from unconcerned. Adams' publication, the leading Native American news source, has run several articles on the secret society's alleged possession of the skull. On Oct. 6, 60 Minutes televised a segment on Skull and Bones that briefly addressed the society's posession of Geronimo's skull.

James Craven, an economics professor at Clark College, suggests that such media exposure is leading to action. "In the near future, there will finally be large groups of Natives showing up in front of 'the tomb' to protest this ugly racism and grave robbing by the Bones, and they will not be leaving until that skull and any other Native artifacts have been returned."

Adams expressed similar sentiments. "My sense is that American Indians in general are appalled—outraged by the accusation, but not surprised," he said. "Remains of ancestors have been exploited and desecrated for centuries in the name of anthropology or simply for idle curiosity. But even by these standards, it's bizarre and embarrassing that a supposedly elite group would use the remains of any human being for its own entertainment."

Supposing the grave-robbing allegations are true, why would the Skull and Bones be interested in the head of Geronimo? Robbins suggests that the answer lies in their name. "Bones as a society is preoccupied with death; skulls, skeletons, and artwork depicting death are prevalent in the tomb. When Bonesmen steal things they use the euphemism that they are taking 'gifts to the goddess' whom they honor within the tomb." The focus on death is not arbitrary. The society emphasizes mortality in order to illustrate the necessity of success.

Robbins, herself a member of Scroll and Key, attests to the centrality of ritualized stealing in many of the societies at Yale. Each class attempts to outdo its predecessor in the acquisition of valuables. In addition to Geronimo's skull, the Bonesmen's tomb is rumored to contain the skull of Pancho Villa and Adolf Hitler's silverware.

Robbins expresses outrage at Skull and Bones' behavior. "I think it's ridiculous that Bonesmen's sense of entitlement is broad enough to include items that allegedly don't belong to them. The items they supposedly steal as a prank or competition may be valuable and meaningful to the actual owners. It's appalling that proper authorities have not forced their way into the tomb to retrieve the items that don't belong in there."

The legality of Skull and Bones' behavior is dubious. According to Adams, members of Skull and Bones have violated laws preventing the desecration of graves and should be held responsible as felons. "If it is true that Skull and Bones and its corporate parent RTA Inc., continue to hold these skulls, my belief would be that they are participating in a continuing conspiracy to be in possession of stolen property." Many are quick to cite the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act as grounds for prosecuting Skull and Bones. Ironically, it was George H. W. Bush, DC '48, a member of Skull and Bones, who signed this bill into law in 1990. However, NAGPRA only applies to organizations that receive federal funding. The University, in fact, was forced to return certain artifacts previously held by its Peabody Museum in accordance with the bill. However, secret societies are not directly affiliated with the University, exempting them from NAGPRA jurisdiction.

While the society's exemption from NAGPRA relies on financial independence from Yale, the two organizations are in fact closely intertwined. As Robbins emphasizes, the administration hasn't taken steps against the societies because administrators have historically been members. To this day, prominent figures on the Yale faculty and administration are members of Yale secret societies. There has always been a kinship between society men at the faculty, administration, and undergraduate levels. This close connection may explain Yale's failure to investigate the activity of certain students.

In addition to being high-ranking members of the Yale administration, members of Skull and Bones work in important governmental positions. The upcoming presidential election could potentially pit Bonesman against Bonesman.

George Bush, DC '68, and John Kerry, JE '66, both members of the society, could be hurt by their involvement in an organization that allegedly takes part illegal behavior. "I think these politicians are caught in a real conflict between their loyalty to Bones and their oaths as public servants if they don't take positive steps to return any human remains. The reports about Geronimo certainly poison relations between the Presidency and the tribes," Adams said.

Whatever the repercussions, many see the society's behavior as wholly reprehensible, particularly among those who would run for high public office. "[The theft] is a metaphor for something much bigger and even uglier. It is the ugly racism and hubris of the in-bred power elites who seek to infiltrate positions of power," Craven said.


skullies 10.Aug.2004 13:34


info on the skullies can also be found here:


Bones artifacts 25.Feb.2005 15:37


There are a good few Bones artifacts here: