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Jenna Bush reels in a big one

President Bush (C) holds the fish caught by his daughter Jenna (R) as his other daughter Barbara (far R), his father, former President Bush (top, C), his niece Noelle (rear, L) and their fishing guide (far L) look on.
Three generations gather in Maine for family wedding

The Associated Press
Updated: 5:51 p.m. ET Aug. 7, 2004

KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine - Three generations of Bushes went fishing off the Maine coast Saturday, drawn together for the wedding of presidential nephew George Prescott Bush.

One of President Bush's twin daughters reeled in a 38-inch striped bass, the president proudly announced.

"Jenna caught it. Jenna caught the fish!" Bush shouted to journalists from his father's boat. Photographers said the monster was thrown back into the Atlantic.

Rods and reels in hand, the family set out together in the morning on the Fidelity III, the new powerboat owned by the first President Bush. Three 275-horsepower engines rumbled beneath the boat, which can reach speeds of up to 75 mph.

The family mostly trolled the calm waters along the Maine cliffs, just up the coast from the Bushes' Walker's Point home. They were shadowed by Coast Guard patrol boats.

On board were the first President Bush; the current President Bush and both his daughters; and Noelle Bush, the daughter of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and sister of the bridegroom.

Family wedding
George P. Bush is Jeb Bush's son. The family gathered to attend his wedding to Amanda Williams at St. Ann's Episcopal Church near Walker's Point.

The two met while attending law school at the University of Texas at Austin. They began dating after Bush asked her if she wanted to join him in a round of golf.

The bride-to-be works for the Jackson Walker law firm in Fort Worth, Texas, specializing in commercial and labor litigation.

This fall, George P. Bush will leave his position as an assistant to a federal judge in Dallas to join the Dallas office of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, where he will work in corporate law. The firm is one of the world's largest and earns millions lobbying in Washington.

George P. Bush did not go fishing.

"I am very happy for my son. He is marrying a wonderful young woman. Life can't get any better," Gov. Bush told The Associated Press in an e-mail Thursday from Maine.
75 mph in a boat?! 07.Aug.2004 17:39

red suspenders

Wow, thats a fast boat. No wonder they want all that oil so bad!

Somebody must feel inadequete in other ways to want a 825hp boat.

I cant understand the whole "sportsman" thing about fishing and hunting. I'm all for clobbering defensless wild animals and eating them- but tormenting and killing for "sport" is a little beyond my realm of understanding.

Toying With Trout 07.Aug.2004 19:35

North Portlander

How nice. Dubya has a namesake nephew and niece who plan to be attorneys at law. Guess it's OK if it's all in the family . . . only NOT OK if you are running for Vice President.

Jenna didn't need to catch a fish; there was already one flounder on the boat.

Photo Op Fish 07.Aug.2004 19:37


If the bass was out of the water long enough and so lacking in vigor that it could be held to be photographed repeatedly, it probably didn't survive after it was thrown back in. Seems even the younger Bushes like playing with the lives of others for fun.

Neither 07.Aug.2004 19:57

Vote for Noelle....

She's the real honey of the bush bunch. Follow this link for her bio...

Don't you agree?????

The 07.Aug.2004 21:10


the Bushes hate the Kennedys the more they go to New England to be like them.

Hello 07.Aug.2004 22:05


The Bushes are from New England. They are very simialr to the Kennedies. Both families got their money in ways that would cause prison time for those less well-connected.

Pretty Fishy... 08.Aug.2004 12:28


A family gathering of war criminals. How cute.

Barbie Bush 09.Aug.2004 08:02


I want to marry Barbara Bush Jr. I think that would be the ultimate revenvge against that bonehead father of hers. Then again maybe I'll marry both of his daughters. Dare to dream.

it's moments like this 09.Aug.2004 19:59

that make one

lament for the decline of soviet submarine fleet. damn, what a fine time that little fascist fishing trip would have been to rid the world of some seriously fucked up people!