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Bush Protest Friday 13th Planning & Ideas

Bush's speach is reported to be at 12:15p, location could be Benson Hotel...more info to be posted as we get closer to Friday.
Indy Volunteers: Can we get a new feature put up for Friday the 13th Bush Protest for next week? Info and ideas for people and groups planning next Friday's Bush protest. Two corp news sources have reported the time of Bush's speach as 12:15pm, but be ready for changes and possible secondary locations TBA due to the Laura Bush fundraiser that evening. If he's at the event at 12:15pm we need to be ready to greet him at 11:00am or earlier.

I've found the only hotel not taking reservations on the 13th in downtown is the Benson at 309 Southwest Broadway. It's listed as SOLD OUT and I can't find any event listed to explain that fact. So, I'm thinking the event will be at the Benson.


This would also make sense because the GOP has done previous events at the Benson (IE: cheney in 2003)

"the event will be at 12:15 p.m., location not yet released."

"Tracey Schmitt, a White House spokeswoman, said the president intends to travel to Portland to attend the Oregon Small Business Summit on Friday, Aug. 13."

"Bush will speak at a small-business summit in Portland at 12:15 p.m, his campaign confirmed Friday. The location hasn't been disclosed yet, but the event will not be open to the general public."
"It's a Bush-Cheney campaign event, which will highlight the president's policies to help small businesses," said Tracey Schmitt, campaign spokeswoman for Oregon."
Bush comes to shove, eh? 08.Aug.2004 02:08

Trin+Melee trin@subvertical.org

Thus far it seems no one is coming out "in charge" of any sort of protest, which should be fine with any of us, we'd think. All we need to do really is come up with an address where we can meet and discuss this event, whether it's a protest or some kind of direct action. Perhaps we can start out with a virtual address and then go from there onto a real place, somewhere in the city? Everyone here should feel free to email us at  trin@subvertical.org so we can talk more about this. If this one slips past us just think how ashamed we'll all be of ourselves, lol. Looking forward to hearing more about all this from ppl who care enough to send Bush the very best of our love and rage, hehe. Call us and we can talk about it but ONLY after nine pm please (weekdays) because of our cell phone minutes and whatnot, anyways the number is 971-404-9449, it's not a long distance call.

Trin+Melee love you
Trin+Melee love you

OUR WEBSITE IS UP AND RUNNING!!! 08.Aug.2004 09:53

Anthony Vicari anthony@stopbushseattle.com

Greetings Porland! Your friends up here in Seattle a busy preparing for our Friday the 13th Bush visit and we are your alternative location if you choose to come up here. Our website is: www.stopbushseattle.com
Go to our site for constant updates, info, contacts and a printable flyer. We have also enlisted an attorney who will be advising us. He also happens to be running for WA State Attorney General on the Green Party ticket. His name is Paul Richmond. His contact info is also on our website. Friday is comming up quick...Time to act!

Your friends in Seattle

Protest Idea 08.Aug.2004 12:27


How about a re-enactment of a Skull and Bones initiation rite? Would make for some shocking street theater.

Free Speech Zones Civil Disobedience 09.Aug.2004 10:52

my opinion

I would love to see a conceted effort on protesters part to step over the police line one at a time and be arrested for violating the Free Speech Zone. I'd love to see mass arrests in a peaceful and Gandhi/King like way. There is a great artical in the recent issue of the Nation on Free Speech Zones and FBI/Homeland Security spys with left wing organizations.

Are people interested in this? Is this something that can just happen or do we need more time better organization?

I beleive that a lack of organization always hurts the protest effort whn there is less then a week to plan a protest. The "no leaders, but here is the address and time" approach is haphazard at best and counter productive at worst. It is unfortunate that PPRC and OPW seem uninterested in heading up meetings prior to the protest and the protest.

just called Benson hotel 09.Aug.2004 15:37


Just called Benson Hotel. All sold out on Friday the 13th but they have rooms available on Saturday the 14th. Hmmmmm. Sounds suspicious to me.

My guess - the fascist US dictator is going to peacock around the BEnson on Friday. How nice of him to pick such a convenient place. WHEEEEEEEE!

