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Log Trucks Blockaded in Downtown Eureka; 3 arrested

For immediate release August 4,2004

Contact: NCEF! Media (707) 268-5613
Log Trucks Blockaded in Downtown Eureka
Three Arrested

A large demonstration for the protection of Old Growth and an end
to Maxxam corporation's destructive logging practices in Humboldt
County at noon today included nonviolent civil disobedience. As a
truck carrying large logs approached the intersection in front of the
Eureka Courthouse, activists carrying banners surged into the street,
stopped and boarded it. Eureka Police and County Sheriffs responded
some fifteen minutes later, by which time a large crowd had gathered,
most expressing loud vocal support for the action. A fire truck was
called to assist in removing two activists from the logs on top of the
truck No pepper spray or compliance pain holds were used. With the
help of the firemen, police officers were able to conduct themselves
in nonviolent manner different from the brutal treatment activists
have sometimes received from law enforcement. Three people were

The two activists who climbed onto the logs on the back of the
truck held a sign proclaiming: "Defend the Forest, Support Forest
Defenders". Others surrounded the truck and then stopped a second
log truck holding up banners with the messages: "Palco--Cutting
Tomorrow's Trees Today" and "Save the Mattole". Traffic in the
remaining lane was slowed but allowed to pass.

One man sat down in front of the Arcata Redwood logging truck and
was repeatedly hauled away by police who, however, declined to arrest
him. Officers also returned a banner used in the blockade to
activists, after it was ripped from their hands by an angry bystander.

The Mattole watershed, where Maxxam is currently clear cutting
hundreds of acres of ancient Douglas fir on steep and landslide- prone
slopes, has been the focus of recent protest since North Coast Earth
First! opened an action camp at Grizzly Creek Redwood State Park
Campground in late July. Last week activists staged a triple blockade
in the Mattole, by constructing a mono-pod structure at a main gate,
as well as an activist who suspended herself from a "traverse" line
strung between two trees a half mile in on Redwood State Park land and
a school bus with activists cemented into a road near Rainbow Ridge,
twelve miles inside corporate property. Four arrests were made,
although the young woman suspended from the traverse line 20 feet
above the road was too high for the sheriff's cherry picker to
remove and was left in place.

The blockade lasted for an hour, and ended when protestors were
removed and arrested, to the cheers of the crowd, and three police
officers rode off on the back of one of the logging trucks.

Meanwhile, tree-sitters in the Freshwater and Van Duzen
watersheds are completing a 10-day fast for the forest, to call
attention to the need to pass the Heritage Tree Act, SB 754.
Private Security Cops 09.Aug.2004 08:26

Den Mark, Vancouver

Obviously, public cops are private security force for corporations. Protesters are simply turning in criminals, but cops are owned by those criminals. So the good guys get attacked. It's like robo-cops guarding bush & cheney, tho' protesters are the ones who should be protected. Everything's screwed up, by corporatisation. Take a friend to see "The Corporation", now at Cinema 21. The enemy is behind the brand name.