Benson sounds "right" 09.Aug.2004 17:15

stu blc@hevanet.com

Past presidents have routinely stayed at the benson, so one would assume that would be the place. I'm trying to keep my head clear of W sleeping in Bill's bed, but anyway, the Benson is at 309 SW Broadway. By my reading of the constitution, we have a right to be close enough to be seen and heard. I only wonder how far they will try to keep us from the benson -- farther than that, I'd bet.

I would be wonderful if we can be loud and numerous enough to show america how unwelcome bush is in this, a relatively conscious town.

I hope people will put my phone #, 503.234.2694 in permanent marker somewhere on their bodies. Last year the cops erased the GDC # and mine would be good as a BACKUP to the GDC # in case they erase the GDC # again. I encourage anyone to tell the cops not to erase my # as I am their attorney. I do not have the GDC #, as it may have changed since March, but I hope someone will post it. I encourage you to call GDC first, as I might not have people standing by -- we'll be in the streets with you.

There does not seem to be a civil disobedience legal training scheduled, and we desperately need one.
A legal training will take at least 20 minutes, hopefully longer.


Avoid the Barricades 10.Aug.2004 09:13


Here's an idea to avoid the barricades that will keep us far away from the Benson...

SHOW US VERY VERY EARLY. There is no way that the popo will shut down the city before 8:30-9:00. That seems to be the time they do it - for example when Asscroft came to the courthouse - that's when the barricades went up. Just after rush hour. San Francisco often starts their demos at 5:30 in the morning to piss of the popo and to get the upper hand.

So the suggestion is show up en masse early in the morning or the night before. Gather around the building and in the neighboring businesses BEFORE the barricades go up.

Even if it doesn't work it means those asshole cops and feds have to start really fucking early in the morning - they'll hate that and it will cost tons of money.

After the morning excitement affinity groups can go about their business doing decentralized actions around town.

Forget New York. The War Criminal Commander will be Right Where We Want Him. 10.Aug.2004 10:32

Lawrence Maushard

If Shrub is coming to the Benson, this is an incredible opportunity to show the nation that this illegitamite resident is NEVER welcome in Portland.

All the campaign events for Shrub are so scripted and screened that he never seems to get protestors or hecklers anywhere near him or his audience. That can change Friday.

A big crowd of demonstrators, (yes, come out early!) anything close to the numbers at the A22, 2002 event, or a fraction of the numbers from the earlier anti-war parades, will show the nation and the world that MANY Amerikans do not and never will support the resident war criminal.

Time to put up Portland!

Hey, we don't have to worry about going to the NYC convention when we've got the maniac right here in town in the thick of the campaign.

This is our time.

Let's use it well.

"Free Speech Zone" Civil Disobedience 10.Aug.2004 11:43

my opinion, too

I agree with "my opinion" but this won't really be effective unless lost of people participate. I haven't read any support for the idea here. If a handful of people step over the line and get arrested nobody will know. If hundreds do...well, that's a different story. Anyway, I'm game.

I don't suppose there is any way we could actually get into the event?

Hopefully we can get this sorted out at the Thursday evening planning meeting.

Bush in Tigard? 10.Aug.2004 12:58

alley cat

I heard from someone that Bush will be in Tigard & not in PDX. Is there any truth to this?

Port of Portland police 10.Aug.2004 18:52


that all bigshots will go to Airport Embassy Suites

No not at Embassy Suites 10.Aug.2004 23:14

you and me (if not us who)

"all bigshots will go to Airport Embassy Suites"

This is NOT TRUE in this case and here's a simple reason why.

...because you can still book a room online for that location. The last two VP events out there this was NOT the case and the online system reported sold out. They don't want a bunch of protesters just booking a room and then walking through all the security only to start protestiung INSIDE. They don't want the cops to have to sort through all the arrivals for the afternoon so they usually just book the hotel solid until afterwards.

Google "Portland Airport Embassy Suites" click on book a room and enter aug 13th and you'll get a room, that would not be the case if the president was going to be onsite that day.

protest or do something positive 11.Aug.2004 10:54

Curious Visitor

I was wondering why it wouldn't be more helpful to just go and support John Kerry instead of protesting and showing your hatered. Is your hatered so deep that doing anything constructive is beyond you? I just got this website address off of KPTV.com because I wanted to know where the president was going to be too. I didn't expect to find 'hatefest' here.

According to KGW 11.Aug.2004 18:10

He'll be in Beaverton

Check out this story, they say that Bush will be in Beaverton at Southridge High School.